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Escape the city. Let’s face it, sometimes we really want to, or even need to.

Just to grab a moment of serenity. Just for yourself to breathe, take 5 and think about the here and now. Not let any of the work stress or city anxieties, the daily to-do list or bills, get through. Just to relax.

The city can be a little too much sometimes. Always on the go, constantly something to do or see. Working days are known to be longer in the big smoke too, and with everything on top, it can get a little much – and that’s perfectly normal.

Escape the City, Coffee Shop, Old Street

Escaping at lunch for a break (when possible) isnt really always escaping either, with everyone available at the end of a phone line or WhatsApp. Coffee shops are usually bustling with work meetings and people working externally on laptops too, which just brings your mind straight back to the subject.

I did however stumble across the cutest coffee stop recently – Escape the City.

Escape the City, Coffee Shop, Old Street

Escape the City, quite ironically, is a global community for anyone looking for work. Their mission is to liberate 1,000,000 people to do the work they love, and obtain meaningful careers, through connecting more people, and building global communities. They’re aim to is to help people escape unfulfilling work, and what drives them is what they can help people escape to – freedom, passion, autonomy, fulfillment. If like me, you’re pretty happy in your current role, it sure just makes a great place to escape the office to, but if you’re looking to escape your corporate job – check out more here.

Escape the City, Coffee Shop, Old Street

I’d passed the coffee shop in Old Street station a few times on the way to the office, always in a rush to get to work, resulting in an instant coffee al desko. Not classy or as tasty.

The Escape the City coffee shop in Old Street has a clean rural feel. With light wooden benches, dark wooden garden style tables and chairs, lots of succulents and plants, it doesn’t feel like you’re in London, let alone one of the busiest stations for the corporate industry.

Escape the City, Coffee Shop, Old Street

The walls and empty spaces are covered in motivational quotes and cute script. There’s a book shelf too in the doorway with plenty to read on your visit. A little team of three is always on hand to serve you your daily caffeine fix, in such an upbeat friendly manner that if you didn’t already feel miles away from the capital, you sure would after taking a seat and being delivered your fresh cuppa joe.

Escape the City, Coffee Shop, Old Street

The actual coffee itself is brewed using Taylor ST. beans. It’s subtle yet flavoursome with no overpowering bitterness, or strong aftertaste. I thought it reflected the nature of the whole place. Pretty relaxed. My flat white, on both occasions so far, has been creamy, made with semi-skimmed milk, and not overly frothy. A great balance of coffee and milk.

Escape the City, Coffee Shop, Old Street

Escape the City has plenty of soft drinks too, for those who want to escape but aren’t into the whole hot drink thing. Or if you just fancy something a little more refreshing. There are also pastries and cakes, offering a small bite to eat for those popping in over breakfast or lunch. As tempting as the cakes were, I was being good before and after my trip to Madrid. I think I’m going to have to treat myself next time!

Escape the City, Coffee Shop, Old Street

The company also holds networking events for people switching skills. As well as sessions for those looking to move from the corporate industry to something more creative. I think it’s really cool!


Overall, a friendly and super cute hidden gem, which offers the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of the big city. With coffees between £2 and £3, it’s pretty standard for central London. But with the atmosphere and service, it’s definitely worth every penny. Escape the City is there for another couple of months, so make sure you don’t miss out.

Have you found a new coffee spot recently?

Chloe xx


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