I really need to stop acting like I’m getting old.

Friday nights there’s nothing like a nice cuppa tea and watching tv or films in my living room to wind down from my week at work. Yes I do love my housemates being there too – I’m not like those people pictured sitting by themselves with a cuppa, rocking back and forth, de-stressing and getting a grip of themselves. But seriously I’m only 23 and I love an evening with my blanket! What is going on?

I hear all these stories from my sisters nights out – She’s 20. And to be honest, I never was that jealous. But now I’m starting to think about it more, and perhaps I am a little jealous. She’s always going out and having so much fun at the weekends!

I don’t have to be drunk every weekend I know that, but just making plans to do something different in the evenings and not just giving into the comfort of my sofa and sleep!

Friday just gone – Hold on to something, you might faint – I actually did go out. It didn’t turn out as well as I’d hoped. To start with people weren’t texting back so I got ready and ended up getting into bed – yes, Friday at 9.30pm I was in bed, hair and make-up done, but I’d had enough with the amount of effort it takes to try meet people out! Then I got a text and actually got back out of bed (GO ME!) and met Alex’s friend in Green Park. Ok so we couldn’t find the birthday girl, and I did go home early, but it got me out and was quite funny – not the £15 I spent getting in to find the birthday girl though :/ Mahiki is expensive.

So from now on, I’ve promised myself to start going out more – do random things. No blankets and tea on Friday evenings – unless I really have no plans and no-ones free – I’m still not going out by myself! 

I hope you’ve all got your friday plans sorted. Tomorrow is start of the weekend, make the most of it! I’m off to Bath to see a friend – First week’s plans down! Now for the rest.