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Eating Out|| Prezzo, the Autumn/Winter menu

I love a seasonal menu. Who doesn’t?! Autumn is my favourite…I mean, I think I say this every change of season, but Autumn/Winter is definitely my fave. Autumn means we welcome pumpkin, butternut squash, leek, cabbage, brussel sprouts. Good bye cold salads (well most of the time). Hello comforting meals and warming stews. Who doesn’t love that?!

So when a new Autumn/Winter menu comes out, I’m always dying to try it. Prezzo was no different. It might be a chain, and I know we all try to support more independents, but I do quite enjoy a chain every now and then – it’s consistent and you know Prezzo is usually pretty good! This time was different, it was fab…

Prezzo Autumn Winter menu

Prezzo in Euston was seriously buzzy when we visited on a Tuesday evening, just a couple of weeks ago. And quite rightly so. We did look into whether something was on in the area, but we think it’s just a popular spot. Luckily, we had a table booked, although service was a little slower than expected even when overly busy. But we weren’t in a rush.

The menu features several new options for autumn and winter …

…including two salads, four pasta dishes, a pizza, a starter, a side and plenty of new drink options. All of which sound delicious, from the Mediterranean Vegetable Pea Fusilli and the Oak Smoked Salmon Salad to the Beetroot & Goats Cheese Gnocchi and Pear & Elderflower Cooler.

Pulled in by something alcoholic, we started with a Gordon’s Pink Gin Spritz – can’t resist the pink gin! Served with prosecco, lemonade and fresh raspberries it was delightfully light and refreshing.

Prezzo Autumn Winter menu

The new starter, The Caprese Salad – Tomato and burrata cheese with basil pesto and balsamic glaze – was a juicy, beautiful mix of fresh and potent flavours. Nutty, creamy and rich. We actually ordered this to arrive as a side – the best decision.

Prezzo Autumn Winter menu

The Nduja & Pecorino Ravioli (Spicy Italian sausage, fresh basil and pomodoro sauce) was fantastic. Deep and rich in flavours, with a light tomato sauce it was a fab meaty choice. One I’d definitely be making again. Portion-wise it was pretty reasonable too!

Prezzo Autumn Winter menu

The Beetroot & Goats Cheese Gnocchi (Beetroot gnocchi filled with Goat’s cheese, served with basil pesto) arrived a beautiful pink colour, and was simply delicious. It was light on the beetroot, with just enough goats cheese inside to be creamy. Tossed in basil pesto, and garnished with green and purple leaves, it looked beautiful and had a touch of nutty, herby flavour to add into the mix. Food envy was certainly kept at bay.

Always a must, the Tenderstem Broccoli & Cauliflower. I can’t resist a good Tenderstem. It goes with EVERYTHING. It was perfectly a la dente.

The Nduja & Pecorino Ravioli wasn’t the only dish which was reasonable in size, but they weren’t too heavy either.

Meaning one thing…space, or enough room, to squeeze in a dessert! And maybe another cocktail.

The Espresso Martini is new to the Prezzo menu, and trust me when I say it’s a decent one. I should know…it’s my go-to.

The Chocolate Brownie Dome is filled with caramel, and served cold but with warm white chocolate sauce which melts the top. It’s very sweet, rich and chocolatey and tasty served with the fresh raspberries. It’s not overly moist, and I was hoping it’d be warmer – but still pretty good for any chocolate lovers.

Prezzo Autumn Winter menu

The Honeycomb Smash Cheesecake (topped with crunchy honeycomb pieces coated in chocolate), now comes in a smaller size served with coffee. It’s seriously creamy, with a fab biscuit base and isn’t overly sickly. This stole the dessert show. One fantastic finish to our meal.

Prezzo Autumn Winter menu


  • Price: With starters ranging from £3.95 to £6.75, mains from £8.30 to £15.70, and desserts from £3.50, it’s not too bad at all. Some of the branches are on Tastecard too!
  • Food: We were pleasantly surprised at how good the dishes were. They were beautiful and tasty! Go for the Gnocchi.
  • Drinks: Cocktails are a must when they’re so cheap. The espresso martini is worth a try, but we did really enjoy the Gordon’s Pink Gin Spritz.
  • Atmosphere: Busy, relaxed. We weren’t rushed through service. It’s a great chain to sit and enjoy a slower dinner.
  • Wait: I’d book if possible. It was really busy on the Tuesday!

