Eating Out|| Scarlett Green, Daisy Green Collection, Soho

The Daisy Green Collection, the group which includes Beany, Timmy and Daisy recently opened a new sister spot in Soho. Having only popped to Beany Green in Regents Place for coffee, and promising myself ever since that I’d go for brekkie, I couldn’t resist a group trip to Scarlett Green.

Scarlett Green is a contemporary, arty restaurant space. It’s got an open warehouse feel, and is bright and light, with prints hanging on the walls. It doesn’t feel quite as cool and quirky, or as flamboyant as Beany, but rather a more sophisticated, gorgeous sister.

Scarlett Green, Daisy Green Collection, Soho

Unlike Beany, this new spot, is open for breakfast/brunch, lunch and dinner throughout the week. The menu features a range of sweet and savoury options to start the day, including shakshouka, house-made maple granola and Buttermilk blueberry pancakes. Lunch and dinner options are naturally a more savoury affair, but with plenty of choice from healthy salads, to burgers, steaks and small plates.

As part of a group of 13 foodies (unlucky for some, not for us on this occasion as everyone was SO lovely), we had several tables together along the back. People around us all in couples or groups of varying sizes. I didn’t see any solo diners that particular Sunday but it’s somewhere I’d definitely be more than happy going alone. Especially for the banana bread.

With so many of us, the dishes ordered (and subsequently delivered) ranged across the sweet and savoury options. The Coconut French Toast was a popular order, but for me, I couldn’t resist the banana bread.

Scarlett Green, Daisy Green Collection, Soho

The Award-winning banana bread sandwich comes lightly toasted with mascarpone, fresh berries, almonds, honey and a raspberry coulis. The banana bread itself was a little more crumbly than first expected, but not dry, and it was super tasty. Paired with the mascarpone cream and berries (fresh and coulis) it was a delicious mix of flavours. I’m not usually one to pick a sweet brekkie, but this was fab. I’d definitely go for this again!

Scarlett Green, Daisy Green Collection, Soho

The Coconut French Toast arrives served with greek yoghurt, raspberries, mango, coconut, pure maple. It was very sweet too. Delicious but a little sickly. I’d definitely opt for this if I was sharing dishes!

Scarlett Green, Daisy Green Collection, Soho

The savoury options around the table didn’t seem to get quite the praise the sweet ones did. However, the side of vegemite, cheese and truffle doughnuts were amazing. Oozing with melted cheese, these had a strong vegemite flavour (I know my Aussie friends will kill me, but it’s a lot like marmite). The doughnuts were more cheese to dough, (so not too dough-y) and came topped with plenty of grated parmesan. A real cheesy affair, they’re a must order!

Scarlett Green, Daisy Green Collection, Soho

As well as being a fab spot for sweet brunches, it could definitely be one for boozy brunching too! The cocktails looked fab and had great reviews all around. The fizz we tried was delicious too. But for those looking for a more relaxed, non-alcoholic meal, I highly recommend the raspberry mint cooler. It’s light and refreshing, with juicy bits of fresh raspberry. The perfect accompaniment to a dish packed with sweet flavours.

Scarlett Green, Daisy Green Collection, Soho

As mentioned before, I can also vouch for the coffee. Their flat whites are delicious and creamy, even with skimmed milk. The coffee itself, bold but not bitter. Smooth.


  • Price: Brunch dishes range from £7.60 to £14.20, which is about average in Soho. The banana bread is £9.70 and well worth it!
  • Food: Fantastic presentation (Instagram-worthy). Go for the sweet brunch dishes – they were rated higher by everyone around the table.
  • Drinks: Great options for a boozy brunch, or a relaxed non-alcoholic affair. The Raspberry cooler (non-alcoholic) was refreshing!
  • Atmosphere: Relaxed, contemporary. Not as quirky as it’s brother, Beany. More like a relaxed older sister.
  • Wait: We booked a table for the Sunday. It did look busy, so it’s worth booking, or being prepared to wander Soho whilst waiting.

Scarlett Green, Daisy Green Collection, Soho

Overall, a fab spot for brunch and a catchup! I want to go back to try the pancakes.

Have you been to a daisy green collection restaurant before?

Chloe xx

*I was invited along as part of a group foodie blogger brunch, and received my meal at a discounted rate. All views my own. 



  1. August 29, 2018 / 6:43 pm

    That coconut French toast looks incredible! I do French toast at home, but nothing like that. I obviously need to work on my French toast game!

    • lashesoflifestyle
      September 3, 2018 / 1:50 pm

      It was insane. Very sweet though. Haha Well when you do I’ll take all of your tips please? My french toast is nowhere near as good as my pancakes!

    • lashesoflifestyle
      September 3, 2018 / 1:50 pm

      OMG Chloe…you have to go just for these!

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