Out & About|| Afternoon cycle along the canal

It may be colder but it doesn’t mean the outdoor activities have to come to an end. Unless it’s raining, I still like to be wrapped up in a jumper or coat and out exploring the city from time to time.

My brother came down to London to visit recently, which always ensures an action packed weekend. He hasn’t been to London that much, so I make sure I plan plenty for us to do whilst he’s here, including lots of eating (my fave subject), but also activities and a little sightseeing (depending how touristy he’s feeling).

This time, on the Saturday afternoon after a little rainfall, I decided it’d be fun to rent out some Santander cycles and have a bike ride along the canal from ANGEL to Camden. I’d heard that it’s a beautiful route, and pretty easy as much of it isn’t on any roads – I wont cycle on roads. I did once, on a quiet road by battersea park, and apparently my face was a picture. Pure fear. Haha.

So we picked up our cycles opposite Sainsburys in Angel, turned down Ritchie Street, and took a few more turns on very quiet streets before turning onto the canal path (This is the route we took – we just did part of it).

It is pedestrians right of way, but this time of year, you don’t pass too many on narrow paths until you get closer to Camden.

We had a quick snap at the traffic lights…

Santander Cycle Canal PathThat’s my little bro with me waving in the background.

And one before we got down to the canal…

Santander Cycle Canal Path

The cycle route was probably just over half an hour long. The scenery was beautiful, even when the skies were grey, the route super simple, and we saw cute boat shops too, one which caught my eye was a little book shop. How lovely.

Santander Cycle Canal PathAlex and I some way down the canal path

Santander Cycle Canal PathSantander Cycle Canal Path

We passed through Kings Cross, right by Granary Square, and continued on until we hit Camden. When you get to Camden you have to almost turn back on yourself to come up to the main road, as you’ll never get through the west yard with a cycle. There’s then a Santander cycle stop on the road to the right, under the bridge and past the market, towards Chalk Farm. So it’s easy to dock your bike again (you can find all the Santander Cycle docking stations here).

At only £2 per cycle, for the day, which allows as many 30 minute cycles as you wish, it’s a really cheap way to get around London. Especially when there are routes like this!

It’s a great thing to do with visitors, or even with friends or your other half. I can definitely see Alex and I doing this again!

What do you plan when you have visitors?

Chloe xx


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