A thoroughly enjoyed dinner all-round. A fab way to spend a Tuesday evening – got to have a mid-week plan!

Have you been to Prezzo recently? What’s your favourite autumn/winter dish/ingredient?

Chloe xx

*I was invited along to review the new Autumn/Winter menu at Prezzo. All views my own.


Travel|| New York – Where to wander, explore, see & stay

New York has been a dream trip since I can remember. I wanted to see the bird lady from Home Alone 2 (yes, I know she’s fictional, but thought she might be based around a real person), peer across the water at the Statue of Liberty, walk the bustling streets filled with yellow cabs, eat huge burgers at diners, and see THE bridge (You know I’m on about Brooklyn). At the beginning of this month, my dream finally came alive..OK, I didn’t see a bird lady, although we did see a man sat on a bench with little birds perched on him, feeding from his hand. And I didn’t actually eat any massive burgers…there was so much other food, I didn’t even think about wanting one. But we did the rest and SO much more…

I went with Katy – an awesome travel buddy. We spent five days in the Big Apple, and it was the most relaxed week of wandering, snapping photos, seeing the sights, eating and drinking. It really was dreamy. Ok, we did walk approximately 30,000 steps a day. Desperate not to miss a thing. Fully submerge ourselves. Our feet were throbbing by the end. And It was totally worth it. Although seriously laid back, we also fitted in so much.

So here’s the lowdown of the top things to see/do in New York (food/drink/coffee coming next week – it deserved a whole post of its own. You’ll see why…)

Where to wander…

West Village

This area is one of the prettiest in my opinion. You can literally weave in and out, up and down the grid system of streets to admire the magnificent houses fronted with foliage, shops (including one or two book shops) and quaint restaurants. Its such a beautiful area.

New York, West Village

Its also home to Gay Street – a popular Instagram spot.

It’s pretty central in Manhattan, so close to numerous food and drink stops too, and other places to explore, so you can tie it in around lunch/dinner. Or make an afternoon of it, like we did.

New York, West Village

Central Park

Central Park is massive. I don’t think even from looking at a map before I went I quite realised. It’s beautiful to take a stroll around, and definitely worth a trip.

Coming in from the lower east side, make sure you head up to the lake. Walking through the Bethesda Terrace, towards the fountain is stunning. When we went it was busy and bustling, with a band playing, plenty of fashion photo shoots taking place, as well as a wedding shoot and an engagement shoot. Definitely a popular spot.

New York, Central Park

It’s a fab place to sit for a moment and watch the world go by. I’d also recommend taking a detour to see the pond, which is a cute and quiet location too.

New York, Central Park


Williamsburg in Brooklyn is like the Shoreditch or Hackney of London. Its cool and edgy. Plenty of street art. Renovated warehouse spaces.

New York, Williamsburg

We didn’t spend enough time here, both wandering or eating and drinking, and it’s something I’d definitely do if I was ever lucky enough to go back.

This is one place you do want to get the subway to (having walked ourselves from Brooklyn Bridge through the not so glamorous areas). Go for a wander. Admire the art.  Pop to the cutest plant shop. Stop for a drink at The Hoxton (appearing in next week’s post). And make sure you see the view of Manhattan from the river bank.

New York, Williamsburg

Chelsea Market

If you have extra room in your baggage to take a treat or two back, Chelsea Market is a great place to visit and wander – I enjoyed a bit of window shopping on our visit.

New York, Chelsea Market

There were lots of cute things I wanted to buy, and there’s also plenty of food too. I’d highly recommend going early – lunchtime sees this spot get packed out!

The one thing to book…

The view from Top of the Rock

This is a must. The views from the Rockafella Center are truly incredible. Mouth-dropping. Ones that could quite potentially make you speechless.

New York, Top of the Rock

You get an amazing 360 view of the New York skyline, including the Empire State building, and the Chrysler building. As long as it’s not too hazy (it was a little at 9.30am at the beginning of October), you can see far and wide too – including a fantastic view of Central Park!

Its only roughly $39, or £30, (dependent on time of visit – sunset is a little more) and worth every penny. The thing to book.

It’s obviously a great photo spot too.

