Ok i’ll admit it, I’ve been struggling with this 7-a-day fruit &veg challenge this week. Normally I would have been really up for it, and veggies are definitely my fave food! But my appetite just hasn’t been there this week – not good!

But I realised it is actually pretty tricky to fit in 7 portions.

So I’m starting again today! It’s been a super healthy day so far…

Had a fab morning run, 5k before work round the park near Alex’s. There’s so many runners out at this time in the morning there. Me listening to Beyoncรฉ to keep motivated too “to the left to the left…I’m irreplaceableeeeeeee”

yeah you’re lucky I don’t sing!

I felt unstoppable! I loved my morning run.

Really did feel more awake as well when I first got in but was dreaming of a power nap by 11am – I didn’t sleep too well last night either though.

On the way in to work I did treat myself to a delicious breakfast for actually getting up for a run today – my first morning run before work (I’m normally an evening runner).

I had a breakfast smoothie from purely fresh, a little cafe near work. It had mango, pear, fat free yoghurt, skimmed milk, oats and honey in it.




Jealous? It was a great little treat! I’ve planned to make these at home now too.



I’ve since had a pear, banana and grapes and a Greek yoghurt for lunch. So 4 portions already – go me!

I’m on a roll and won’t be letting myself down this time – bring the veggies on for dinner!