Eating Out|| Brunch at The Diner

All the bank holiday weekends recently have offered the perfect excuse to go out for brunch. And with Alex’s first sale in his new job to celebrate, I decided I needed to treat him.

Pancakes are top of his breakfast wishlist, even though I make them almost every weekend at home (I know right?! I like to shake things up myself!). So we decided it was finally time to visit The Diner in Camden. Having been on ‘The List’ for ages (it’s ever growing guys!), it only kept getting put to the side as I don’t like to queue for brunch. I like somewhere you can book and arrive at your designated time and sit down straight away. In the mornings I get HANGRY! Like not normal hunger, but seriously irritable if I’m hungry. Especially if I’ve been to the gym and not eaten shortly after. I totally relate to the snickers advert! haha.

Well I’d heard all about the pancakes at The Diner, and obviously seen them plenty of times on Instagram. So knew this would be the best spot for Alex’s pancake obsession.

With a short waiting list for midday on a bank holiday Monday, we didn’t wander far before being called back by text for our table – it can’t have been more than ten minutes.

Brunch, The Diner, Camden

The interior was like a diner setting from the movies (I can only compare it to this as I’ve never been to America myself), with booth style seating, wooden tables and chairs and bare brickwork walls. The booths and seating along the edge were all covered in dark leather, contrasting against the woods and brickwork, giving the place a clean, simple yet contemporary feel.

Brunch, The Diner, Camden

The breakfast menu is on offer all day, which is perfect for late risers – I don’t always get out to a restaurant before 11am after a morning gym session, so this is great for me! There’s plenty of options, including all the usuals like Eggs Benedict, French Toast and Omelette, and lots of different dishes too like Breakfast Burritos, Corned Beef Hash and Red Velvet Pancakes. The drinks menu is just as extensive, with plenty of soft drink options, hot drinks and hard shakes – for those who fancy a boozier brunch (I know it’s all the rage right now!).

Brunch, The Diner, Camden

The Lumberjack breakfast is massive – the perfect option for those with a big appetite!

Brunch, The Diner, Camden

Three huge fluffy sweet pancakes are surrounded by two eggs, served as desired (scrambled, fried or poached), crispy bacon rashers, crunchy on the outside, fluffy on the inside tater tots, fresh juicy melon and grapes, a little pot of maple syrup AND whipped honey butter.

Brunch, The Diner, Camden

The portion was insane, the pancakes absolutely delicious, and although the fruit was a little bit of a random addition, the whole combo was awesome. Alex was only just defeated.

Brunch, The Diner, Camden

The Corned Beef Hash is a seriously delicious option too. Strips of salt beef fried with shredded potatoes, onions, wilted kale and juicy peppers, the hash is served with two fried eggs and pickles. Reasonably salty, this breakfast option is rich, almost smoky and delicious combined with the runny yolks of the eggs. A great choice if you’re looking for something a little different!

Brunch, The Diner, Camden

The orange juice tasted fresh, and not overly citrus, with juicy bits and a light taste. We couldn’t manage the freak shakes, as the portions were so big, but the options looked epic –  The Colonel Parker (Evan Williams bourbon, vanilla ice cream & peanut butter), The Kraken (Kraken rum, banana ice cream, maple syrup & malt) and True Blue (Vanilla ice cream, blueberries & Amaretto Disaronno) were all incredibly tempting!

Brunch, The Diner, Camden


At only £27 for two breakfasts, two juices and service (which is super friendly, efficient and smooth), it’s definitely worth it! Especially as the breakfasts were both big portions. I’d recommend giving it a whirl. I’m sure we’ll be heading back. I need to try those Red Velvet Pancakes!

Have you had Corned Beef Hash before? Where’s your fave place to go for pancakes?

Chloe xx


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