New York, Top of the Rock

What to see…

Grand Central Station

This is one romantic spot. Not just because it’s where Dylan (Justin Timberlake) organised a flash mob for Jamie (Mila Kunis) in Friends with Benefits. The whole station is a piece of art. The architecture, the murals, the twinkle spotlights on the ceiling representing stars, every detail. The platforms themselves look pretty old school, as do the train boards…giving it that authentic, traditional feel.

New York, Grand Central Station New York, Grand Central Station

It really is a stunner to be seen!

Statue of Liberty

I was planning on doing Staten Island Ferry to see the lady herself closeup. It’s free and apparently you get a great view – dependent on which side of the boat you’re sat. But realistically, you get a pretty good view from the river bank. I didn’t feel the need to spend an hour on the water to get closer. I could still admire and get more time to discover other beauties too. Like the walk up along Battery Park- it’s definitely the way I’d suggest going after. The Battery Park City Esplanade feels a lot like a fancier St. Catherine’s Docks…it was buzzy, classy and relaxed.

New York, Statue of LibertyNew York, Statue of LibertyJust look at that view over to New Jersey!

Times Square

Ok this one is a tad overwhelming. But totally worth a visit still. It’s vibrant, towering and one of the busiest spots – packed with others wanting to catch a glimpse of the famous location too. You only need to walk through to experience, and I’d definitely recommend doing so early if possible. Although New York does feel pretty buzzy at all times of day.

New York, Times Square

Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan Bridge

I was dying to walk Brooklyn Bridge. I’d heard so many talk about the famous structure which crosses the East River. One on a chat show recently saying she’s only ever got halfway – and then gone back again. I now don’t understand this concept at all.

New York, Brooklyn Bridge

The length of Brooklyn bridge is easily walkable. Ok, it does take about 30 mins. And if you’re not actually wanting to stay in Brooklyn then you have to walk back again. Or get the subway. But there are some cute spots just the other side which are perfect for having a stop off.

As for the bridge itself, it is pretty impressive! The architecture is magnificent and the views are fab too!

New York, Brooklyn Bridge

But if you’re looking for the pretty blue one. You know, “the one from Instagram”, taken from the side street.. well that’s Manhattan Bridge. And yes it is just as gorgeous in real life.

New York, Manhattan Bridge New York, Manhattan Bridge

Where to Stay

We stayed in such a fab location, at The Hudson, right by Central Park. It can be pricey, but I’d highly recommend the area. The streets are always filled with people, feels super safe even if coming back into the evening, and very well connected, as well as within walking distance of many of these places. Ok, a little further for some, but you’d be surprised how quick a walk can feel with a coffee in hand, and your surroundings to get lost in.

New York city break - where to stay

The standard rooms are large enough, especially when you’re spending each day out exploring, hardly in to use the space. They had everything you really needed, including iron, toiletries (so no need to pack the shampoo or shower gel in your hand luggage, taking up valuable space) and hair dryer.

New York city break - where to stay

The rooms were a little more conducive to sleeping than getting ready (a little dark in the mornings as we had an inward facing room), but we managed ok. It also meant a good night’s sleep most nights – and yes the bed was comfy, which helped too.

Service wasn’t the most friendly however, but things still got sorted in the end and we did have a good stay.

And there you have it.

The first of my posts on my dream New York trip. If it’s on your list, I’d highly recommend making it a reality, and taking it chilled. The best trip I’ve done so far! Food and drink recommendations are coming next week – keep your eyes peeled!

Where should be on my list for next – big or small?!

Chloe xx


Chloe Tries || Foodie Monthly – September

Say hello to my new regular feature!

At the beginning of each month, I’ll be showing all of you, what I’ve been craving, loving, indulging in. I did try to do a foodie finds feature each month, showcasing something new, which some of you might remember. But I found there’s actually a few little spots, new food/drink finds or refound loves I wanted to share each month. These usually end up sandwiched in and between my Instagram stories and don’t get the love they deserve. So from now on, I’ll be doing a monthly roundup of my top picks.

I know I’m a little late for September, as I was away in New York, but I couldn’t resist starting now – September was a good one. So cast your mind back, pretend it’s just hit October, and read on to find out what had my heart last month.

Thomas Fudges Florentines.

Ok, so a florentine is never on my shopping list. Ever. But that’s definitely about to change.

