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Art – Individualism & Expressing Oneself

Art is the most intense mode of individualism that the world has known – Oscar Wilde.

I  used to do art at A Level, and did carry on a little after finishing sixth form, however I miss it a lot and really do not do enough!

Art is a fantastic way of expressing yourself, showing individualism and being creative. You can completely lose yourself in a drawing or painting, and I love that!

So I thought I would start a new section on my blog where I can showcase a few old bits, and hopefully it will also encourage me to start producing some new pieces too – So keep an eye out!


How To Be Happy And Beat Stress Infographic

Reading this made me really think about whether stressing myself is worth it, how I can get over and deal with my life pressures and how to stay happy all week. Have definitely taken tips! Thanks 🙂


True Friendships

Aristotle once said: “In poverty and other misfortunes of life, true friends are a sure refuge. They keep the young out of mischief; they comfort and aid the old in their weakness, and they incite those in the prime of life to noble deeds.”

Friendships have been found to be vital for wellbeing, and really help with one’s health! If moving to new places, it really helps to have people around you, even to be able to chat to on the phone to give you some comfort.

But friendships can be hard – we all know this!

Friendships take time to develop, they can’t be manufactured or forced. And friends move away – these things happen! When you leave university, you’re bound to move apart from many of the bestest friends you made whilst studying, and of course making the most of those three or four sociable years!

This is one of the hardest times. Everyone is so busy, job searching, celebrating, holidays, settling into new jobs, moving to new cities. But don’t forget – A true best friend will still be there in the long run! No matter how long it takes you all to settle into your new home and job, no matter how long you go without texting or speaking properly with just the odd quick message, and how long between visits – If they’re a true best friend, that next time you meet up it will be like nothing has ever changed, and it was only yesterday you were together! These friends are friends for life!

So don’t fret. Don’t worry your little cottons. Make the most of trying new hobbies and trying to meet more people, because true friends will still be there when you’re both/all free to meet up.

This weekend I went to see my Best Friend from university. I hadn’t seen her since July last year. A little worried it might be a little awkward, but deep down knowing we would obviously be fine, I journeyed down to Bath for Friday evening and Saturday.

It was amazing! We didn’t stop talking, so much catching-up to do, we had a giggle, watched films, pampered ourselves with facemasks. It was as though nothing had changed – because nothing really had between us. Yes we’re 3 hours apart, and both super busy. But having made plans for the next few months, I know deep down, she’s a friend for life and we’ll always be there for each other no matter what!


Do YOU take it for Granted?

SO you’ve lived there a while. Everything’s pretty same-samey. You see your surroundings EVERYDAY!

Do you take things for granted?

I started realising the other day how people really do take where they live for granted. I was thinking perhaps it was more in the capital. People think it’s too touristy to go out to see the landmarks and walk through key locations just to absorb the atmosphere and scenery. Been there, done that! it’s going to be exactly the same as when I saw it when I was 8! 

Friday I took a lovely 4.5 mile walk from work to Victoria to catch the coach to Bath Spa, and I loved the fact I could walk along the Thames and then see sights like this…


But then I was on the coach that same afternoon almost at my final destination, Bath bus station, looking out the window at the countryside. All the beautiful countryside. And I thought to myself, I bet people take it for granted here too! I wonder how many people go for a walk just to take everything in in Bath. You just have to step out your door!

Even when I visit home, I know I don’t necessarily love the town, but the river is beautiful. Especially with the lights reflecting on it at dusk. And when we walked up Bredon Hill over Easter – The sights are really something.

So just think…What am I missing everyday? Do I really, really look at my surroundings? Do I make the most of it? Because life is for making the most of after all!


23 going on 40!

I really need to stop acting like I’m getting old.

Friday nights there’s nothing like a nice cuppa tea and watching tv or films in my living room to wind down from my week at work. Yes I do love my housemates being there too – I’m not like those people pictured sitting by themselves with a cuppa, rocking back and forth, de-stressing and getting a grip of themselves. But seriously I’m only 23 and I love an evening with my blanket! What is going on?

I hear all these stories from my sisters nights out – She’s 20. And to be honest, I never was that jealous. But now I’m starting to think about it more, and perhaps I am a little jealous. She’s always going out and having so much fun at the weekends!

I don’t have to be drunk every weekend I know that, but just making plans to do something different in the evenings and not just giving into the comfort of my sofa and sleep!

Friday just gone – Hold on to something, you might faint – I actually did go out. It didn’t turn out as well as I’d hoped. To start with people weren’t texting back so I got ready and ended up getting into bed – yes, Friday at 9.30pm I was in bed, hair and make-up done, but I’d had enough with the amount of effort it takes to try meet people out! Then I got a text and actually got back out of bed (GO ME!) and met Alex’s friend in Green Park. Ok so we couldn’t find the birthday girl, and I did go home early, but it got me out and was quite funny – not the £15 I spent getting in to find the birthday girl though :/ Mahiki is expensive.

So from now on, I’ve promised myself to start going out more – do random things. No blankets and tea on Friday evenings – unless I really have no plans and no-ones free – I’m still not going out by myself! 

I hope you’ve all got your friday plans sorted. Tomorrow is start of the weekend, make the most of it! I’m off to Bath to see a friend – First week’s plans down! Now for the rest.