Eating Out|| Fioruccino, Palm Vaults Soho Cafe

Pretty floral lattes. Marble table tops. Pastel pinks and mint greens. Palm Vaults has to be one of the most instagrammable restaurants/cafes in London. I’d heard great reviews too of the menu, so of course I was dying to go.

The Soho cafe is located inside the Fiorucci clothes shop, to the one side.
Fiorucci, Palm Vaults, Soho Cafe
The same look and feel as the Hackney restaurant (as seen through social media), it was smaller with only three tables and a window bench with stools. Luckily we popped along late morning on a weekday so it was pretty quiet.
Fiorucci, Palm Vaults, Soho Cafe
The Rose lattes, pink in colour and dressed with petals floating in the foam top, were deliciously creamy with notes of floral aromas. They went down a little too quickly, and I was all too tempted to order another, especially as the day we visited they were only £1 – The Soho cafe is currently offering a different £1 latte every day, so keep an eye Instagram page for details.
Fiorucci, Palm Vaults, Soho Cafe
The drinks menu actually features several different lattes alongside other hot drinks, smoothies and juices. A pretty extensive soft drinks menu. Alongside the drinks offering, the food menu offers an array of sweet and savoury dishes from banana bread and smoothie bowls to salad and avocado on toast. The cafe also sells baby cakes on the front counter.
In the mood for brunching (when am I ever not?!), the avocado on toast went down a treat. Chunky avocado, on two slices of toast with omega seeds and micro amarinth, presentation was pretty and it tasted just as good too!
Fiorucci, Palm Vaults, Soho Cafe Fiorucci, Palm Vaults, Soho Cafe
My friend Dee opted for the Seasonal Salad with Quinoa Base, which was fresh, tasty, and although not an overly big portion, it was a good size.
Fiorucci, Palm Vaults, Soho Cafe
When cakes are miniature, how can you not finish with a tiny treat? The baby cakes, which we ate in one bite, were fantastic. Sweet, moist, and full of flavour, the salted caramel and double chocolate are well worth ordering.
Fiorucci, Palm Vaults, Soho Cafe
Service was friendly, and although not overly speedy for a small cafe, we were in no rush and the team kept us informed that our order was on its way. We sat cooing over a tiny puppy anyway and having a big catch-up over our rose lattes so we hardly noticed.
Fiorucci, Palm Vaults, Soho Cafe


At £6 for the avocado on toast or the seasonal salad, and the lattes on offer at £1 (daily special, usually about £3), it was pretty cheap for lunch out in central London. Kudos to Dee who was on it with the deal hunting! I would definitely recommend keeping an eye out on the Palm Vaults Instagram feed and popping along when you can, even for coffee and baby cakes!
Chloe xx


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      January 11, 2018 / 2:25 pm

      Can you get better than a pink latte??? haha xx

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