Life|| I did it. I quit.

I quit. I did it. I’m free.

Ok so it’s actually pretty scary, and my worry and anxiety hasn’t exactly immediately got better. But I knew it’d take time. And that’s ok. I’m working on it.

But knowing I don’t have to put myself through the stress, day in day out, feels so darn good.

You see. PR is fun. It’s social. It’s rewarding. And most of the time, the culture in an agency is pretty awesome. But that’s the only side most people see.

They don’t see the long hours, or constant battle of priorities and urgent tasks, of which there are too many to keep on top of, let alone keep track some days. They don’t see how hard it is to constantly please people. How many different ways you’re stretched. OR even how rude people can be, or how lacking in people skills some are, which is surprising for a communications agency.

Of course there will be bits I will miss. But I came to the conclusion that it wasn’t worth it.

And so now I’m on the hunt for something new.
I know I have plenty of transferable skills, it’s just figuring out where I can put them to good use. You never get taught what careers are out there, apart from the major ones like doctor, teacher, etc. So I’m trying to educate myself on all the things I could do.

I know I might not find a dream job, and that everyone has ups and downs, days they hate. I’m just hoping to find something I actually really care about. Something I’m passionate about. A role I love most days, or at least like. After all, I will be there 5 days a week.

I’m hoping that’s not too much to ask. I already have a couple of opportunities I’m quite passionate about but trying not to get my hopes up too much.

Any ideas or suggestions for different careersĀ  which I could move into would be most welcome. Send me your best and quirkiest jobs! And watch this space.

Chloe xx


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