Foodie Finds|| The Polish Bakery, Bread & Cheesecake

That freshly baked smell of warm bread. Straight from the oven. As it floats around you and makes your tummy rumble. Seriously, how can anyone resist?

I love a freshly baked loaf. Give me one of those over a full sliced white/wholemeal loaf any day. It might not always last quite as long, but it sure tastes better whilst it’s there. That crunchy crust, fluffy and light middle. It’s making me hungry just writing this.

Recently I was lucky enough to be sent some of the new products which have just launched at Polish Bakery to try.

The Polish Bakery is the oldest polish bakery in the UK, and considers a good loaf of bread the heart of every culture. So much so, that they say they take care of their bread, just like they do their family! From breads and rolls, to doughnuts, buns and cakes, The Polish Bakery uses traditional baking techniques and original recipes, with no preservatives or enhancers. With lots of choice, these guys have just launched some new products…

The Polish Bakery


The new Chia Seeds Bread is a quality sourdough, packed with chia seeds. With iron, copper, zinc, magnesium and manganese in the sourdough, and antioxidants, Omega-3 fatty acids, fibre and protein from the chia seeds, it’s bursting with nutrients!

The Polish Bakery

Super soft with fab firm yet not crunchy crust, it was packed with tiny seeds. Tasting like a premium seeded slice, it made for a delicious sandwich. Fish fingers or warm chicken salad were both tested out and enjoyed. It was just as great served with just butter.

Another product I got to try…


Apparently cheesecake is one of the most popular cakes in Poland. A Vienna Cheesecake being the traditional variety.

The Polish Bakery

Unlike any cheesecake I’ve had before, the biscuit base was replaced by a light and fluffy sponge. It was topped with jam and a citrus, zingy and seriously creamy, intensely thick cream cheese layer. Earning major brownie points for sharing at work, it had mixed reviews but overall a winner.

The Polish Bakery

Very moreish. It was a good job I did share the cheesecake so I didn’t keep helping myself to the odd cheeky slice!

Rye Bread

My favourite however was the 100% Rye Bread with Prunes. A yeast free, rye sourdough, dotted with prunes.

The Polish Bakery

Opening my eyes to just how good a rye can be, especially when baked with dried fruit, it was dense, thickly sliced and tasty. Lightly toasted, to accentuate the flavours further, it was delicious served with cream cheese, fresh sliced strawberries and a sprinkling of dried fruit and seeds.

The Polish Bakery


Overall, I was very impressed by the new additions at The Polish Bakery this summer. I will definitely be popping by to get some more – especially that rye! I’ve already got some more ideas for toppings!

The Polish Bakery

With many of the loaves and sweet treats available at major supermarkets and selected stores, or at The Polish Bakery branch in Wembley, it’s not too difficult to seek some out – and is sure worth it.

Have you tried any new food finds that you’re seriously impressed with recently?

Chloe xx

*I was sent these products to review by The Polish Bakery. All views my own.



    • lashesoflifestyle
      July 23, 2017 / 2:11 pm

      Oooo..will have to grab some goat’s cheese too! Thanks for the tip Chloe x

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