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A peek into my personal library: the hunger games

Before Christmas I went to see the second film of the hunger games…it was amazing! I decided I couldn’t wait for the next film so I wanted to turn back into the book worm I used to be and read the book.

However, I couldn’t just read the third book. I’d heard the books were so great, that I wanted to read from the beginning. So I started with the first book :


My mum and dad bought me the books as part of my Christmas present, and as January was so busy with starting my new job, I didn’t have enough time to read until late January. Even then though, the main time I get to read is on the way to work, and when on the tube in the morning I always feel guilty having a book out, as it takes up more space. I did go through a short phase of preferring the bus, and this gave me more time (and less guilt) to sit and read. But I would occasionally read a little before bed if I had the time, as I didn’t really want to put the book down.


This is a photo of me before bed..please don’t judge! I know I don’t have make up on…it’s bad for your skin to go to sleep with it on.

Brief description of story (no spoilers!) :

Set in a dark vision of the near future – in a place called panem where there are 12 districts and the Capitol. Each year twelve boys and twelve girls are chosen (one boy and one girl from each district) and are forced to appear in a live event called The Hunger Games. There is only one rule: kill or be killed. When sixteen-year-old Katniss Everdeen steps forward to take her younger sister’s place in the games, she sees it as a death sentence. But Katniss has been close to death before. For her, survival is second nature.

My review:

I didn’t want to put this book down. It’s a shame sometimes life gets in the way of you finishing a book quickly, but that meant I could enjoy it for longer!

There’s so much in the book you just don’t learn watching the film. I feel like I know so much more about katniss’ life and why she did what she did or acted the ways she did. I also found out more about the districts and what had happened previously.

I learnt more about the people of the Capitol and their weird and wonderful fashions – I don’t think I’d ever want to tint my skin colour fuchsia!

This is such a fantastic story line, and is truly gripping! A must read!

I would write so much more, but I don’t want to give it away for people who haven’t read the book, and want to.

I’ve already started the second – verdict to come!


Saturdays Adventure (part one) – The Lounge at Bayswater

Yesterday was amazing.

Having organised the whole day during the week before ( quite stressful – I don’t normally leave things to the last minute) I was so excited for Saturday to arrive. Alex didn’t have a clue as to what we were doing which made it all the more exciting. I almost did spill the beans on Friday night though, I think I get more excited than him sometimes.

So for the first part of Saturday, in the afternoon (we both needed our lie in!) I had organised for us to go to the Lounge at Bayswater to see American Hustle.

We turned up at Bayswater underground station and found the shopping centre very easily. The lounge is on the top floor, and I still managed to keep Alex baffled even as we headed down to the Odeon – I told him we had to go back down the escalators…sneaky!

But we still headed to The Lounge desk at the front of Odeon.

He seemed pretty happy with the choice at this point, but he still didn’t know what to expect, I could tell. I think he may have thought “Chloe’s brought me to the cinema for our day out…hmpphh” haha.

The receptionist was very helpful and I picked my tickets up and then headed up the stairs which were sign posted to the lounge. I did not know what to expect either.

We were greeted by a smiley face who checked our ticket and told us we could wait in the bar – being super early is a habit of mine, but the lounge booking confirmation had advised us to turn up half hour before.

We sat at the bar and took a look at the menus. There were lots of choices, including some delicious looking cocktails. Starting on a rosé spritzer and Alex with his corona (everything is added to a bill on your seat number) we sat chatting and feeling very sophisticated.


We soon realised we hadn’t chosen the best spot…looking around there were some fantastic looking sofas around the edge, and we moved to be a bit more comfortable.


When it came to moving into our screen, we took all of our things with us and took our seats. I wished we had sat on the seats on the sides rather than the middle parts of the rows – they had sofas so could cuddle up which seems like an awesome idea for a cinema. But still our seats were amazing and I was lucky to get the seats…they were filling up quickly when I booked earlier in the week.

The seats were leather and they had controls to put the foot rest up, as well as a control to adjust the back of the seat. You had a table attached to one arm rest, which could be moved round to be over your lap if you wanted to order food. In the arms of the seats there were also buttons to call for service!