September favourites

We tried Thomas Fudges Florentines recently when I visited the family, as a cheeky little mid-afternoon treat with a cuppa, and they were super delicious. Sweet pastries, made from fruit and nuts, these were soft and sweet. They were a little sticky, not overly chewy. I loved that they had a light chocolate coating too! Now I only usually buy biscuits or treats like this occasionally if I have people over, but these will definitely be making more appearances!


This is one drink I wasn’t sure on. It’s got an acquired taste that’s for sure. But I don’t even think I’d had a decent Negroni before. And that definitely made a lasting impression, making me not order again.

However, last month I went along to the Campari Creates The Mostra popup and my mind was changed completely. Aside from the popup being super cool – it was designed to make you feel as though you’d stepped inside a cocktail! – the drinks were also fantastic.

September favourites

I tried the Campari G&T (a refreshing serve I didn’t even consider before), Sbagliano (named the mistake, as it uses prosecco instead of the usual ingredients, but it was delicious) and Negroni (super smooth and tasty). It was a fab evening, and I’ll definitely be choosing a Negroni again when out in future. I might even start using Campari in cocktails at home!

September favourites

KIND bars.

I’m addicted. These aren’t just a standard cereal bar. KIND bars are made with fruits, nuts and spices, and bound together with honey – that’s it. Pretty simple, yet SO GOOD. With up to 72% nuts, they are pretty crunchy and keep my constant nut craving at bay.

I actually took a few to New York with me, for the flight and any peckish moments. They went down a treat! Great for on the go.

My faves right now are Madagascan Vanilla Almond and Maple Glazed Pecan & Sea Salt. But I’m still yet to try the protein ones – The same style bars, with 12g of plant protein. The Crunchy Peanut Butter one is calling out to me!

The Shake Shack Crispy Pickle Burger

Ok, this was amazing.

September favourites

In September, Shake Shack launched the limited edition deep fried pickle burger – a double Provolone cheese burger topped with crispy fried pickles, fresh onion & garlic mayo. I was lucky enough to be invited to the launch to try it. And I can confirm, it’s something pretty special! I mean, Shake Shack burgers are pretty awesome anyway, but this one…I’m a big pickle fan, so it sure hit the spot. Even though I could have had a little more pickle (think I’m a pickle fiend), it still topped my usual order, the Shackburger. I’m secretly hoping they’ll add it to the menu permanently after the two-month period.

September favourites

Branston Pickle

Chunky. It’s got to be chunky!

I hadn’t had pickle in years. In fact, I can’t remember the last time I even picked up a ploughmans sarnie in the supermarket for lunch, as there are so many options – and for some strange reason I’m a sucker for an egg sandwich when at work.

But during a visit home recently, mum and I had the chunkiest cheese sandwich, made with fresh wholemeal loaf cut into doorstop slices. Packed with salad too, I couldn’t resist adding a thick spread of pickle. It just had to be done. I was in my own personal heaven. It was a seriously dreamy sandwich!

September favourites

I’ve since been wondering what else I should put pickle with – because you know, it can’t just be for sarnies or cheese and crackers. Watch this space. Any recommendations obviously welcome.

And there you have my top five September picks. I told you it was a good month.

What were you loving last month? Have you tried anything new recently you think I’d love?

Chloe xx

*This post does include food/drink from events I’ve been invited to, or samples I’ve received. All views my own.


Eating Out || Trullo, St. Pauls Road

There are a large number of pasta places in London. But I hardly choose an Italian when dining out. Even with my love of carbs. Partly because I think I can make it myself. Partly because it can easily be disappointing and hardly worth the trip out for dinner. There’s nothing more frustrating than going out for food and finding yourself tucking into something you think you could have topped yourself.

Trullo had been on my must-visit list for a while however. I’ve strolled past a few times, it always looking sophisticated and classy, yet relaxed. Always drawing me in. I’d heard great things too. Lots of great things. So I had to try it for myself, and see if it could really live up to the reviews.

Trullo, italian, st pauls roadTrullo, italian, st pauls road

Trullo is on St. Paul’s Road, literally a 3 minute walk from Highbury & Islington Station. From greeting to leaving, it had that sophisticated feel, as expected. The service was spot on too. Friendly but not constantly at your table. We all know, it’s a hard one to balance. I popped along on a Monday evening with Kim and Katy, and it was even pretty buzzy then. Definitely one to book at, as they miraculously take reservations!

