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I pitta the fool who thinks that Hummus isn’t good enough for dinner. I cannot tell you hummus I crave a warm pitta and a big bowl of the thick, creamy, chickpea dip we all love, even for dinner. Oh Hummus is my fave thing to be tucking into right now. So I obviously had to try out Hummus Bros, a Mediterranean restaurant and the first in the UK to serve hummus as a base for main courses. Kim and I popped along one evening to satisfy those cravings before an event.

Hummus Bros, Soho

The laid-back Levantine eatery, has a clean and contemporary feel, with monochrome interior and a little splash of colour here and there. Offering a completely relaxed dining experience, Hummus Bros feels a little like an upmarket deli, making it almost a surprise when our orders were taken at the table.

We were perched on a couple of stools at a long table at the window, with plenty of people behind us on the lower tables and chairs, already tucking into their Mediterranean feasts which I was eyeing up to help me decide.

The menu is pretty simple, with the Hummus Bowl being the most popular option, with a variety of toppings to choose from – Chicken & Guacamole (apparently the one most people go for, and a great choice for first-timers), Beef & Aubergine, Chicken & Falafel Salad, Falafel Salad, and Guacamole & Falafel Salad.

Hummus Bros, Soho

All of the Hummus Bros. Hummus Bowls come with a warm soft fluffy white pitta, or two if you go large. For obvious dipping, scooping or eating alongside, however you eat yours.

The menu also featured wraps, soup and quinoa salads, along with a selection of sides and extras including Greek Salad, Tabouleh Salad, Falafel Salad, Tzatziki, Sundried Tomatoes, Tortilla Chips, Smoky Aubergine and Sweet Potato Falafels.

Hummus Bros, Soho

Opting for the Hummus Bowls, as we had to try the dish Hummus Bros is most well-known for, we tried the Chicken & Guacamole, the most popular on the menu, and the Beef & Aubergine.

Hummus Bros, Soho

The combination of flavours in the Chicken & Guac worked really well. Even the guac and hummus tasted delicious together.

Hummus Bros, Soho

The Beef & Aubergine, my choice, was rich and flavoursome. It added an extra depth and almost smoky touch to my hummus bowl.

Hummus Bros, Soho

The pitta was soft and fluffy, and really thick. Nice and warm, it was perfect for scooping up the hummus and the toppings.

Hummus Bros, Soho

And talking of hummus…the hummus base was seriously good. Thick and creamy, it was a great consistency. It wasn’t too oily and it had a fresh taste and distinctive flavour.

Hummus Bros, Soho

The Greek Salad, was fresh and crisp, with plenty of crumbly feta. It’s one of three salads included in the meal bundle along with a drink if you trade up on your Hummus Bowl for only £3.95.

The Sweet Potato Falafels are too tempting not to try. New to the menu when we visited, they were crisp on the outside, dense and soft in the middle, and were delightful. Especially when dipped into the hummus bowl.

Hummus Bros, Soho

On the drinks front, Hummus Bros has a selection of hot and cold soft drinks on the menu to suit most tastes. The Aloe Vera Juice was sweet yet refreshing. Just what I fancied alongside my Levantine feast.

We didn’t stick around for dessert, but they do have a couple of options. Baklava or Gluten-Free Chocolate Brownie, for those with a sweet tooth to satisfy.


At about £13 each for a Hummus Bowl, side salad, drink and sweet potato falafels to share, it’s on the lower end of the scale for a meal out in London. You really do leave full too, making it worth every penny. Service wasn’t as efficient as other restaurants in the area, but it was still friendly. I guess it’s the laid-back nature rubbing off on the team.

I’d definitely recommend Hummus Bros to everyone. Hummus lovers, those looking for something new to try, or even those needing converting to fans of the good stuff.

Have you been to Hummus Bros before? What do you order?

Chloe xx



    • lashesoflifestyle
      June 24, 2017 / 11:27 am

      Hummus is AMAZING! I think I could live on the stuff 😛 This place is well worth a visit! Let me know what you think when you go xx

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