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Specialised Running Socks?!

I never knew you could get specialised running socks. But today whilst out trainer shopping for new running trainers, the sales assistant  introduced me to these Karrimor beauties. I know what you’re thinking, pushy sales people just wanting more sales. But read here what I thought about this new purchase after my first run in them. 



These Karrimor running socks are made to provide comfort with padded toe and heel and an ergonomic fit (yes I did google this – the socks are designed to fit the foot and the job well). 

They were so comfortable! They really did fit well, and nicely cushioned my feet in my trainers. They even have a bit which is raised at the back to cover the back of your heel where your trainers stop, great for protecting this part from being rubbed. Good start…

They are designed with a moisture wicking fabric for added comfort and anti-odour treatment (Moisture wicking being cloth that draws sweat off the skin to the outside of the fabric), so taking the sweat from your feet.

I’m not sure this is exactly what happened – but who knows what the socks are really doing. My feet did feel really hot though whilst running, and they did feel a little sweaty, but I had no horrible blisters. They didn’t feel like they rubbed, and I can’t say my feet really smelt when I took my trainers off. But perhaps we should ask my housemate….

…she said no, not that she noticed. SO unless she’s just being nice, that’s sure a positive!

They are also machine washable meaning you don’t have to spend extra time hand-washing – yes this does make a difference when choosing new clothes and accessories! Why have a washing machine if you have to hand wash everything? 

Perfect.  So now I’ve been for a long run in the heat, feet feeling normal, no blisters or sore parts (score!) I can now throw them in the washing machine ready for my next run.

Overall, these may make my feet hot whilst running (I don’t like being too hot! That’s why I don’t wear jogging bottoms, only 3/4 lengths), but they are definitely better for my feet than normal trainer socks! For anyone long distance running or walking, I would recommend these highly! Come on guys, look after your feet, especially with summer pretty much being here and sandal season well under way!



Godzilla – Film Review

I found out last week that Odeon now do Bargain Tuesdays too, and I thought it was just Cineworld. Perfect when you can’t make Orange Wednesdays – why does everything seem to happen on wednesday?

So this week Alex and I treated ourselves to a date night at the cinema. There was no debate in which film we wanted to see. Godzilla won hands down!

I know we’re a little late to the party but we were a little disappointed there was only one 3D showing which we couldn’t make as both at work 🙁 but still eager to go see this new blockbuster we headed to Holloway to watch the 2D showing.

We got there just in time. Alex’s timing – standard! But actually it’s not that bad when the film hasn’t just come out. We still caught the trailers, and got some good seats at the back of the small screen with no-one blocking our view (Being short sometimes has its disadvantages!).

A quick story line overview: Set in the summer of 2014, Godzilla rises to restore balance on earth. Us humans try everything to save our world, but we’re pretty much defenseless.

The trailer is below for you all to get a preview:

The film was fantastic! I could imagine the effects in 3D being amazing right from the beginning. Alex’s mum did tell us she wasn’t too bothered about the 3D effects, but I think she was trying to make us feel better for missing out.

The CGI was some of the best! The way Godzilla was placed in the city, the monstrosity caused and many other moments made you able to imagine you actually being there.

The acting was really good too. The reaction and terror on peoples’ faces you could feel just from watching. I thought Aaron-Taylor Johnson really did his part justice – great acting from him. A fantastic step up from Kick Ass 2!

I think the fact it was based in the summer of 2014 makes you think what if that’s what’s to come?

Overall an absolutely amazing film, definitely worth watching. Huge thumbs up from me.

If you haven’t already seen it, I’d get your bum moving. It might not be in the cinemas much longer! you wouldn’t want to miss out!

Rating on Rotten Tomatoes; from the audience – 74%

Rating on IMDB – 7.2/10


A New-Found Hottie

Look at the hottie I found.

This week I journeyed to sainsburys especially for hot chocolate, my little treat after a long day at work, topped with marshmallows. Perfection!

Devastated my normal hot chocolate wasn’t there, I started surveying the hot drinks shelf for some other sachet or drink on offer. Good news, my devastation didn’t last long.

I spotted this little sachet – Peanut Hottie. Peanut butter is one of my fave things in the whole of the food world, so to see this was like I was dreaming. How had I never been introduced to this beauty before? Without hesitation this immediately replaced any hot chocolate I’d even considered to replace my normal tub.

