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Puregym – My Fitness Fix

Tonight I took my first step back into a gym since being in Worcester – no I’m not super lazy (well sometimes perhaps) but gyms are always so expensive and can get a little boring. I would rather spend my money on hip hop classes, Zumba and ballet. Or even go out for a run – it’s free (which is actually what I’ve been doing most).

But tonight, with no plans I decided to check out the PureGym. As you can buy a day pass I didn’t think I had anything to lose. And it’s only £5.99 – bargain, especially for London.


So off I went, water bottle, phone and headphones and card to hand, down to PureGym. I got there and used the machine in the entrance to pay for my day pass – if you know earlier in the day you’re going, I would recommend doing this if you have access to the internet, before you get there as it just saves a little time- you just do this through their website. They give you a pin which you can use for that day to access the gym, and enter through the electronic pods (pretty cool!).

The ground floor – free weights and cardio/fitness machines.
First floor – studio
Second Floor – More gym equipment and weight machines (the ones I use)
And that’s as far as my exploring went.

I did an hour of great cardio workout on the ground floor before going to explore. I then did some weights for legs and abs (I hope I ache tomorrow so I know I worked hard- nothing worse then thinking “ohh perhaps I could have worked harder then”).

There are PureGym personal trainers and instructors on hand if needed, there’s a little chill area, and when I went tonight it wasn’t too busy so I could go on what I wanted which is always a plus!

I forgot to look at the class timetable properly but I know they hold a number of fitness classes too which look fab!

I would definitely recommend PureGym if you have one near by. Very tempted to get monthly membership as even that is only £25.99 (there is a joining fee of £15), which seems to be so much cheaper than many options in London, and then I can enjoy the classes too.

You can find out more and even take a virtual 360 tour on their website (! So you can see what it’s like before you go – I love this!

After that workout I feel great! But maybe I’ll stick to using day passes for now – so many other fitness classes I want to try!


23 Tomorrow – another fab year!

Tomorrow I’m going to turn 23. It doesn’t seem that long ago since my 22nd birthday – madness!

I thought I’d have a think back over the last year and what I’ve been up to – such a fab year I’ve had, and I’ve come so far!

March 2013 – I was still in Worcester working as a waitress. At the time I was interviewing for roles in recruitment and wanting so much to move to London!

Being 22 brought:

Moving to London – One of the best decisions I’ve ever made (along with career but will come to that). Moved in with two girls a bit older than me, who were lovely, in North London.

Recruitment – I worked as a resourcer for 6months, trust me that was enough! However the team were great, I had an amazing day out at ascot, and earnt enough commission to help pay for a holiday!

PR – Took a leap of faith and left recruitment to pursue my career in PR. Work experience was fantastic, met some great people and realised I really did love PR. Got offered a job for January and snapped it up! Love my job!

First experiences – holiday with Alex, Notting Hill Carnival, Ascot, winter wonderland, street feast (first food festival experience), The Lounge Bayswater, first Christmas spent with Alex, nights out in Shoreditch, and more!

Became a South Londoner – Recently moved to South London into a flat with friends – Love it! Really enjoy coming home and chilling with the housies, going for walks, ikea trips, cheeky drinks, film days – my housemates are amazing!

Friends – London can be a lonely place, which is strange as I know it’s a large place with so many people. I thought it was going to be just like uni – that was a shocker when it wasn’t! To start with I did find it hard, especially as I didn’t enjoy my job, but now I have some amazing friends – people I’ve met through work, my part time job at DPs, people I’ve met through Alex, some I’ve met through dance…and it makes me realise just how much of a great decision moving to London was!

22 brought about some amazing things. This year is going to be just as awesome, I’m going to make sure – bring on being 23!


My weekly round up…last week

It’s the end of Monday already! I can’t believe it – currently curled up in the living room in my comfies, cup of tea in hand, thinking about getting an early night for the first day back to work AND I definitely need my beauty sleep!

So here’s what I’ve was up to over the last week.

My fave breakfast at the moment (Ermm and lunch at work..well it does save money!)


Date Night – Night in watching ‘Blacklist’, and was cooked dinner (chicken marinated in chilli flavoured sauce and with crispy top with veggies and a taster of his mums lasagne…YUMM!) :


This week everyone was doing their part for cancer research, raising awareness with the #nomakeupselfie and donating by sending a text to 70099. Thought this was amazing, had to get involved! They’ve raised 2million already!


Spent most of the weekend chilling, have film afternoons with the housie and a friend, and Sunday with Alex. Nibbles, cider and laughs. Watched some fab films including Rio which was channel 4. Even tempted to go see the second in the cinema in April!


Went on a lovely wander to go find lidl, on a mission to cook dinner on a budget and lidl is great for meat. It was nice not to just jump on a tube.


And I finally got my trainers back on, moved by bum and got running again! Loved it! Went twice last week and now on a mission to get back on track.


And that was my week. This weeks already started well – and got so much to look forward to with it being my birthday week. Very excited! Hopefully have lots to tell.

Hope you all have a great week!


That Friday Feeling…

Don’t you just love it when you wake up on a Friday morning and think “YES..Just one more day!”

It’s not that I don’t love my job – I really do … but everyone needs a weekend! Some time to live their lives, chill, do what they want and not have to get up to commute to the office, or wherever they work.

But Friday mornings definitely bring about happiness and motivation. And in my flat it’s no different – We even have a friday morning dance HAHA – Get the last day going with a jump and a wiggle!

No unfortunately I have not video’d this for everyone else’s amusement – sorry readers!

I am however going to recommend some songs I’m feeling are great tunes today to help with your friday feeling:

  • Pharell – Happy (This is a given!)
  • Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – Can’t Hold Us
  • Sam Smith – Money on my Mind
  • Flo Rida – How I feel
  • Jason Derulo – Trumpets
  • And an oldie I really do like … Here comes the sun – The beatles (Quite relevant with the weather – fingers crossed! Best not have jinxed it now…)

Happy Friday People – Hope you have an awesome one! Countdown begins now.