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I’d never been to Bourne & Hollingsworth in Soho before. It was one of those bars which stays on your list of places to try for ages, because there’s just so many different spots to try. But I had seen plenty of pics…

It had a cosy almost homely atmosphere, and it was decorated to feel like you were sat in your nan’s house. It was created by the Bourne and Hollingsworth Group on a tight budget but was well known for its prohibition and blitz parties. The cocktails always got shining reviews from friends too.
Well, they’ve just relaunched after a makeover and I was invited along to check it out – lucky me!
The subterranean bar, which can be found on the corner of Rathbone Place, near Tottenham Court Road, is super cute. Bourne & Hollingsworth is known for creating beautiful and original interiors and the makeover of their basement bar reflects this, with an eclectic mix of beautiful materials and period pieces, B&H have made some antique items more modern and drawn inspiration from all over the world.
Bourne & Hollingsworth
Bourne & Hollingsworth Bourne & Hollingsworth
The walls are covered in wallpaper with hand painted brush strokes (such a nice touch) which is pretty cool, and the door to the toilets is hidden in the wallpaper.
Bourne & Hollingsworth

The chairs have been reupholstered with exotic materials, with bold colours and beautiful textures whilst retaining the English feel that is constant through all of the B&H brand.

The bar surface and table tops are marmoreal, almost like marble with little squares of colour dotted over to create a contemporary, exquisite top.
I had so much interior envy!
Once I’d taken it all in, we found a little spot in the corner, I settled in on one of those gorgeous comfy chairs, and we made our way through the cocktail list whilst catching up on our day.
First up, the Fitzgerald – rose petal vodka shaken with bitters, fresh lime and pomegranate topped with bubbles. This was one of our favourites. Not only did it look beautiful, served with a rose petal floating in the top, it tasted delicious, with a bitter yet also sweet flavour, and smooth finish.
Bourne & Hollingsworth
Bourne & Hollingsworth Bourne & Hollingsworth
I then went for the Rebourne Redux – London dry gin, elderflower, fresh lemon and raspberry, shaken and topped with Sicilian lemonade – whilst Alex went for the Love & Hate – bourbon stirred with port, muscavado and an artichoke bitter. Served polarised. Alex’s Love & Hate isn’t something I’d usually pick, I’m just not a bourbon fan. The Love & Hate was bitter and very strong, with an almost oaky flavour, and although Alex did drink it all, he still preferred his first drink. My Rebourne Redux was fruity and refreshing, served in a tall glass and topped with plenty of Sicilian lemonade, it wasn’t too strong meaning I could have sat there drinking it all day long.
Bourne & Hollingsworth
Bourne & Hollingsworth
Next we tried the Back in Black – artisan coffee liqueur shaken with fresh espresso, Polish vodka and homemade winter spiced syrup – and the Pink Mojito – 100% agave tequila, fresh lime, mint, cranberry and agave, churned and topped with soda – sharing both. This was my first ever coffee cocktail and it was amazing! With a strong coffee flavour, it had a creamy texture and almost foamy top, it was absolutely delicious. The Pink Mojito was pretty good too, with a good fizz, it was almost slightly sour (it reminded me of grapefruit), but was really refreshing. Again a drink you could drink all evening.
Bourne & Hollingsworth
Finally, we finished up with a Rapunzel each – Polish vodka churned with fresh lemon, mint, vanilla sugar and topped with ginger. These were our second favourite drinks of the evening, following shortly behind The Fitzgerald. We both love ginger beer, and this cocktail had a nice balance of sweet and bitter, it was great after the creamy flavour of the Back in Black, and was really refreshing.
Bourne & HollingsworthI love the pattern n the table tops!
I could see why B&H always got shining reviews from everyone I’d spoken to – Delicious cocktails, and friendly and efficient service. Now with a gorgeous new interior, it’s cosy and comfy making it perfect for evening and weekend drinks with friends or a date! We had a fab evening.
Where’s your favourite bar?
Chloe xx
*I was invited along to the relaunch of the Bourne & Hollingsworth bar in Soho after its makeover. All views my own.

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