Chloe & Alex Try|| Flyte Energy Drinks

I get it. You read energy drinks and you think about all the bad. Sugar. Calories.

But they’re not all like that and I’m just starting to learn this.

There are actually a few ‘green-er’ energy drinks out there at the moment. I was at first a little dubious to try them, but struggling with energy before gym, and occasionally having a major mid-day slump (often feeling a little light-headed/dizzy/faint), I thought I should give them a go.

So first up, Flyte, a new natural green energy drink on the market got in touch to see if we wanted to give them a go – perfect timing!

Flyte Energy Drinks Review

Flyte is a clean energy drink which¬†gives you a boost of energy for under 40 kcal per bottle (less than an apple). Powered by organic caffeine (from green coffee), it’s made from 100% naturally sourced, non-GMO ingredients. The drinks also include no artificial sweeteners, with all sugar coming from natural juices and stevia leaf – there’s only roughly 3g sugar per bottle…that’s less than a teaspoon!

The bottle itself, glass, is pretty cool and a great size for popping in your handbag or gym kit. It chills pretty quickly in the fridge too.

Flyte Energy Drinks Review

Taste wise, it does have that standard energy drink undertone. It’s sparkling like many others, with a subtle flavour shining through, yet it’s not too sweet.

There are currently four flavours in the range; red berries, citrus lemon, green mango and orange clementine. I wasn’t sold on the Green Mango option, as I think I was expecting a slightly sweeter drink. However the Citrus Lemon was pretty tasty, as far as energy drinks go.

Flyte Energy Drinks Review

As for the energy aspect, they sure are packed with caffeine. The first one sent me a bit fluttery and buzzy, drinking it in the office late afternoon to give me more energy ahead of a gym class. The second kept me going during an afternoon shopping spree – managing to keep me energised until late lunch. Shopping always makes me go a bit funny and slightly faint, like I’m lacking energy. So this was fab.

Flyte Energy Drinks Review

For those days when you’re struggling with energy, and yet still dying to gym, or if you suffer like I do when shopping, these are a little savior. As they’re clean and natural, I don’t feel bad drinking it either which is great.

Do you fall back on something like this? When do you most feel the need for a little boost of energy?

Chloe xx

*I was supplied samples of Flyte drinks for review. All views my own. 


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