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It’s funny how the first thing you think of when you hear a word can change over time. If you’d have given me the word ‘notes’ when I was in my late teens/early twenties, I would have immediately thought about music notes – my Grandma is an AMAZING piano teacher and I used to have lessons, as well as learn to play the flute when I was at school – but give it to me now and I immediately think of tasting notes, like in relation to food & drink – bright, tangy, fruit, wine-like flavour, floral notes, you know…all that jazz. And I’m pretty sure, that’s where the name ‘Notes’ came from for the speciality coffee & wine shop in London…but you know, I could be wrong.

One bright but chilly lunchtime, myself and a colleague, who was actually leaving the company during the same week as me, popped along for a coffee and a nice catch-up.

Notes coffee, Charing Cross (6)

Notes is pretty big and spacious, with the coffee & wine bar going back quite far. Contemporary with clean lines, wooden work tops and tables, it reminded of many a coffee shop these days, but with the flowers and candles it sure felt like you were getting a warm welcome.

You could tell it was a popular lunchtime or business meeting spot as the tables almost filled, and people tucked into the fresh sandwiches, pastries and cakes – trust me, I was seriously tempted.

Notes coffee, Charing Cross (6)

The coffee menu is pretty simple but features everything you’d really ask for (except that I didn’t see any almond milk – I do love an almond flat white). Ordering at the front, passing the tempting cakes and treat, one of the Notes team then delivers your order to your table.

Notes coffee, Charing Cross (6)

My skinny flat white hit the spot, satisfying my coffee craving. With the coffee itself perhaps not as strong as other coffee I’ve tried recently, it wasn’t too potent or bitter, but tasted pretty smooth and more subtle. I almost added a little sugar, but held back, enjoying the taste.

Notes coffee, Charing Cross (6)

The cappuccino, frothy and strong, went down pretty well with my colleague too, which she enjoyed along with a piece of fresh fruit – Yes, they have plenty of this too, if  you’re looking for a healthy snack.

Notes coffee, Charing Cross (6)

With coffees between £2 and £3, and servings pretty reasonable – we’ve all been to those places which call themselves artisan and give you a thimble full for £5 – it’s a great, affordable coffee stop if you’re in and around Charing Cross or Trafalgar Square. The service is efficient too, so we had plenty of time to enjoy our drinks and sit for a little to catch-up.

Notes coffee, Charing Cross (6)

Have you found any new fab coffee spots?

Chloe xx


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