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Easter Weekend – Countryside Walks, Family Time & Food!

Fab Weekend.

It all started with drinks and watching the juniors at Emirates – perfect start to long weekend!

Friday I went for a run, and then travelled home with Alex. We were met at the station by my sister (is still a little weird, her picking me up in her car!), and we had a great catch-up on the drive home. We arrived home safely (yes, her driving is pretty good), and walked the dogs – Alex loves this part of going back to mine, I do sometimes think it’s the only reason he comes, haha puppy love eh?. We didn’t go too far, and that evening had a lovely meal for Easter with my family. Even my brother and his girlfriend were there. I loved it! Love having everyone together sometimes. And mum did very well with the meal! Sorry no photos, was all eaten up too quickly – proof of how good it was!

Saturday we all got wrapped up, trainers and wind-proof macs, and went walking up Bredon Hill with the dogs. I don’t think Alex liked this walk as much, as the dogs didn’t want much to do with him; the countrysidey goings on, scents and smells are way more interesting!

We were pretty lucky with the weather – nice and dry, only a little chilly on top. We sat up by the stone elephant, had a little rest and a creme egg – It was for easter after all.




I only just realised my photo of the elephant isn’t here 🙁 

We walked back down, stopping at the pub on the way home for a cheeky pepsi sat outside soaking up the few rays which were breaking through the clouds!

Me and Alex then cooked dinner that evening for us all – Fajitas yummm – Again, it did all disappear all too quickly! My auntie and uncle and cousins came down in the evening and we all sat about having a laugh and a natter over a couple drinks.

We travelled back yesterday and have spent most of the rest of the weekend chilling and relaxing – Just what I needed! Today we did pop out for a stroll to Angel and had some frozen yoghurt from Samba Swirl – My fave frozen yoghurt shop! Will tell you more soon!


Yummm… Just looking at it is making me want more now!

I felt nice and rested to start this week – AND it’s only three days until the weekend now!

Hope you all had a fab Easter too!


Evening at the Emirates

Last night I had my first Emirates experience. It was pretty awesome.


couldn’t believe when I looked back at my photos I missed the ‘E’ off – obviously too much in a rush!

After finishing work, and quickly grabbing some food (obv high on my list after a long day at work!), me and Alex met his friend and girlfriend. Starting our short walk to Emirates (so lucky to be so close – love London life), we had a nice little catch up and stopped at a pub for a cheeky pre-match bevvy.

I really did need that glass of rosé after stressing myself out this week!

Emirates is huge! Walking up to it, you can only imagine the atmosphere on a big game night! Even going to watch the juniors was fab.

The first half we sat close to the away fans. Although this was quite funny – people getting so rowdy over a juniors game; one man was actually trying to be calmed down by his what looked like 10year old son! Ha it did get a little annoying though. I was getting a little irritated with the Chelsea chants!

At half time we moved to the other goal end, submerged by arsenal fans and we were getting quite in to it.



It was nice to see kids going along – obviously as it was Easter and a juniors match this must have made a difference but some of them looked like they were really enjoying it!

Although we didn’t win, it was such a fun night!

We stopped off at the same bar on the way back for one more and headed home.

A fab night for the start of my 4day weekend. I loved it and would definitely be up for going to watch a big game! Fingers crossed Alex decides to take me some time.


Morning Run-tivation

This morning I dragged myself out of bed at 6.40am to go for a run. I say dragged, but it wasn’t too hard to get up once I’d woken up properly, and I wanted to run in the morning to keep my evening free and to give me a good start to my day (The first part of my morning run-tivation)

Time for my first tempo run of the week (part of my training for half marathon) I left the house at 6.50 and slowly jogged to my nearest park. With distance set I started my run – But had to take a quick pause at one point to take some photos to share with everyone. The weather was gorgeous this morning which made my run even more enjoyable, and the way the sun was rising, shining through the trees and lighting the park…





This in itself is total Run-tivation. Running this morning was great! Mornings like this make it so much easier to get up for the morning sesh.


The Blanx Effect (Product Review)

When I went home for my birthday I tried my mums new toothpaste – Blanx. She had the intense stain removal version, and after cleaning my teeth my mouth felt amazingly clean. Have you ever tried Listerine? Remember the advert with the explosion in the woman’s mouth, well this stuff was better!

Thinking to myself that my teeth weren’t really stained anyway (I think it’s a personal obsession – I used to have braces so teeth are a key body part or thing I think about) I thought I’d try the Blanx classic advanced whitening toothpaste which is non-abrasive for daily use. It’s normally pretty expensive but as it was on offer in boots I decided to give it a go – treat myself, we all need a good beauty buy to help us feel good!

So after just over two weeks of using it, here’s my review…



Wow I’m glad I brush my teeth by myself! No sharing the bathroom with that tooth cleaning face! Probably doesn’t help it’s my night-time no make-up face. Anyone need help scaring off unwanted bathroom sharers?

The box Blanx comes in has an indicator so you can check how many shades whiter your teeth go. You can tear this off the box to keep and keep track of your tooth whitening progress – great little addition.

I have been using this twice a day, everyday for just over two weeks, and although I didn’t personally use the little whiteness indicator they provide with the packaging I definitely feel a difference in the shade of my teeth.

I did mention before that my teeth were never terribly not white, but now my teeth feel like they look whiter and my mouth feels cleaner. I do quite like my smile with teeth showing, or shall we say gleaming 😉

Of course as I didn’t use the indicator it could be psychological right? Hmmmm….I do doubt it! But even if it is, feeling good about yourself is definitely worth this price! If this helps build confidence and self-love then it’s obviously a must-have!

I will definitely be sticking with this, even when the offer is no longer on. £7.85 will be well spent.

Why not try it out too whilst still on offer at boots? This product gets a definite thumbs up from me!


Virgin Money London Marathon – Truly Inspiring


Sunday afternoon I went along to Embankment with my housemate and our boyfriends to watch the runners in the London Marathon coming up to their 24th mile.

It was such a lovely day, perhaps a little chilly but the sun was out and the atmosphere was amazing. Everyone was cheering the runners on, clapping, and what I loved most was that nearly everyone had their names on their shirts so you could cheer them on personally. You could see from some of the runners that the personal encouragement really gave them the push they needed, the “come on Mary, you’re doing amazing, not long left” really gave them extra drive to keep going.

The determination it must take. Some walking, some jogging, one or two whizzing by (don’t know how they had the energy that far in!)..I did hear that if your body tells you that you should walk for a bit then you should listen to it and carry on jogging when you get the urge to. It was just amazing to see so many people joining in with this huge challenge.

The young, the old-er (I heard the eldest was in their 80s- amazing!), all shapes and sizes. It made me realise how absolutely anyone could sign up to this. All you have to do is put your mind to it, and it could be you running next year.

I would love to be involved in this. It must be an amazing experience, and definitely I want to try. After all, you should live life to the fullest and try everything you want to!