Eating Out|| Brunch at The Barn, Highbury

I think I’ve heard about the halloumi breakfast at The Barn more often than any other breakfast in London. It’s the ‘go-to’ place for brunch for our friends who live in Highbury, and they ALWAYS get the halloumi breakfast without fail – apparently it’s that good. So when I decided I’d meet one of the girls in Highbury one Sunday, The Barn was the obvious choice.

The Barn looks tiny from the outside, but the restaurant itself goes far back inside. The interior reflects the natural, country feel with light woods, bare brick and white walls, and prints hanging. Cute, The Barn feels welcoming and isn’t overly noisy so it’s perfect for a catch-up.

The Barn Highbury, Brunch, LondonThe Barn Highbury, Brunch, London

You needn’t book, and one the Sunday we visited we didn’t hit a queue either. It does get busy, but the wait didn’t appear to be long – and it certainly wasn’t for our meal.

The menu features breakfast and lunch options which are served all day, as well as a few salads, hot plates and sweet treats.  Being the weekend, breakfast was the only option for me. It’s all about the brunch at weekends right? 

The Barn Highbury, Brunch, London

The Halloumi Breakfast had a lot to live up to, but boy it sure did. Squeaky perfectly grilled halloumi, roasted juicy tomatoes, a huge mushroom, creamy sliced avocado, two runny poached eggs and a slice of lightly toasted artisan bread, it was one beautifully compiled veggie breakfast.

The Barn Highbury, Brunch, London

Having halloumi for brunch was a game changer and paired with all of the other ingredients it really was one delicious breakfast. Filling, it would have been the perfect cure for a hangover – and so I see why our friends go so much!

The Barn Highbury, Brunch, London

My friend Sandy had the Pastrami Sandwich. A sourdough ciabatta filled with pastrami beef, mozzarella, gherkin, rocket and American mustard, it was served with a small fresh and leafy salad. A pretty chunky sarnie, it looked delicious – nothing being left at the end is always a good sign too!

The Barn Highbury, Brunch, London

The drinks menu featured all the usuals for a coffee shop/deli, as well as freshly squeezed juice. The orange juice, and orange and carrot, were both tasty and refreshing. The flat white was pretty on arrival, and deliciously creamy as you’d expect – not bitter at all.

The Barn Highbury, Brunch, London

Whilst we sat finishing up we eyed up other dishes being delivered to tables around us. The lasagne smelt amazing and looked like a huge portion. The Eggs Benedict also looked really good.

We did feel a little rushed at one point when a queue had started to form and we’d just finished eating. But after about 10 minutes, the waiting staff returned to their relaxed and friendly nature. I like to sit and allow my food to settle for a little first before dashing off. 

The Barn Highbury, Brunch, London


  • Price: £30 for one brunch, one lunch, two juices, a coffee and service – it’s pretty reasonable for brunch in London.
  • Food: Delicious, fresh and portions are good.
  • Drinks: What you expect for a coffee shop/deli – Go for the freshly squeezed orange juice
  • Atmosphere: relaxed, welcoming
  • Wait: We were seated straight away (no need to book), although there can be a small wait

I think this is going to be a new fave spot – I want a chunky ciabatta sandwich next time!

Have you got any new recommendations for me for the Highbury area? Have you had halloumi with breakfast?

Chloe xx



  1. July 4, 2018 / 7:12 pm

    Ummm I HAVE to go here when I move to London!! I live for halloumi and that pastrami sandwich doesn’t look to bad either!! I’m adding this to my list!

    • lashesoflifestyle
      September 3, 2018 / 1:55 pm

      YES YOU DO! It should be one of your first brunches 😛 Halloumi is life! haha This is such a cute friendly spot though. Love it! Actually planning to head back soon-ish! x

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