It is cheaper to get flights to Amsterdam than it is to travel by National Rail from London to Newquay!

With so many more options throughout Europe, and cheap flights being found on Skyscanner and EasyJet from all London airports, why would Londoners stay in the UK to spend more for a short break weekend?

However, I have always wanted to go to Center Parcs. The activities, days cycling, on the go go go all the time. I’d love a short break like this! So many of their activities on my to-do list – archery, segway rally (obvs a little competitive racing), high ropes and obstacle courses, fencing and the list goes on.

I heard that Center Parcs have a new resort opening on the outskirts of london – Woburn Forest in Bedfordshire, open June 6th. Only 45 minutes from London!

They are said to have partnership deals with rail companies to be able to offer cheaper fares and a complimentary shuttle bus for visitors to and from the nearest train station.Β I just looked at train tickets, and they’re already reasonable.Β 

Cheap travel and a fun-filled short break – what more can you ask for?!

Now I just need to get a few of my friends on the same wave-length too. Adventure holiday anyone?