Sunday 18th May – Gorgeous weather and a parade to remember. Arsenal fans had been waiting 9 years for this…


The Arsenal mascot heading the must have been so hot in that costume!


Then came the tour buses…the Arsenal team followed by friends and family




The atmosphere was amazing! Cheering, arsenal chants, whistling, horns, entire families out to support and celebrate and their children excited too. The experience you really can’t imagine! The buzz and the crowds. The parade to say thanks to the fans, and so many of them turned up – you only have to go on the Arsenal website to see how many. The streets were filled, packed tightly by the stadium and Islington Town Hall (both ends of the parade) – Hundreds of fans!

I am really pleased I went along to see the parade. Alex lives in prime location so we didn’t have to go far from his to watch, stood in the glorious sunshine – Tanning and a new experience, what else do you need? We stood in one of the quieter parts (as you can probably tell by the photos) but it was still such a fantastic experience!

Now we just need another striking  performance next year – Come on Arsenal!