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Virgin Money London Marathon – Truly Inspiring


Sunday afternoon I went along to Embankment with my housemate and our boyfriends to watch the runners in the London Marathon coming up to their 24th mile.

It was such a lovely day, perhaps a little chilly but the sun was out and the atmosphere was amazing. Everyone was cheering the runners on, clapping, and what I loved most was that nearly everyone had their names on their shirts so you could cheer them on personally. You could see from some of the runners that the personal encouragement really gave them the push they needed, the “come on Mary, you’re doing amazing, not long left” really gave them extra drive to keep going.

The determination it must take. Some walking, some jogging, one or two whizzing by (don’t know how they had the energy that far in!)..I did hear that if your body tells you that you should walk for a bit then you should listen to it and carry on jogging when you get the urge to. It was just amazing to see so many people joining in with this huge challenge.

The young, the old-er (I heard the eldest was in their 80s- amazing!), all shapes and sizes. It made me realise how absolutely anyone could sign up to this. All you have to do is put your mind to it, and it could be you running next year.

I would love to be involved in this. It must be an amazing experience, and definitely I want to try. After all, you should live life to the fullest and try everything you want to!


7-a-day Struggle

Ok i’ll admit it, I’ve been struggling with this 7-a-day fruit &veg challenge this week. Normally I would have been really up for it, and veggies are definitely my fave food! But my appetite just hasn’t been there this week – not good!

But I realised it is actually pretty tricky to fit in 7 portions.

So I’m starting again today! It’s been a super healthy day so far…

Had a fab morning run, 5k before work round the park near Alex’s. There’s so many runners out at this time in the morning there. Me listening to Beyoncé to keep motivated too “to the left to the left…I’m irreplaceableeeeeeee”

yeah you’re lucky I don’t sing!

I felt unstoppable! I loved my morning run.

Really did feel more awake as well when I first got in but was dreaming of a power nap by 11am – I didn’t sleep too well last night either though.

On the way in to work I did treat myself to a delicious breakfast for actually getting up for a run today – my first morning run before work (I’m normally an evening runner).

I had a breakfast smoothie from purely fresh, a little cafe near work. It had mango, pear, fat free yoghurt, skimmed milk, oats and honey in it.




Jealous? It was a great little treat! I’ve planned to make these at home now too.



I’ve since had a pear, banana and grapes and a Greek yoghurt for lunch. So 4 portions already – go me!

I’m on a roll and won’t be letting myself down this time – bring the veggies on for dinner!


How ‘Haemophilia’ Educated Are You?

I booked it!

I’m doing a half marathon. It’s a great challenge for me and I really want to push myself hard to raise money for a cause close to the heart.

Haemophilia affects many people in the UK, including someone very close to me.

For those of you who aren’t sure what haemophilia is:

Haemophilia is an inherited condition that affects the blood’s ability to clot. The symptoms of haemophilia can be mild to severe depending on the level of clotting factors you have, but most cases are classified as severe.

People with Haemophilia will bleed longer, bumps and bruises will be more severe and potentially last longer, and they can bleed internally more easily.

You won’t be able to tell someone who has it from anybody else from the outside.

Someone very close to me has a very rare case haemophilia, one of the few in the world. And yes sometimes it is a little scary to me – especially when you take one of your most loved to the royal hospital following an accident to find out they don’t really know what to do, what to give them, and how to stop the bleeding properly.

I am raising money for this cause as I believe more people should know about this condition – both professionals with regards to the rarer cases and the general public.

The Charity I am raising money for, for this cause is The Haemophilia Society:


 (Their website is being updated but you can visit their twitter: @HaemoSocUK)

The Haemophilia Society is the only National and Independent charity for all people affected by bleeding disorders.

The charity aims to ensure that affected people and their families receive the best possible treatment, care and support.

So here’s the challenge – The Half Marathon. (No, I’m not crazy! Will be a great challenge)

June 14th (Got my fingers crossed for nice weather but not too hot!) – I will be running 13.1 miles at 3.30pm (please think of me/pray for me…) in the Summer Breeze Running Weekend.



I have started my own Just Giving Page to raise money in sponsorships for running the half marathon. I have targeted myself for fundraising but really hoping to smash the target. All sponsors will be very much appreciated! Please do visit my page at

Please, please help me educate the world and support this fantastic charity!


TGI Fridays – Birthday Celebrations

I’ve finally got round to writing this post, super busy, and so many other topics I want to write about. But this is all about my friday birthday celebrations at TGI Fridays in Covent Garden.

