Sunday 10th August 2014 – Community Shield match between Arsenal and Man City. 3pm at Wembley Stadium.

This was my first proper Arsenal match….and it was AMAZING!

We met everyone in Baker Street before the match to have lunch and a drink before heading on to Wembley (it’s really easy from Baker Street, so great meeting place!). There were 7 of us, a great little group getting ready for a big afternoon!

Walking from Wembley Park tube station, listening to all the chanting and experiencing the atmosphere was getting me excited. The first proper match I’d been to. I loved it.


We had some great seats (Thanks boys for sorting these :D), not too far up, on the back left behind the goal (Man City’s goal in the first half, ours the second half).


The opening.


Lucy and I getting ready for the match to start


The opening of the Community Shield

The first half, everyone stood throughout. The chanting was fun, even the little kids were getting involved! There was a little boy in front, can’t have been older than 9 years old, and he was even trying to start the chants – too cute!


The atmosphere was amazing, everyone hyped, and there was reason to be…we were 2 up by half time. (Cazorla,22 and then Ramsey, 43)


At half time we stood inside and most got a beer. Half time passed very quickly and we were soon back out in the stand chanting and clapping, cheering and shouting, although the arsenal fans didn’t seem quite as energetic the second half – to start with anyway.

Man City did start stepping up, obviously seeing they were far behind! But it didn’t work, Giroud scored making it 3-0. WE WON!




20140811-131723-47843908.jpgSorry for the blurriness – had to take this pic of the screen behind us20140811-131838-47918361.jpg

The Arsenal boys walked around the side of the pitch the fans were at the end, to thank us all for supporting too.

Fantastic score, great game, and such an amazing experience. I really do hope I get to go again!

I’m even considering getting my own arsenal shirt πŸ˜›

Chloe xx