Eating Out|| Tank & Paddle, Heddon Street

Pizza and beer. Who’s not happy with that combo?

Tank & Paddle was built on this pairing. Talk about taking consumer insight/trends and giving us what we want.

Tank & Paddle Heddon Street

The latest opening on Heddon Street, Piccadilly, takes Tank & Paddle to three sites across the city. All with similar interiors – dark woods, with an almost rustic feel yet cool and contemporary. There are huge beer tanks, prints on the walls and neon lighting, board games ready for a battle, and even a slider board.

Tank & Paddle Heddon Street

The menu itself isn’t overly fussy. It features eight pizzas, most of which have more toppings than your usual artisanal place, and three are vegetarian. There are also four types of mac’n’cheese, from the standard Manifest Mac to The Mac Attack, Mac’n’cheese with pulled chicken and bbq sauce. Salads also get a look in, with a Caesar, simple green and Chicken, Goat’s Cheese and Red Pepper, and there are a couple of smaller appetizers too.

Tank & Paddle Heddon Street

The stone baked pizzas arrived on paddles of course. All rectangular, with thin and crispy bases and crunchy crusts. No crust dips here guys, but they do have chilli oil and oil.

Tank & Paddle Heddon Street

The Billy Goat’s Stuffed was a top veggie choice. With Goats Cheese, Spinach and Red Onion Relish spread across the pizza, it was a rich pizza with a tasty mix of flavours. It could have done with a bit more of each topping but overall, pretty good.

Tank & Paddle Heddon Street

The Veg Your Bets was also a great veggie choice. The mozzarella strong, the mushrooms giving that true umami flavour, pairing oh so well with the olives, sundried tomato and artichoke. A standard veggie pizza with accentuated flavours – this would be my pick next time!

Tank & Paddle Heddon Street

The Manifest Mac, is rich and creamy, with a crisper top. It doesn’t have that cheese pull, but was purely indulgent. A side you just have to share when you go. The Hot One, basically a Manifest with half slices of pepperoni and chilli baked inside, was made for those spicy cravings. A little hot for one of the girls, it did have a good kick to it. I loved it.

Tank & Paddle Heddon Street Tank & Paddle Heddon Street

The Caesar Salad, with fresh crisp iceberg lettuce, rich shaved parmesan, crunchy croutons and creamy dressing was another great shared side. They also serve this with Chicken, which could make for a tasty main – if you can really bring yourself to order this over pizza!

Tank & Paddle Heddon Street

The drinks are just as much a feature here as the food – it’s all about those pairings. The drinks menu features beer on tap, bottles, cider, wine, fizz and cocktails.

Tank & Paddle Heddon Street

The Meantime Pale Ale, was cold and refreshing, not too deep in flavour. It was delicious. Perfect accompaniment to the pizza. The fizz seemed to go down well with one of the girls too!

Service was friendly and efficient – it’s not full service so you do need to order at the bar, but that’s pretty simple.

Tank & Paddle Heddon Street


  • Price: Pizza priced between £8.50 and £9.50 – relatively standard for a pizza joint
  • Food: Pizzas were good (crusts a little too crunchy), but the Mac ‘n’ Cheese was amazing.
  • Drinks: It’s all about the beer. The Pale Ale was delicious and refreshing.
  • Atmosphere: Relaxed, cool pizza joint. Pretty quiet on a Monday evening.
  • Wait: None. Service was quick.

What type of pizza is your fave?

Chloe xx

*We were treated to a complimentary meal. All views my own. 


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