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Thrill seekers. This one’s for you.

My final birthday surprise for Alex. All he knew was to wear full length trousers or jeans, sleeves, trainers, maybe a coat in case he got cold, and to bring no bag. As we were walking from Lambeth North station he actually asked if we were going to Battersea Dogs home to walk dogs. He had absolutely no idea. And his London geography was so out..you’d expect better from a London born and bred 26 year old considering he wasn’t blindfolded. Haha.

Easy to find in Archibold Park, somewhere between Lambeth North and Waterloo, the postcode will take you to one of the side entrances of the public space. All you have to do then once entering the park is to keep your eyes peeled for the two huge metal structures, towering way above the sports pitches and picnickers below. It’s not hard to spot.

Zip World London

The wait is longer than expected when you’ve booked a slot but so worth it. Signed in, inducted with a safety video, extra belongings away (apart from valuables which are kept on you in a bumbag as lockers don’t lock), it took just over an hour to get harnessed up and make our way to the top of the launch platform.

Zip World London

That final walk up the stairs wasn’t too bad (would have been better if I hadn’t done leg day at the gym two days before), but the tower did seem to move the tiniest bit in the wind. Something which made me wobble and the nerves kick in. Give me heights and rollercoasters and I’m fine. Make me feel like I could be stuck in something as it topples and I’m in a giggling fit as I attempt to put a brave face on.

Zip World London

The view at the top was amazing. A skyline view on such a nice evening, you could see far and wide. It would have been nice to get to see the other side too, feat. The London Eye, etc. but the caging at the back of the launch platform blocked the view slightly – especially for pictures.

Zip World London

Hooked up, trolleys from the harness on the cable, we made our way through the teeny tiny gate to the steps where there was nothing left around you but thin air. Two steps down to launch point. The thoughts about how you’re actually going to start the zip spring to mind. Do you step off? Sit down? Jump?

Zip World London

Taking a seat, heart thumping a little louder than usual, and we’re off. Starting with a little scream of excitement as you realise you did it, you made it off that launch platform, as you continue to whizz down the zip, tag rugby players below and amazing views all around.

Zip World London

There’s no need to worry about landing as there’s a breaking zone which slows you down. You get pulled into the other tower at the other end. It’s a pretty easy ride but one full of adrenaline.

Stepping out of the harness at the bottom, we were still feeling exhilarated, wind blown and a little chilly. Photos were available, and Alex couldn’t resist. But they didn’t quite look like the ones in the papers with the London skyline in the background.


Overall a fantastic experience, which was so easy to organise. Prime London location, you can book online and it’s only £22.50 per person which isn’t too bad for a London experience. I’d highly recommend it. If you enjoy it, you even get the chance to ride again that day for £10. Something we would have considered if we hadn’t booked the last slot. Also if the wait wasn’t so long as by this point we were well and truly ready for dinner!

Have you done anything exciting recently that I should hear about?

Chloe xx



    • lashesoflifestyle
      August 22, 2017 / 4:24 pm

      DO IT! It’s an awesome experience! x

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