Eating Out|| ALL the steak at Flat Iron

I’d heard so many amazing things about Flat Iron, from numerous different people, and they’d always said that the queue was worth it. And I can now tell you, Flat Iron didn’t just meat all my expectations, it totally exceeded them. And now…the steaks are raised for any other meat restaurant on my list. Ok I’ll stop with the puns now. I did make myself giggle a little.

Flat Iron is another restaurant which has been on my list of places to visit for what seems like a lifetime. We tried to go to the soho branch a while ago, one Saturday afternoon, and the queue was almost 3 hours long! With it starting to rain, and the queue heading out into the street, we decided we just couldn’t justify the wait and eating soaked through from the weather. But a few weeks ago now, I headed to the Covent Garden spot with one of the girls, Sandy, for a good old catch-up on a Thursday evening, and we decided we’d wait.

Sat at the bar downstairs with our little buzzer to tell us when our table was ready (approx. wait time 1 hour 45mins that evening), we ordered in the fizz to celebrate several things since our last catch-up.

Flat Iron, Covent Garden

The French Appley Bubbles, as it was called on the menu, was sweet and refreshing, and very easy drinking. Sipping away and gossiping, pretty comfortable at the little downstairs bar watching the bar man serve drinks, and the kitchen buzzing with activity, it must have been no longer than 20 minutes before one of the team asked if we were waiting, and stated that he could actually seat us already. Totally surprised, and so pleased we’d decided to wait in the bar that evening, we followed the host to our seats.

The restaurant area downstairs reflected the feel of a contemporary farm house. Cosy and welcoming, full off woods and steel, with long wooden sharing tables, wooden stalls, pegs on the walls for coats, a few booths for larger parties, and dimmer atmospheric lighting for the evening, we got settled in and started snacking on the beef flavoured popcorn they place on your table once seated – this stuff is really tasty, slightly salty, but the perfect appetiser.

Flat Iron, Covent Garden

The menu is pretty much, steak, sauce and sides, but that’s what it’s all about and why it’s totally awesome. Why over complicate matters? Restaurants serving one type of food, such as tacos or pasta, are HUGE at the moment for a reason.

Now they do have specials which aren’t on the menu, so it’s worth checking. They had another type of steak on special when we went, and another dish, but we wanted the proper Flat Iron experience so stuck to the menu for our first visit, taking note of the Market Greens on offer that day, as these change up depending on season.

Flat Iron, Covent Garden

Opting for Medium Rare, even though  I usually order my steak Rare, just because the waitress recommended it that way for the type of steak, I was pleasantly surprised. My steak was juicy, tender and full of flavour. The creamy light peppercorn sauce paired well with the steak, adding more depth and that lovely pepper kick.

Flat Iron, Covent Garden

Sandy went for the bernaise, a thick, rich creamy sauce, which accentuated the flavours of the meat.

Flat Iron, Covent Garden

Both steaks were served with a small salad, consisting of lightly dressed, fresh and crisp, lamb’s lettuce, which arrived in a little pot on the side, and we decided to share three sides between us too.

The Roast Aubergine was my favourite of all the sides. A great depth of flavour, it reminded me of a veggie lasagne, with aubergine used as pasta. It went well with the steak, but I did find myself eating it by itself, savouring each bite as it really did taste that good.

Flat Iron, Covent Garden

The crispy, yet fluffy, Dripping Cooked Chips, and crunchy Broccoli, which was our choice of Market Green, were delicious too. We were definitely satisfied with our spread of dishes.

Flat Iron, Covent Garden Flat Iron, Covent Garden

Now, you know that moment when you’ve finished your meal and you’re trying to decide if you’ve got enough space for dessert, to make it really worth spending on another course? (Ok, I can’t be the only one who does this? I hate being over-full, so often skip dessert). Well, Flat Iron has you covered. After your main, and settling up, you get a card to head up to gelato guy, where you get a free salted caramel gelato in a cone!

Flat Iron, Covent Garden

Being late evening, and pretty chilly out, we enjoyed (or should I say devoured) our seriously creamy, indulgent, gelato inside before heading off.

At only about £60 for two steaks, three side dishes, a bottle of fizz and service, with a free dessert thrown in too, it’s really reasonably priced! Ok, so the wait can sometimes be a little ridiculous, but you can leave your number and get a text when your table is ready, meaning you can head to a pub or bar first and explore the area. Or, if it’s not too full, there’s a bar downstairs in the Covent Garden location. But trust me, it’s totally worth the wait!

Where have you been recently?

Chloe xx


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