Out & About|| Cocktails at Mr. Foggs Residency, Mayfair

There’s only a small handful of times you’re made to feel of utmost importance. Let’s face it, you can probably count it on one hand.

Being a middle class 20-something living in the big smoke, on an average salary (well I think it is), it’s not as though I can go out for fancy dinners every week, where you’re treated like royalty. Most of the time, everyone is in such a rush to get somewhere else, that we don’t even notice if someone is making a great effort with you, and we focus on all the things which are always late, like tubes, trains, doctors appointments and meetings, all of which make you feel like you’re not important.

Well, I recently felt like one of the most respected and important people in London, on an evening out with Kim.

Welcomed by a smartly dressed man, who emanated the feel of earlier times, he took our booking details, and then rang the bell and knocked at the door for us to be let in to Mr. Foggs Residency in Mayfair. Walking up the steps to the big front door, we escaped what can only be described as a dreary backstreet, not one I’d feel comfortable walking down by myself but something which added to the mystique and anticipation of finding out what was inside this old building.

Mr. Foggs Residency, Mayfair, Gin cocktails

Coats, thick scarves and additional baggage left in the cloakroom, we settled into two very low, and pretty small, quilted chairs, around an equally low small dark oak table. If I wasn’t in such a cool bar, kitted out with old style bikes above the bar, a bird cage chandelier, what looked like a hot air balloon in one corner, a piano and gorgeous 1900s style furniture and furnishings, I might feel like I’m about to sit down for a tea party with my cousin.

Mr. Foggs Residency, Mayfair, Gin cocktailsMr. Foggs Residency, Mayfair, Gin cocktails

They even had a magician wandering around on hand to offer the odd trick or illusion – he popped over at a point when we were deep in conversation and debate so we didn’t get to see his talents, but he seemed pretty popular with other guests.

Mr. Foggs Residency, Mayfair, Gin cocktailsMr. Foggs Residency, Mayfair, Gin cocktails

The menu, all in a brown leather book, welcomed you to Mr. Foggs before giving you the set of house rules at which we had a few giggles. Even with plenty of cocktails to choose from, separated in the menu by main ingredient (gin, vodka, rum, whisky…), we thought that it’d be silly not to go for a gin based drink seeing as we were at a famous gin residency! In fact, there were so many gin creations to choose from that we didn’t get to try any of the others, but I didn’t see this as a loss as I experienced what I went for, some delicious gin creations.

Mr. Foggs Residency, Mayfair, Gin cocktails

All four cocktails were a fantastic mix of flavours, presented beautifully and all different in their own way. Refreshing and moreish, I could have easily drank a few too many had I had more time (and money). It was hard to pick a favourite, but I think the 1840 was my pick of the night. With a light yet creamy orange flavour, topped with spices which slowly added to the mix, the cocktail was served in a pretty little tea cup with a dried orange piece on the side, and it definitely didn’t disappoint.

Mr. Foggs Residency, Mayfair, Gin cocktails

Sipping away at our drinks, it was a great location for a catch-up. With the bar not being overly busy, controlled by bookings which is definitely a positive, it’s not a place you have to shout to hear each other, so we could easily natter away, gossiping about our week and making travel plans.

Each table is also waited on, meaning we didn’t have to get up to visit the bar, and our tap water was continuously topped up too so we had nothing more to think about than what we were ordering next. Our waitress even delivered complimentary crackers to the table, refilling once we’d made our way through the most part of the pot. We definitely felt important and looked after.

Mr. Foggs Residency, Mayfair, Gin cocktails

At roughly £65 for four cocktails and service, it’s at the pricier end of the scale for cocktails in London, but the experience and the feeling of being one of the most important people in the city, even just for that hour or two, is definitely worth it. Gin lovers, add this to your list!

Where’s your favourite place for cocktails currently?

Chloe xx


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