Lifestyle|| 10 things I learnt from spending 3 days with my 7 month old niece & sister … And why I’m not ready for kids myself

I spent an amazing few days at my sister’s in Birmingham, jam-packed with gossiping and catching up, play time with my niece, doggy cuddles, delicious healthy food and shopping. I learnt a lot about having little ones. A LOT! So here’s 10 of the important lessons I learnt from looking after my niece…and why I’m not quite ready for my own yet…

You can’t even go for a wee without thinking about where’s safe to leave your little one first…and you need to speed pee. I think someone needs to invent a baby sling/holder for the back of the bathroom door so they can be in the bathroom with you and out of harms way. ha.


Pooey nappies aren’t always that bad (OK, I said not always…I might have been lucky but my niece’s were bearable)

But don’t place anything dirty within reach of said baby, or they will grab it – this almost happened! So proud of my quick reflexes!

Making high pitched noises and sounds (including blowing raspberries) is pretty much essential! I loved making her giggle, which involved a lot of noises, raising my eyebrows and looking silly.

You can’t really plan…as you never know when she’s going to want to nap. And they get so grouchy when over tired!

Babies change their minds just as quickly as adults…one minute we’re playing on the floor, next we’re happy on my lap, then we need the walker…then oh…not happy there.

Always carry wet wipes…sticky fingers, messy faces, they’re just so useful…

and baby puff crisp things….They distract from the one-off meltdown, especially if you’re eating and she’s not


Multitasking isn’t always possible…do one thing at a time..I cooked her food a little too long, as was too busy keeping her preoccupied, so had to wait for it to cool down before feeding her.

Going for a walk is like long as you don’t stop. We had a beautiful spring stroll.

I also learnt….My sister is AMAZING! Ok, so she’s got a qualification in childcare which obviously gives her a little head start, but seriously she’s SO relaxed and just awesome at being a mum. I’m actually a little envious, as don’t know how I’m going to do it when I eventually get there. Definitely got a lot to learn. But at least I have my little sister to look up to.

So I’m only 26, and yeah I do often feel a little of the settling down pressure – don’t we all?! But seriously, I’m no where near ready to have my own. How would I just pop out for a run? Go grab milk? Go for a shower in the day? My life is way too busy at the moment to even think about it…but one day for sure, maybe when I’m in my thirties. I’ve got plenty of time to live my life first then.

Do you feel the settling down pressure? Or are you quite happy living your own timeline?

Chloe xx



  1. Chloe
    May 6, 2017 / 7:02 am

    I reckon I’ll definitely see the pressure in a few years. I’ll be getting married next year at quite a young age (24) and I know some people are expecting us to want a family soonish – sooo not ready yet!

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    • lashesoflifestyle
      June 24, 2017 / 11:26 am

      Congratulations babe!! That’s so exciting. Don’t feel pressured though. It’s your life – you’ll know when you’re ready 🙂 xxx

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