The wine menu is pretty extensive, with over 40 different varieties. There’s also beers, aperitifs and soft options. The Trebbiano Rubione 2017 Vin Vita (white) was light and not overly dry. A delicious accompaniment to our vegetarian options. I love a veggie option anyway, but I’m actually trying to eat more vegetarian foods in the week. Little life insight for you there 😉

Trullo, italian, st pauls road Trullo, italian, st pauls road

I’ll be completely honest, the food menu overwhelmed me a little. Although succinct, it was filled with so many delicious sounding options, both for meat eaters and vegetarians. There were a couple of vegan options when I went too. Even with cutting out the meaty ones, there was still plenty to choose from. It actually changes daily so the menu could be slightly different each time you go.

Luckily, we did the whole sharing thing and just picked several between us.

I never would have been able to choose one or two for myself.

Trullo, italian, st pauls road

The Bruschetta of Slow Cooked Green Beans with Pecorino Toscano made for one fab starter. The green beans cooked beautifully, the toast lightly crisp, it was one fresh, flavoursome dish.

The Fettuccine with Scottish Girolles was a big hit. Scottish girolles being fungi/mushrooms, for anyone who almost googled, as did I. I love a mushroom number, so I had high hopes for this. It did not disappoint. It was mildly creamy, although not coated in sauce. The mushrooms added that signature umami flavour, and it was fantastic. This is a must order.

Trullo, italian, st pauls road Trullo, italian, st pauls road

You can’t get much more simple than the Tagliarini with Black Pepper and Parmesan. Tagliarini pasta with minimal additions. The traditional way. This is how you can tell a good pasta spot. And I can say, this was delicious! The parmesan and pepper adding depth, but not overpowering.

Trullo, italian, st pauls road

We got sucked in by the burrata too. Well when can you not?! The fresh Burrata came with grilled polenta, courgette trifolate and salsa rossa. The grilled polenta was crisp on the outside, fluffy in the middle, a lot like a potato waffle. But corn-flavoured and superior. The courgette trifolate was mild in flavour, the courgettes themselves soft but not mushy. The salsa a contrast, vibrant, flavoursome. This was my other fave of the evening. Although only just, as everything really was SO good.

Trullo, italian, st pauls road

We also tried the marinated aubergine with mint and golden garlic, and a fresh side salad, which were both fab accompaniments to the other dishes. The aubergine tasty, but not quite a show stopper for me by itself.

The dessert menu looked to good to ignore. With a hand-picked selection of desserts, including tarts and ice cream, how can you not have one to taste. Even between three. The panna cotta was a boozy number, made with grappa. It was creamy and smooth, and delicious with the fresh juicy blueberries.

A great way to end a fab meal.


  • Price: With individual dishes from £4 through to £20, the price of dinner can vary. The white wine we had was £22 for the bottle, which was fantastic!
  • Food: You HAVE to try the pasta. Even the simplest dish is delicious! The ultimate sign of a good pasta spot. As mentioned, the menu changes daily so it could be a little different to this. I have all faith all the dishes would be fab!
  • Drinks: The Trebbiano Rubione 2017 Vin Vita went beautifully with all of our selected dishes, but there are plenty of options.
  • Atmosphere: Sophisticated, classy, relaxed.
  • Wait: Book if possible. It was pretty buzzy on a Monday.

If you’re a fan of italian, you HAVE to try this spot. Where does the best pasta you’ve ever tried?

Chloe xx


Lifestyle|| Taking the stress out of moving…

It’s said that moving is more stressful than break-ups or a new job – according to a research study a couple of years ago.

Having moved recently I can certainly vouch for it being stressful. So many things to think about. Everything to remember. Liaising with the managing agent/landlord on viewings etc. Cancelling bills – the faff (why can’t they all be with one provider? But no, there’s like 5). Selling/getting rid of unwanted stuff – that huge clear out. Making sure the flat looks in the same condition to get as much of your deposit back as possible. Actually finding a new place (with nice housemates). Thinking about the extra bits and pieces the new place needs.

And this doesn’t even take into account the actual process of packing your whole life up, finding a vehicle big enough and transporting everything you own to the new location.

