Eating Out|| Brunch at Elan Cafe, Brompton Road

Elan cafe seemed to become insta-famous over night. It just appeared. All those pictures against the (now) well-renowned floral wall, the pink lattes and cute interior filled our Instagram feeds, and continue to do so.

Elan Cafe, Brompton Road

A lot of the time however, something might look pretty, like really pretty, with edible flowers and presentation to rival the best in London, but it just doesn’t taste good. I was intrigued to find out what Elan Cafe was hiding behind it’s pretty plates, and beautiful presentation…and to be honest, I was actually quite surprised.

Elan Cafe, Brompton Road

Weekend mornings have to be the worst to visit somewhere like this. The dread of joining a queue for breakfast on a Saturday, when you’re super hungry and dying to eat, has to keep many away from the more popular brunch places. But at just before 10.30 on the Saturday we visited, there was no wait for a regular table – not surprisingly, people were waiting for a table next to THAT wall, but it was only about 45mins wait when we first arrived.

The rest of the restaurant, however, is just as pretty – minimalist, light and pink. So pink and floral. There are flowers on every marble table top, a draping tree by the bar area and there was even a floral heart arrangement in the window for Valentine’s day when we went. There’s also a wall filled with pink takeaway cups, and some cute quotes dotted around, on the walls and floors. We did not feel like we were missing out, not sat next to the famous wall.

Elan Cafe, Brompton Road

Tables are all fit quite snug around the restaurant, with bar seating available too. From where we were sat we could easily slyly eye up what everyone else was ordering and see how well it seemed to be going down.

Elan Cafe, Brompton RoadPhoto by Francesca Sophia

The breakfast/brunch menu itself has plenty of options for all types of diet. From the traditional to the more creative, you can tell the menu is well-thought out, with the presentation in mind. As for choosing between all these dishes, that was the difficult part.

Elan Cafe, Brompton Road

The drinks list was just as extensive with a variety of hot drinks, including flavoured ‘lattes’, juices and smoothies, and cold brews. The pink one, otherwise known as the ruby latte, was a no brainer. It’s pink. Hello. But also, I do love to try new things even if I was craving caffeine.

Elan Cafe, Brompton Road

The Ruby latte, flavoured with beetroot and ginger, was just as pretty as the pictures. It had a light, slightly sweet flavour which wasn’t over powered by the ginger – this actually just accentuated the sweetness of the beetroot. Creamy, it was rather filling but so worth it. This might be caffeine free but I’d definitely go for this again.

Elan Cafe, Brompton RoadFran looking deep in thought into her latte.

As for the food well…

Elan Cafe, Brompton Road

The avocado on toast with poached egg arrived with pomegranate seeds, watercress, shaved cucumber and sundried tomatoes. It didn’t taste all that different to a good avocado on toast, except it had an extra zesty edge.

Elan Cafe, Brompton RoadPhoto by Francesca Sophia

The Flatbread with home cured beetroot salmon, lemon and dill cream cheese and poached egg, was superb too. Going with all the beetroot. Well it is a super food right?

Elan Cafe, Brompton Road

The salmon only had a slight difference in flavour – a little sweeter and bolder in taste. It was a fab purple-pink colour however which made me think this was the reason for it being on the menu.

It paired beautifully with the lemon and dill cream cheese, which was light and slightly zesty. On a fresh and floury flatbread, with a poached egg on top, and fresh salad, it made one delicious brunch dish. A mix of beautiful textures and flavours. Not just a pretty face for sure.

Elan Cafe, Brompton Road

Service was pretty laid back, but not slow. We could see a few hosts rushing around greeting, seating, and delivering dishes, but we never felt rushed or pushed. Just like you wish a place like this would be.


  • Price: Roughly £17 for a brunch dish, coffee and service. Not too bad when you take everything else into account.
  • Food: not just a pretty face. Delicious, well-thought out dishes. Something for all dietary requirements.
  • Drinks: extensive list. The Ruby latte is a must.
  • Atmosphere: Prim and Proper, but relaxed.
  • Wait: none at 10.30 on a Saturday but imagine it does get busy so head down early. We didn’t feel rushed through service either.

Both Fran and I would actually really recommend a visit if you haven’t been.

Have you discovered a new brunch spot recently?




    • lashesoflifestyle
      April 22, 2018 / 12:07 pm

      It’s not too bad if you go early! I really enjoyed it. It is still a little pricey but worth it 🙂

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