Finally comfortable and very much enjoying our surroundings, we called for service and ordered another drink for the film, Alex a fifty dollar shake (whiskey cocktail made with icecream) and I had another rosé, and Alex also ordered a bowl of popcorn – yes they don’t come in cardboard cartons in the lounge!

The film was pretty good. The experience definitely made it even better!

Towards the end of the film one of the waitresses brought us the bill and about 10mins later came back for payment. You don’t even have to queue to pay at the end!

Overall this is a fantastic experience. Yes it’s more expensive than a normal trip to the cinema. But it’s worth it for the experience. You should definitely experience this at least once. I already want to go back for my birthday, and want to order food next time as I was suffering from a lot of food envy during the film – the food looks amazing and can be served at the beginning or you can get them to bring out out halfway through the film which I think is fantastic!

Alex was also very impressed with my choice, and really enjoyed the afternoon – YES I DID WELL!


Valentines Day 2014

All day I’ve been reading soppy Facebook statuses and tweets, and seeing gifts come through the office for others – eughhhh.

It’s not that I hate valentines day. I just think it’s overrated… A bit of a rip off, and I don’t understand why you’ve got one day a year where you’re told to show how much you mean to each other.

Well today is the third valentines day I’ve been with Alex. I can’t believe it. Our normal valentines day would be just a standard night in, cooking together, but probably get on the wii and have a drink. Wii nights are some of my faves with Alex.

This year we’re doing it a bit different. Tonight is a night in – curry’s cooking as I write. But tomorrow we are having a day doing something new in London. I can’t say too much as I’ve organised it all without Alex knowing..but I will obviously tell all after!

Now, I’m not doing it different because it’s the most valentines days I’ve had with anyone, or because we’re going overboard for today.

Only last month did I start my permanent full time job, with the end of January being my payday. This is the first weekend we’re both free and I want to celebrate my new job and have a fantastic Saturday with Alex (after having a few months on a tight budget and not getting to do lots).

I can’t wait for tomorrow! I will fill you all in soon…

But on the topic I started with… HAPPY VALENTINES DAY everyone!


Hangover cure – Gourmet Burger Kitchen

The day after a night out you always wake up a bit worse for wear.

I didn’t get too drunk – I even stayed awake on the bus on the way home, but the morning after my last night out was no different…perhaps amplified by the fact that I’d mixed drinks and drank wine too (I always seem to suffer after wine, but never learn – it just makes such a difference to the purse and how much money I get to bring back if I drink wine). Note to self: I really need to learn to drink water before bed too!

So after finally dragging ourselves out of bed and showering we had to decide on where to eat. Heading Central as Heather had a Saturday night shift we chose Gourmet Burger Kitchen in Soho.


Inside it was so nice. Brick walls, wooden floors, a big black board up on the wall with the specials, and the tables along the walls were pretty cool – you were sat in like a zig zag. The staff were also so friendly!



Sorry about the mess, I only remembered to take a photo after- getting my priorities right…filling my hungover tummy first!

We got to sit on the tables down the side and were given a menu. For people who hadn’t been before (like us) they even explained how everything worked!



There were so many burger options, and you could even have naked burgers where they change the bun for salad and coleslaw, which is great to have the option for gluten free people! Once decided on food and drink (this didn’t take too long – we were both starving and wanting to feel more human again) I went to the bar to order.

They gave me glasses once ordered and told me to help ourselves to the nuts whilst waiting.


Drinks were brought to our table – strawberry and elderflower fizz. They were so tasty. Perhaps a little sweet for some- but there are a number of options on flavours for the fizz. It was definitely helping me get a bit more hydrated. And it was refillable which is perfect when you know you want to drink lots but not spend an extortionate amount.


Food came pretty quick. Heather had the cajun blue chicken burger and I had a delicious ‘billy the kid’ – goats cheese and aubergine’. I’m not a vegetarian but I love a good veggie option! We both also had sweet potato fries which came in some cute tea cups.

Our food looked amazing!



It obviously didn’t stay like that for long. I have to say though, when I’m eating out I never really know the proper etiquette of eating a burger, so I cut mine into 6 and ate the little parts as not to have the whole thing in my hands. This seemed to work well.

