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I posted a while back about my first ever escape room experience which I did for my birthday (you can read that here). Well, at the end of October we did another – plan B for Emma’s hen party.

We were meant to be zipping between the trees at Go Ape in Wyre, but Brian ruined that plan. The storm. Not someone who messed up bookings.

With 50mph winds and chances of a downpour I had to quickly find something else, and luckily we got into Keyhunter last minute. Emma wasn’t overly disappointed with the change in plans as she’s pretty hooked on escape rooms after our failure back in March – she was pretty amazing, I’m sure it was me who let down the team.

Keyhunter Birmingham, The Red Curse

Keyhunter is located right in the centre of Birmingham, on Sherlock street (AWESOME name for the street home to a live escape room!), just a short 10 minute walk from the Bull Ring.

60 minutes. Five of us teaming up to beat the clock. What could happen?

There’s three different escape rooms at Keyhunter, but the Red Curse won us over on description this time round…

Brenda and Tommy, a couple of high class, experience the fright of their lives when they came back to a man’s ruthlessly savaged body laid in their bedroom. Inspector Hugo and his team has been sent to investigate, but the door locks shut behind him. Is this the work of a haunted house, or something more…?

Keyhunter Birmingham, The Red Curse

We started in a living room, with dresser, shelves, suitcase, and half of a story up on the walls. The ultimate goal, to solve the story and all the clues, make it through two rooms, to escape.

With 60 minutes on the clock, bags on the sofa in the room, we were left to our own devices, hunting for the clues and trying to solve the problems.

Five heads are definitely better than two.

Easier than our first experience back in March, we were soon working as team battling through the locks. Some of us a little better at things than others, I did find myself taking a step back at times, admiring the brains around me which had suddenly turned into detective mode.

Armed with a walkie talkie, we did request two hints when REALLY stuck. Later finding out we were super close but had tried so many times.

Into the second room it started getting a little spooky searching for clues in the dark. The room was like an under-stairs cupboard – dark and eerie with shelves on one wall, home to a number of items and padlocked boxes and a calendar on the wall.

Even with two torches between five of us, we managed pretty well as a team working our way back and forth between the rooms with the clues to solve the puzzle.

12 minutes before the end, we cracked it. So proud that we had about a sixth of the time left on the clock!

Keyhunter Birmingham, The Red Curse


I’m not going to say it was easy. The pressure of being against the clock. Finding ways to work as a team with five different opinions. It was difficult at times. I definitely don’t think it would have been easier with less people though. The differing opinions and thoughts ultimately helped us escape.

Priced between £11 and £22 per person dependent on group size, it’s pretty reasonable for an escape room. With two other rooms too, I’m sure we’ll be heading back soon!

Have you tried any awesome escape rooms recently?

Chloe xx



  1. November 14, 2017 / 6:28 pm

    That’s actually pretty affordable! I loove escape rooms, I’ve been to a few good ones in Bristol. 🙂

    • lashesoflifestyle
      November 17, 2017 / 4:48 pm

      It really isn’t bad for an escape room! I’m addicted even though I don’t think I’m quite as god as my sister haha. Ooo…which are the good ones in Bristol? I’m occasionally down that way to see friends. Would be perfect for one of our catch-up weekends! x

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