Overall: FAB NIGHT!

SO me and my two housemates got to TGI at 7.40pm on Friday night, and tried to get our table booked for 6 (You can’t book before the night on a friday or saturday, you have to wait for your table). Unfortunately you also have to wait for everyone to turn up too before being put on the waiting list, so we waited in the entrance for Alex, his best friend and GF. Luckily they weren’t too far behind and so we got us put on the list for our table once all together.

We headed to the bar to wait for our table, opening the cocktail menu to decide on drinks – they have some amazing cocktails, there’s so many making it very difficult to decide. Going for a paradise punch to start, Alex ordered me a large (Mahoosive cocktails…they come out in large bowl sized glasses – AMAZING!). Alex’s best friend and his GF also bought me a bottle of sparkling for my birthday present so we all had a glass and toasted my birthday.


The sparkling didn’t last long that’s for sure


Me and the girls at the bar

The table was an hour and 20mins wait – which for 6, at peak time on a Friday evening in London I guess isn’t too bad. And it did go pretty quick with us all drinking and chatting. We managed to fit in a couple drinks before being called by our bleepy flashy thing you get given at the beginning.

We were sat down at our table and given a few minutes to decide before ordering. Absolutely ravenous, especially after drinking and not eating since lunch, we skipped starters and went straight to mains. Half of us ordering burgers, Alex ordering steak with ribs and Shrimp, and I ordered chicken and shrimp with sweet potato fries. We ordered more drinks, me having another cocktail (again, very difficult to choose, Alex’s was awesome – it had a black vodka shot on the top, tasted so nice!)



Alex’s friend had a delicious looking cocktail with lots of fruit in it – I will admit I did have a little drink envy!

Food didn’t take long after ordering – or perhaps it was the fact we were enjoying ourselves so much.


Alex’s Food – Yummmm!


I caught Alex’s best friend eye-ing up Alex’s chips – Alex doesn’t like veggies or onion rings so ordered extra chips, Look at the mountain of them!


My Food

It was delicious! The sauce was Jack Daniels sauce, which is sooo good. And the sweet potato fries were definitely a better choice than cheesy mash, and I don’t really like normal chips, so i love it when this scrumptious side order is on the menu.

Plates emptied rather quickly. Everyone seemed very happy with their choices – not much food envy that evening!

Our table was cleared and we were all sat just chatting again, when our waitress brought out a piece of chocolate cake with a  candle in it. Everyone sang happy birthday to me – I was so happy I didn’t have to wear a birthday balloon hat! (Some TGI’s I remembered doing this for people’s birthdays – OH the humiliation!)

We shared the cake for dessert – still super full from our mains, each having a little bit.

We finished up, and paid the bill – wasn’t too bad a price either!

I loved my Fridays celebrations with friends! There’s a reason this is my fave restaurant and I keep returning – FAB cocktails and AMAZING food! If you haven’t been, you MUST go experience a TGI fridays outing.



The Boat Race IS A Big Deal


The boat race … IS a big deal so I found out this weekend.

On Sunday it was the big Oxford vs Cambridge boat race on the Thames. Going from Putney Bridge, just over 4 miles away from city centre, the rowers pull their oars at such speed to win. They must have so much stamina!

Having not long come back from my run – training for the half marathon, and with it spitting with rain, I can say I wasn’t too keen on heading back out. But when my housemate, Meg, invited me to go down to the boat race to see what all the fuss was with her and her boyfriend and a group of friends I couldn’t say no – need to try these things out! And we’re also not too far from Putney Bridge so I had nothing to lose.

We headed down and had a drink (Coke from the pub – SO Rock and Roll! Ha on a little detox), and stood  listening to the brass band – they were playing on stilts! Balancing and playing a trombone, now that’s skills.

With 40 minutes until the race we started to head down the other side of the bridge to try and get a good spot. It was so busy, many people using the excuse to spend the afternoon drinking, some random guys in some funky suits (a saw one in a full jammie dodger print suit!), and others climbing trees to get a good view. The people with the houses close to the Thames were very lucky, some seemed to be having little boat race parties – any old excuse, eh?

From our spot this is how far we were from the start:


Everyone was chatting and people seemed so hyped for the race.

The race started, everyone cheering, waving flags, smacking their bam-bams together….

20seconds later, we could no longer see. It goes so quick! Not wanting to go to the pub, me and meg headed back.

I found out when we got home that Oxford Won!

Perhaps if you want to see the whole race it would be best to watch it on TV. But to see just once what it’s like, it was definitely worth the little walk down the river!