All the food was delicious, and definitely helped with the hangover! Goats cheese and aubergine is fantastic combination, and such a nice option compared to the normal bean patty a lot of places serve. The sweet potato fries were crunchy but delicious and soft in the middle – it’s making my mouth water now remembering them! Heather loved her burger too. It’s no surprise that plates were left empty.

Heather was debating dessert before we got there, but we were definitely unable to manage this now. We carried on drinking our fizzes.

It was pretty busy and people were constantly coming in and out, but we didn’t feel rushed to leave – although we did leave not too long after to head to the shops.

Such a great restaurant, and hangover cure. I recommend this place to anyone indecisive on where to go in Central to eat. At only £15 each for our meal out, it’s definitely worth a trip!


First trip for Dinner to Desperados in Angel

My review from dinner, last weekend with the sister.

Saturday night whilst debating on the oh so many options London has to offer for dinner, we managed to decide we wanted MEXICAN! I had heard so many good reviews about Desperados in Angel, and never actually been for a meal, so we decided to give it a whirl.


When we got there, the place was buzzing with atmosphere, people celebrating birthdays, couples on dates, friends on nights out – everyone appeared to be having a great night, and even though we were so drained and tired from our long day shopping, we soon caught on to everyone else’s vibes.

The restaurant was pretty cool. The restaurant was all wooden inside, the bar had a vw campervan on the end (Facing the entrance to Desperados), the tables were quite close together making people get a bit cosy – giving the new European feeling, which I actually do quite like, and the lamp shades were pretty awesome too! Almost made me feel like I was on holiday….hmmmm…let’s not get carried away.


It was very busy, and we did start to worry we wouldn’t get a seat very quickly, but the waiter asked us to wait by the bar and within 5 minutes we were sat down on a lovely little table for two. The waiters were very friendly and as two tables came available at about the same time, we were given an option (Brownie points gained!). Opting for the table nearest the wall, to escape the draft of ice cold air which would come in through the door (unfortunately we didn’t manage to escape it all , but were very much better off than the people on the table we didn’t choose) we took our seats and gazed at the menus.

They were HUGE. And this is only the one side!


First up for decision time – cocktails. Two sides of an A4 menu . I wanted to try them all! But one in particular caught my eye, and Emma even agreed with me for once and ordered the same – No 7. Mexican Sunset.



The cocktails were amazing! It was almost a shame we weren’t making a night of it, as I wanted to order so many more. They do frozen martinis too which caught my eye – a must try for next time!

Next Up – Food. There were so many choices, and we were so hungry, we gave into our eyes being too big for our tummys and decided on starters too! With Calamari on the menu, Emma jumped at that, so I picked the BBQ chicken wings so then both were easy to share.


The chicken on the chicken wings fell off the bone, and was so juicy and succulent. The calamari were delicious too. Perfectly cooked, not too much coating (I really have had some awful ones in the past) and they weren’t greasy either. We sat there sipping our cocktails and eating our starters, having such a laugh about life, and knowing we’d made the right choice in coming out for dinner.

Next comes Mains – Fajitas … No Brainer, but even when you know you want fajitas there are still so many options under the fajita menu! I went for chicken and prawn, and Emma Chicken and Steak. Mains didn’t take too long either, and for how busy it was, it was good – although we didn’t mind too much as it gave time for our starters to make space for our dinner. Our Fajitas were brought to our table  like this –


chicken and prawns sizzling away on the skillet, tortillas nice and warm, and all the extras nicely on a separate plate – it looked amazing and tasted even better! The prawns were huge and so delicious too. I love going to restaurants where you can make your own fajitas, just the way you like them. No one knows how you like your food better than yourself!

As you can see I was very much enjoying my fajitas –


Once stuffed, we slowly finished our cocktails, not feeling at all rushed by the waiters, and asked for our bill. The service charge gets added on anyway (but they really did deserve it!) and it still only came to £25 each!

Overall: Desperados is a fantastic Mexican I would highly recommend for anyone with a fajita craving. I will definitely be going back for a cocktail evening – I feel the need to try more off their list, with a frozen martini being first choice for next time!