Lunch. I think it can be a difficult occasion. To take a packed lunch to work everyday requires planning, creativity as not to bore yourself with the same thing day in and day out, and a good memory to remember to take the lunch you’ve prepared, EVERY DAY! Yes that also means when you’re in a rush.

So many people in my office eat out daily – yeah you heard that right! Daily. I don’t know how they afford it.

Me. I like to prepare my lunch for 2/3 days and try and shake things up mid-week – give myself something new so I can look forward to lunch. Sometimes that’s a different soup everyday, with a different accompaniment, sometimes I take crudites and hummus and others it’s roasted veggies with rice.

But I do like to treat myself once a week/fortnight to a yummy lunch, and that brings on a bigger decision. Being in central London – Where the hell do I choose?

There are SO many options it’s a food lover’s heaven. But then again you could waste your lunch hour trying to discover somewhere new. Plus finding somewhere which serves super tasty food which is actually fresh and reasonably priced can become quite a mission, and I do love fresh handmade food, there’s something about it which just makes it taste so much better!

On my first day at my current job I got introduced to Kastner and Ovens. I lovely little Deli just off the Covent Garden Piazza. It may not look much from the outside, but the minute you step in through those inviting doors you’re surrounded by homemade cakes, salads, pasta and the smell is just amazing. If you’re not quite hungry enough before you set foot inside, you will be when you take in the sights!

Kastner and Ovens

I’ve already been twice – the first time opting for a fresh soup with some bread, and the second picking a small salad box and going for three of their options (a bacon pasta, a broccoli dish and also a sweet potato and spinach number). On both occasions I could not falter even the tiniest detail – Β So fresh, the soup still warm, and the team who served us were so friendly.

Kastner and Ovens - deli box

I now find it hard to want to try anywhere else as I know this place is so good. The menu changes daily to whatever the chefs have whipped up that day, but you can keep up on what they’re serving via their Facebook page which I’m obviously a fan of. I think this is also great as you’ll never get bored going to the same place – They’re obviously onto a winner.

If you’re in the area you should definitely check it out.

Are you hooked on one place to lunch?

Chloe xx