Out & About|| International Women’s Day & Women’s History Month @ Threadneedle Bar, The Royal Exchange

It’s international women’s day. The day to celebrate the successes and feats of all women worldwide.

No matter how big or small. From those little fist pump moments to the bigger changes we all make when we come together, or the complete girl boss moves. It’s all worth celebrating and feeling proud of. Any achievement is exactly that. An achievement.

We’re all working towards closing that gender divide. Bit by bit. Even just by being truly sunny, positive and supportive, empowering other women around you.

To celebrate both International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month, Threadneedle bar in the Royal Exchange (right next to Bank Station) has launched a limited edition cocktail menu. Available for this month only, the menu features five cocktails inspired by legendary figures who influenced society and shaped history to get us where we are today.

Threadneedle Bar, international womens day and womens history month cocktails

Fashion designer Coco Chanel was known for her love of champagne and proclaimed that red wine kept her young. She believed that women should be two things, classy and fabulous; just
like this cocktail.

With Tanqueray gin, Martini Rosso, Hennessy Fine de Cognac and apricot brandy topped up with rosé Champagne, this cocktail was beautifully presented in a short goblet style glass, with a pink dusted rim. The aroma of the brandy was more potent than the taste, but it was still pretty strong and full-bodied. One of the top picks of the menu.

Threadneedle Bar, international womens day and womens history month cocktails

In homage to one of Marilyn Monroe’s most famous films, the cinnamon notes of this cocktail will warm the palate. Cutting through the sweetness of the strawberries and blueberries is a
double measure of vodka and a shot of lime juice. Like Marilyn, this cocktail is sugar, spice, and all things nice.

Thick, and jam-like, this cocktail features Ketel One vodka, cinnamon syrup, strawberry puree, lime juice, egg white and fresh blackberries. It was super sweet and a strong contender for my top spot, only just missing out.

Legend has it that Marc Antony once bet Queen of the Nile Cleopatra that she couldn’t spend a small fortune on one meal. In a show of wealth and power, she proceeded to take out her pearl
earring, dissolve it in a glass of vinegar, and drink it. Replacing the vinegar with gin and lemon with notes of rhubarb and lavender, this pearlescent drink is fit for a queen.

Blue in colour, with a slight fizz to each sip, this cocktail consists of Pothecary gin, rhubarb liqueur, lavender syrup, blue curacao liqueur and lemon juice, topped up with soda water. It’s a bit like a Cheeky Vimto, but way more classy.

Threadneedle Bar, international womens day and womens history month cocktails

It’s 100 years since women gained the right to vote, which is largely thanks to legendary suffragette Emmeline Pankhurst. 

Made with Silent Pool gin, grapefruit juice, lychee puree, lemon juice, sugar syrup, pinch of lavender and violet liqueur, this cocktail is strong and sharp. It packs a punch (not overwhelmingly so), much like the woman who inspired it.

It’s no secret that the last Queen of France Marie Antoinette was a lover of sweet things, and this indulgent cocktail would certainly have satisfied her sweet tooth.

Consisting of Ketel One vodka, Mozart Dark chocolate liqueur, sugar syrup and Baileys foam top, it’s definitely one for the dessert list. The Baileys foam top is more like a mousse, whilst the minimal liquid in the bottom of the glass is sharp yet sweet. This was my favourite of the night – showing I truly do have a sweet tooth.

Threadneedle Bar, international womens day and womens history month cocktails

The bar itself is pretty classy. Located inside The Royal Exchange, one elegant building with the most beautiful architecture and murals inside, as well as flower installations above the downstairs bar, it’s truly a sight to be seen (and visited). Threadneedle Bar has all the beautiful arches, regal colours and comfortable leather and suede seats to relax in.

Service is friendly. The barmen looked like whizzes when whipping up the cocktails.

I had a fab evening with one of the girls, sipping cocktails and catching up. Already planning a catch-up with one of the other girls as women can get all the above cocktails for £6 each, between 5.30pm and 7.30pm, Mon-Weds.

Threadneedle Bar, international womens day and womens history month cocktails


  • Price: £11 normally, but £6 each for women between 5.30pm and 7.30pm, Mon-Weds. Bargain!
  • Food: The canapes (bar snacks) were delicious – the goat’s cheese arancini with pesto and prawns with arrabbiata dipping sauce were the one.
  • Drinks: Delicious. Each so creative, and well-thought-out to represent the likes of five legendary figures.
  • Atmosphere: classy, not overly loud. Perfect for a catch-up.
  • Service/Wait: Pretty speedy. Friendly.

Are you celebrating International Women’s Day?

Chloe xx

*I was invited along to try the limited edition cocktail menu. All views my own.  


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