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Come on now. We all have them. Those old cringe-worthy TV shows we sit down to binge whilst no one is around. Weird and wonderful foods we pair together that remind us of childhood, or perhaps were accidentally eaten together this one time, and since then have become a favourite treat. A little white lie we tell every now and again, not harmful, but to give us some extra time to ourselves. Or even just a weird way of eating something.

I was stood writing this on the tube smiling to myself thinking about all my guilty pleasures. Just thinking about them made me start to laugh to myself and so I thought it was about time to share. Judgement allowed – after all, it’s not going to stop me doing it when no one is around.

Saying I’m really busy so I can stay in and blog.

Ok so really…i am busy. But sometimes I can probably move things around so I can go out and blog some other time, be social, have friends. But there are some days when I just want to coop up Inside, in my comfy clothes, laptop on with a cup of coffee to my right. I find it relaxing and a great way to reconnect with myself.

Marmite on everything.

Ok I know its a love it or hate it spread, but…well I bludy love it. I have it on omelette, with scrambled eggs and avocado on toast, the squeezy over salad …. it just works with everything.

Guilty Pleasures

When I get anxious I tend to play with my hands.

Quite a lot. Actually so much so that I end up focusing on my nails, and subsequently, if long enough, ripping the white bits off. It’s become a habit, and I know it’s not the right way to do things (I’m sure my nails are in terrible condition), and I do obviously bin the nails I tear off, but afterwards I somehow feel a little resolved.

Hinting all night that I’m shattered.

I think I do this a lot. I need my beauty sleep, an early night, to be in bed early. So I start hinting when I get home that I’m tired, and drop a couple yawns here and there (mostly real), say how happy I am that it’s almost the weekend/Friday/Hump day. That way when I say it’s bed time…it’s bed time. No suddenly thinking of something to talk about even though you’ve been sat next to me all night quiet, no trailers or Instagram videos I have to watch there and then, and definitely no.

Dipping into the peanut butter jar with a spoon.

I’m addicted to the stuff. So when I’m hungry, mainly if I’m on my way to the gym, I’ll just hit the PB. Don’t worry, I don’t use the same spoon twice…although I’m sure I get through so many jars where Alex doesn’t get any!

Guilty Pleasures

McDonalds breakfast.

So bad yet so good. Normally consumed on a hangover. I always said McDonalds breakfast wasn’t any good, it was just empty calories not worth having. Yet since I’ve been with Alex, and the launch of the smoothies, frappes and bagels, I’ve been converted. Shhh don’t tell my dad.

Winding Alex up.

Oh I do like to see how far I can go sometimes. Reminding him of the times he ate my lunch without asking, or all the times he doesn’t do anything round the house. Sometimes he comes home from work and I know its not a night for games, but others it’s 100% worth the backlash.

Guilty Pleasures

A cold hot choc.

Ok this sounds gross, but I actually blend the powder with ice, a splash of water and a little milk to form a shake. Probs not as guilty a pleasure as others, as I use light powder so it’s basically just an iced low fat hot choc, but it feels naughty. The best kind of treats right?

Finishing Alex’s dinner

I say this like there’s lots left. But it’s usually just the onions he’s forked around, peppers and any sauce. That kind of thing. But I hate seeing veggies go to waste, so in my tummy they go. I feel guilty but it just adds to my five a day right?! Haha.

Re-watchingĀ episodes of My Wife and Kids, Friends and Fresh Prince.

They’re all easy watching, great for some background TV when blogging or occasionally eating dinner and they still make me laugh…even though ice probably watched each episode three times.

Guilty Pleasures

Crispy Pancakes.

That freezer food that you had as a child. Yep, I still eat those every now and then. Ok, I do pair them with a plate full of veg, but still, they can’t be that healthy and yet they taste oh so good. Letting the inner child escape.

Hoping Alex goes out so I have the flat to myself.

Alex goes out most Friday’s, but I actually find myself planning my Friday evenings as if he’s definitely going to be out – gym then flat to myself normally on the agenda if I’m not busy, what the hell I want on the tv, a healthy veggie dish for dinner, maybe some froyo to follow, you get my drift. So when it comes to Sunday and we’re talking about our plans for the week, I’m sometimes secretly hoping he’s busy.

And there you have it. My top guilty pleasures. There are probably more that I don’t even think about, those little sneaky things you do when you think no one is watching. But I hope you’ve all had as much fun reading the above as I did writing them. You can sure count on the fact that I enjoyed myself doing them!

Do you relate to any of the above? What are your guilty pleasures?

Chloe xx


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