Eating Out|| The Exclusive Pancake Menu at Polo 24 Hour Bar

February means one thing for me. Pancake day. Forget valentines day…its all about those thick, fluffy American pancakes piled high with all your favourite toppings. Ok crepes will sometimes cut it too. But when else do you have the PERFECT excuse to just go all out?

Making them at home is great, but let’s face it. Effort after work. And pressure. Especially if you’re cooking for others it feels like because it’s pancake day, they have to be amazing.

Eating out might be busy, but get a good spot and you won’t regret facing the crowds. Or maybe celebrate a day early ha. 

Last week we popped along to try the limited edition pancake menu at Polo 24 Hour Bar, just opposite Liverpool Street Station. Polo has collaborated with Jude’s ice cream (my absolute fave) on an insane menu of stacks. Like crazy. It’s already launched and runs right through to pancake day, which is perfect!

Polo 24 hour bar pancake day 2018 menu

The menu features seven options, including Streaky Bacon & Maple, Salted Caramel & Popcorn and Apple Crumble & Custard.

The Red Velvet Pancake Stack, with cream, glace cherries and strawberry sauce, comes complete with a whole slice of red velvet cake on top and a side pot of cherry ripple ice cream.

Polo 24 hour bar pancake day 2018 menu

The pancakes themselves are huge and dense rather than light and fluffy. They’re sweet and really filling.

The toppings pretty much made this what it is though – seriously epic. The big slice of red velvet donning the top of the stack was moist and delicious. The Judes Cherry ripple icecream was indulgent and creamy, and a much better accompaniment than cream (I’m not a huge cream fan!).

This was by far my favourite, but I couldn’t have devoured this solo. A partner in crime is most definitely required for this.

The Apple Crumble & Custard Pancake Stack came a close second in our rankings. Four of the same huge pancakes topped with custard flavoured Jude’s Icecream, custard and a piece of Apple Crumble pie, these were drizzled in chocolate sauce.

Polo 24 hour bar pancake day 2018 menu

The Icecream was literally like frozen custard. So creamy. The only downside being that the Apple crumble was served cold, otherwise, this would be the ULTIMATE dessert – ok let’s forget about the fact that if it was hot the ice cream would melt super fast. We can all dream. It was still pretty fab.

Polo 24 hour bar pancake day 2018 menu

The Tropical Froyo Yoghurt Pancakes, sure looked pretty but were just a little too citrus for me. Again, with four big pancakes, this stack came complete with fresh mango and passionfruit, pomegranate seeds, tropical frozen yoghurt and a drizzle of strawberry sauce.

Polo 24 hour bar pancake day 2018 menu

I heard a few rate this as top choice – but for me it just couldn’t compete with the red velvet one, even though the sorbet was really juicy and almost a bit creamy.

Polo 24 hour bar pancake day 2018 menu

For anyone who thinks these aren’t quite big enough (not sure who this would address but anywho), Polo also brought out ‘The Challenge’ which would be the choice for you!

Polo 24 hour bar pancake day 2018 menu

12 pancakes, cream, fresh blueberries, raspberries and strawberries, and drizzled of strawberry and chocolate sauce, this one is a monster. Named ‘The Challenge’ as if you can finish it by yourself you get a free bottle of prosecco. I mean, no one has to date. And I wish anyone who dares the best of luck…I’ll be praying for your heart.

Polo 24 hour bar pancake day 2018 menu

There are plenty of drinks to wash your stacks down with too. The Berry Blast juice was a little foamy, but refreshing and fruit nonetheless. The Oreo Hard Shake however went down a treat. It’s not overly thick (winner!), had a distinct oreo flavour with the alcohol coming through and was the perfect size. So many times we’ve been out and I haven’t ordered a shake because they’re too filling and too big – not any more!

Polo 24 hour bar pancake day 2018 menu


  • Price: With pancake stacks between £9 and £12, it’s the same price as a reasonable meal out. I’d definitely go in for sharing one of these though.
  • Food: The toppings make these pancakes what they are – EPIC. Worth a visit even just for the picture 😉
  • Drinks: Go for a shake! Hard if you fancy a splash of alcohol.
  • Atmosphere: Diner-like across all three floors. Service pretty standard.
  • Wait: n/a – we went to an event

If you’re looking a spot for pancake day, this might just be the one.

What are your pancake day plans?

Chloe xx

*I was invited along to try some of the exclusive menu in collaboration with Jude’s. All views my own. 



    • lashesoflifestyle
      February 23, 2018 / 1:21 pm

      Pretty monsterous right? They were massive. Definitely couldn’t have finished a stack myself haha. What did you do for Pancake Day this year? x

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