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Thirst Quenching Re-Hydration


I tried coconut water previously, you know just the plain stuff. I was tempted in by all the goodness I was told it had.

Coconut water is said to be a great source of electrolytes, such as potassium, which are necessary for proper hydration. These are also meant to help generate energy in your body – perfect for days at work or after fitness (so much of the time in my lifestyle). Hydration also helps with motivation, so win win!

But I was never a huge fan of the plain stuff. It tasted ok but I wouldn’t class it as delicious.

Then I came across this – Vita Coco Natural Coconut Water with Peach & Mango.

Sunday sat in the sun with this in hand was perfect!

Vita Coco with Peach & Mango was delicious! It was thirst-quenching, pretty smooth, and drinking it chilled was the ideal companion to my afternoon in the Sun. I really felt like I was rehydrating myself – Perhaps psychological, I know what you’re thinking. Don’t forget I did study psychology. 

Now I’ve found this new little beauty, I need never go for the plain, alright tasting, carton of mother natures goodness.  This gets a thumbs up from me! Definitely worth at least trying – go on, treat yourself with something new!


Arsenal – FA Cup Champions Parade

Sunday 18th May – Gorgeous weather and a parade to remember. Arsenal fans had been waiting 9 years for this…


The Arsenal mascot heading the must have been so hot in that costume!


Then came the tour buses…the Arsenal team followed by friends and family




The atmosphere was amazing! Cheering, arsenal chants, whistling, horns, entire families out to support and celebrate and their children excited too. The experience you really can’t imagine! The buzz and the crowds. The parade to say thanks to the fans, and so many of them turned up – you only have to go on the Arsenal website to see how many. The streets were filled, packed tightly by the stadium and Islington Town Hall (both ends of the parade) – Hundreds of fans!

I am really pleased I went along to see the parade. Alex lives in prime location so we didn’t have to go far from his to watch, stood in the glorious sunshine – Tanning and a new experience, what else do you need? We stood in one of the quieter parts (as you can probably tell by the photos) but it was still such a fantastic experience!

Now we just need another striking  performance next year – Come on Arsenal!


Feeling Fruity? – Grab an Old Mout

Wednesday evening this week I met one of my girl friends in Fulham for a couple drinks and catch up.

We stopped at Broadway Bar and Grill, one her fave places. Pretty cool place – table tennis table in the corner, sofas, tabled area, seating outside…and it was a pretty friendly place too!

But one of my key discoveries was this bottle of fruity deliciousness!


I am a fan of a flavoured cider, especially with the weather being how it’s been the last couple days, there’s nothing like a cider or pimms in a beer garden. Normally a massive rekordelig fan..but as they didn’t have this, I tried this new make – ‘The Old Mout’.

The passion fruit and apple first – we thought we’d found the best flavour.

And then we tried the kiwi and lime. So refreshing and I felt like it was really quenching my thirst for cider. It was delicious! Not too sweet either (sometimes strawberry and lime Kopparberg/Rekordelig can taste a little too sweet).
A must- try for a cider lover.

Broadway Bar and Grill also gets a big thumbs up for being a great place to chill out and go for drinks. I’ll definitely be venturing back, perhaps I’ll risk a game of ping-pong next time too I say risk as knowing my luck, the ping-pong ball will end up in someone’s drink! Haha


If in need of FroYo and no Samba Swirl…

The other night after dinner, we were craving frozen yoghurt. Ok so this was my fault as yoghurt was what I wanted for dinner, but Alex wouldn’t let me just have yoghurt and fruit, so it got him thinking about dessert.

However, it had been raining, and samba swirl was a little bit of a distance to go in the cold and wet so we had to settle with a supermarket trip and mission to find the one thing we wanted – Frozen Yoghurt.

Luckily, we actually ended up with options. I know, with local stores and shops, you don’t normally get this little luxury when it comes to frozen yoghurt. I felt very lucky!

We settled for two little pots of Snog (still love the name, I think it’s so well thought out!) , Alex had the summer berry, and I had the blue berry acai burst.




£1.77 each, fruity, full of flavour, moreish and even Alex said he’d like it again (quite normally an ice-cream kinda guy – I think I’m turning him!).
I think these little pots of FroYo are the perfect substitute to a frozen yoghurt parlour, for all those situations when it’s too cold, wet, windy, too far, too late and so on.

So there’s my verdict. If you’re now craving some yourself, especially now the weather is nice and warm, the snog website even tells you where you can get it – I know what you’re thinking, super handy!


Art – Individualism & Expressing Oneself

Art is the most intense mode of individualism that the world has known – Oscar Wilde.

I  used to do art at A Level, and did carry on a little after finishing sixth form, however I miss it a lot and really do not do enough!

Art is a fantastic way of expressing yourself, showing individualism and being creative. You can completely lose yourself in a drawing or painting, and I love that!

So I thought I would start a new section on my blog where I can showcase a few old bits, and hopefully it will also encourage me to start producing some new pieces too – So keep an eye out!