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Moving House (Lack of blog time)

Every night I keep thinking to myself – ‘Tomorrow I will make time to blog!’. But even on lunch and before work I have been so busy organising the move, silly little things with the old house, bills, and the list goes on!

But finally, we are almost sorted! Two of us moved last weekend to our new girls pad in South West london, and the final housemate is moving in this weekend. All very exciting!

I love my new home. It’s amazing. Love living with friends, and it’s pretty close to everything you need. Only 5 minutes walk away is a shopping centre with Topshop, Newlook, River Island, Primark, and so many restaurants!

I am so happy that I decided to move and make the jump from being in my comfort zone in North London with two older girls. Now my life in London really begins – Love my job, Amazing friends and now love where I live too!

And now I’m almost sorted I can have more time to get back into blogging, so win win! 


My London Eye Experience – Being Touristy

This weekend my sister came down – one of her regular visits which we always enjoy!

This time just before she came down we were on the phone and she said she wanted to do something for my birthday, as an early present, rather than getting me a gift and not being sure what to get or whether I would definitely use it. Excited by the idea of doing something new, I told her it would be amazing to do something different.

And it was amazing!

Emma took me on the London Eye for my early birthday present!



I had never been on the London Eye – was such a good choice! She bought tickets from 365tickets in the morning (fantastic prices – check it out!), and we printed before heading to Waterloo.

From the station it’s so easy to find – just look up!

Note: do read the tickets. In excitement we thought we only had to queue half hour before … as we went to join the queue we should have already picked up the actual tickets using our 365 printout at the County Hall just in front of the London Eye. Luckily we were early so still had time to do this.

Here are some of my photos of our view :










It lasts about 30mins and the views are fantastic.

I would love to go back to see what the city looks like at night. If you only walk along a bridge in the city, in the dark, you see so many lights. It looks beautiful.



Breakfast at Banners (Crouch End)

I am once again writing about some great hangover food. Breakfast at Banners in Crouch End.

Friday night we attempted to venture out to Shoreditch. A little too drunk, and too impatient to wait in long queues I can say it wasn’t a particularly successful night out. Although very funny, and perhaps slightly worth the hangover I was dealing with Saturday morning.

To make it up to my weekend visitor – Charley – I decided to take her out for breakfast.

I had always been recommended Banners by others, as it was walking distance from home and I was told the food was amazing. So I decided we could take a stroll, get some morning fresh air and go cure our hangovers.

Note : Do ring to book in advance – I did check the website so did do this.

When we got there we were seated on a cute little table, up on a raised platform close to the kitchen. And given two menus.

Photo taken after we’d eaten – getting my priorities right: feed my empty tummy first!

The shelf above the table – We both quite liked this. Kept the sauces out the way too!

This is what the menus look like – little hand-drawn pics on the front.

The waitress soon came back to take a drinks order. Both ordering orange juice – freshly squeezed at Banners! Plus Charley had a Latte which she said was so good it didn’t even need sugar.

There were so many choices on the menu – Jamaican breakfast, pancakes, yoghurt, toast, scrambled eggs with chorizo and was so difficult to choose.

Charley went for hash browns which came homemade (3 of them – they were huge but looked so tasty), fried eggs and bacon. I had poached eggs on brown toast, with a side order of mushrooms..and I did have a little of Charley’s bacon. Food came out pretty quickly. There was SO much food! And we were told these were the smaller dishes!



As we were eating we were looking around the restaurant. Lots of quirky items hung on the walls like tribal masks, the walls were plastered with posters and film pictures, one of the benches charley even noticed was actually a church pew. It was so cool inside, and everyone seemed to be enjoying their breakfast.


The food was amazing! It was so delicious it was a shame we couldn’t manage it all as such big portions. And I only spent £20 altogether for both of us. Bargain!

The bill came out in half a coconut shell with some jelly beans which I thought was a nice little touch.


We didn’t feel rushed even though we knew we only had the table for an hour, perhaps because the service was so quick and friendly. But it does get super busy! Obviously a popular place among the locals.

I’ll definitely be returning here again. Great food and service. Perhaps I’ll go back for dinner next time so i can try something different – the main menu looks just as good!


My SNOG experience (Frozen Yoghurt Shop)

This week I took a trip to SNOG in Angel. It was amazing. Not only is it pretty healthy but there’s so many choices and it feels like you’re treating yourself!

You walk into the shop. It’s nice and clean, and really warm…definitely nice when coming in from outside at the moment!


You head towards the counter and suddenly get overwhelmed by the options – there’s so many.

If you’ve never been before the person behind the counter kindly explains the menu and recommends what they thinks best – which I think is fab!

You have to choose the flavour frozen yoghurt, the toppings and the sauce. It can be as healthy, or as much of a treat as you like.

We seemed to go for a balance – fruit and brownie. The brownie was even gluten free, so perfect for Jen! But we did have chocolate flavoured frozen yoghurt and caramel sauce. We shared one, as they are a reasonable size and we were being naughty eating before dinner! I know…tut tut.

Heres a pic of our SNOG:


I love the little quotes on the pots too!

We sat in the shop to eat our delicious creation and watched quite a few people come and go. It seems to be a pretty popular and I can tell why!

I now have cravings for frozen yoghurt whenever I think of having something sweet – it’s gotta be better than cravings for ice cream though!

This is definitely going to be turning into a regular place to visit when I’m out. My sisters down next weekend, and she’s already wanting to go – perfect excuse for another snog! I wonder what toppings I’ll have next time…hmmmm….


Super berry smoothie

Me and my flat mate Claire made berry smoothies as a treat. It tasted amazing after my run, and i felt like I really deserved it, even though it is made with fat free natural yoghurt anyway…but it tastes like such a delicious dessert!


Recipe to make two:

200g frozen berries
200g fat free natural yoghurt
Milk – we used semi-skimmed this time, but I used skimmed before (the amount depends on how runny you want it)
Honey (optional, to add a bit more sweetness)

What to do:

Put the berries and the yoghurt in a blender and blend.

Add milk a bit at a time and keep checking the consistency – keep adding milk until it is runny enough for you liking

Give it a taste. If you think you’d like it a little sweeter, add a teaspoon of honey and blend again.

I think they’re served better with a straw, but if times are hard and the shops are out or even worse they’re closed, then I think it can be managed without. Just that little extra to make it perfect 😉 (I didn’t have a straw this week, and it still tasted delicious!)

Fancy shaking it up a little? :

Some recipes say you can add oats – this would make a great breakfast, and you can add other fruit too such as bananas. Get creative!