After dinner, excited to try this peanut butter flavoured hot drink I boiled the kettle and left to cool slightly.




It looks a bit like tea/coffee once it’s stirred in.

The smell – purely peanuts.

The taste – utterly delicious.

It’s not as creamy as you might think, although I didn’t add too much milk, so it’s not too thick either. It’s really peanut-y, quite sweet and perfect instead of a hot chocolate.

Now comes the big decision for future – hot chocolate and marshmallows or peanut hottie? I think this might be my fave new hottie! Definitely a thumbs up from me!


Gone Girl book review – you won’t be able to put it down!

Spoiler alert – do not read if you’re planning on being absorbed by Gone Girl anytime soon.

Gone Girl

I read gone girl over a couple weeks – yes I took my time. I’m not a fast reader and I do mainly read during my commutes. Perfect time to get sucked into a book! Although watch out not to miss your stop on the bus or tube, you can’t blame your book for being late.

Gone Girl was a fab, infuriating, can’t put down kind of book.

The layout and sections were very well thought out and I enjoyed how the story jumped from time to time – it kept me reading. I wanted to get to the next chapter to find out what was going on at the time of the disappearance or back in the day how Amy had fallen for Nick and how their relationship was. It was always in my mind what was going on during the other time frame. The fact alternating chapters are from the two characters also meant I got to know both sides of a story – even if you are trying hard to piece together what’s happening at the time of disappearance. It gives you a good look into the characters, or so you think.

During the first section of the book I really started to think that Nick was guilty. The way Amy’s diary entries are written and how Nick acts in the present time towards her disappearance and in the year running up to it. It does make you think – How could he get away with it? Surely they’ll find her soon enough…

Then the second section starts. Both accounts are from the present – after the disappearance. Amy’s chapters starting from the day of the disappearance, meaning there is a small time difference between both sides of the story.

Such a twist, I did not see that coming! Amy had runaway and the way she had thought of everything – appearance, the scene at the house, the treasure hunt. She had been planning it all for such a long time, she’d even written seven years of diary entries during her planning – these really had been very convincing of a sensitive, naive, perfect, ‘amazing Amy’!

I started to think what a weirdo. Why not just leave? You start to hear why she did things her way, her family upbringing, ‘Amazing Amy’ books, Nick cheating. In Nick’s accounts he contacts other people from her past who she’s accused of things before and you find out she’s made everything up and done this kind of thing previously. Someone done for stalking and another done for rape – all very well thought out lies. Seriously do people exist like this in reality?

I started to really hate Amy. Yes you can’t like a cheat, and I definitely didn’t like Nick either. I started to feel a little sorry for him as I considered he could go on death row just for cheating but I didn’t like him. When he started playing his game – I really wanted Amy to be caught. I really thought he’d got her.

The third section was infuriating, but I still couldn’t put it down. More lies…
How can she get away with it? Nick scared of a murderer in the house, yet in the end he stays because she makes him him. Some strange relationship! Do relationships like this really exist? Some strange way of living, surely you’d live scared for ever.

The language and way the book is written, as well as the structure – 3 sections and alternating stories work so well in this book. It’s amazingly clever. It convinces you, manipulates your thinking to the way the author wants you to think and then gives you some big twists!

Great story definitely worth reading. I wonder how producers will transform this into a film, intrigued to see the outcome!


Race For Life – Supporting at Clapham

My housemate, Jen, has been training for the Race For Life 10km whilst I’ve been training for my half marathon. Saturday I woke up early to go support her down at Clapham Common.

On the bus you could see the distance markers first, and then the cluster of tents and pinkness.

So many people crowded round, having all warmed up together and running for one cause – to kick cancer’s butt!

Everyone was raring to go. I loved the fact there were runners, joggers and walkers – All in their pink wonderful-ness!

Me and my other housemate stood cheering everyone as they took off and also cheered at a couple other points before heading to the finish line. We made sure we spotted Jen at each point too to keep cheering her on!





Jen did amazingly! Not only did she raise so much money for “a life that’s for living, not fighting” (her words, which I think are fab!), she finished with a great time and even said she felt like she could keep going.

It was such a great morning and feeling being there to support so many people, all united, running to raise money for cancer research. Very motivational. Worth getting out of bed for!