Look at the hottie I found.

This week I journeyed to sainsburys especially for hot chocolate, my little treat after a long day at work, topped with marshmallows. Perfection!

Devastated my normal hot chocolate wasn’t there, I started surveying the hot drinks shelf for some other sachet or drink on offer. Good news, my devastation didn’t last long.

I spotted this little sachet – Peanut Hottie. Peanut butter is one of my fave things in the whole of the food world, so to see this was like I was dreaming. How had I never been introduced to this beauty before? Without hesitation this immediately replaced any hot chocolate I’d even considered to replace my normal tub.

After dinner, excited to try this peanut butter flavoured hot drink I boiled the kettle and left to cool slightly.




It looks a bit like tea/coffee once it’s stirred in.

The smell – purely peanuts.

The taste – utterly delicious.

It’s not as creamy as you might think, although I didn’t add too much milk, so it’s not too thick either. It’s really peanut-y, quite sweet and perfect instead of a hot chocolate.

Now comes the big decision for future – hot chocolate and marshmallows or peanut hottie? I think this might be my fave new hottie! Definitely a thumbs up from me!