It’s safe to say it’s not something I like doing regularly. But once you’re in and settled, feeling all homely it’s so worth it.

As I went through the whole process only a few weeks ago, managing to stay reasonably calm (with the help of some awesome friends and my super helpful family), I wanted to share my top tips to help make it a more relaxed experience.

Making moving stress-free

Once you have a date for the big move, ask friends/family if they’re free.

Don’t feel like a burden. Most likely, they’d love to help and know you’d do it for them if it was the other way round! Set dates with friends to do packing over a glass of wine, and make dinner afterwards. It’s all about the little rewards and making it fun, to cancel out the stress.

Moving is the perfect time to have a huge clear out. So start early, and be ruthless.

Do you really need that old bedding just in case? Or those boxes for your electrical items you’re never going to sell? You will feel so much lighter. And moving will be easier without all the stuff you don’t need anymore! If it’s worthy of selling, I’ve found Facebook Marketplace to be great. People will come and collect, and although they do try to haggle, you just need to be firm (consider listing for slightly higher so you get the price you really wanted in the end).

Alternatively, charity shops are always grateful for donations, big or small. The British Heart Foundation takes beds and mattresses, as well as furniture for resale, you just need to book a collection online. Anything smaller you can drop into stores. And if you have any old fabric such as old sheets which aren’t good enough for them to resell, some charity shops run a fabric recycling scheme too, so it’s a good thing to ask about! For anything you’re left with at the end, which you just want to go, there’s always Freecycle – an app where people list free items for people to collect, or just list for free on Facebook marketplace.

Make lists. I know, I know. Lists for everything.

Just use them how works best for you. For me, it was more towards the end, as I was moving out first so leaving a few communal bits behind, and wanted to ensure I remembered all of my belongings. I did really enjoy the list of all the things I needed for the new place to be homey…built after a girls trip to Ikea. Yes, there were meatballs involved.

Making moving stress-free

Ikea bags over boxes.

Yes, those big plastic blue bags are the best for moving. They’re pretty spacious, you can easily see what’s in them which is great for helping you group things together as well as for unpacking, and the straps make them so much easier to carry. No slipping fingers on large box edges, wondering how you’ll get your arms around it, or forgetting what you packed with what. We all forget to list absolutely everything on the outside of the box!


Obviously, this depends on how much stuff you have to move. My parents rented a large people carrier style car, and with so many hands we managed to take suitcases on the London overground too, meaning we moved all my stuff in one go. Consider all routes. If the car isn’t big enough, is there another way around doing several trips? Suitcases are so handy!

I was also recommended zip van for van hire in London. You can rent by the hour, making it a pretty cheap alternative. There are plenty of pick up locations, and you can drop off at any other nearby location which accepts the vehicle. Super simple.

The clean.

I almost wrote the dreaded clean. Let’s face it, when you’re all packed and ready to go, you hardly want to spend a few hours thoroughly cleaning your old place. All the skirting boards and areas hidden by furniture, inside cupboards…the oven. Getting the flat back to a similar condition as when you first moved in is a top priority on most people’s list – you don’t want any issues with the landlord and it helps with getting the deposit back. But you also don’t really need the additional stress.

I’d highly recommend booking an end of tenancy clean with Fantastic Services. You can start moving out, leave them with an empty flat (clear of all possessions), and they’ll get to work. They do a sparkling job, intense clean, and they even think about the things you didn’t, like inside the oven (which was glistening) and all the cupboard shelves. Something I couldn’t have dreamt about getting done in the time they did. Prices obviously vary depending on the size of the place, but I think it’s really worth it. They were running pretty late last Saturday as they were held up at a previous clean, but I’m definitely using them again next time – for how good the flat looked after and helping reduce the stress at such a busy time.

Making moving stress-free

Get unpacked, but settle in slowly.

I unpacked in one afternoon, and it was amazing. By the evening everything had its own place, so I could sit back, do my nails, eat dinner and chill. I wanted to get straight back into a routine, so having everything sorted was great. But it didn’t mean I was immediately settled. It doesn’t need to be perfect. As you spend more time in your new place you can reshuffle, add the homey bits and really figure out how to best have your room/space to love it the most. It doesn’t need to all be done immediately.

I might have unpacked on the same day, but plants were added within two weeks or so, and I’m still adding every now and then. Pictures have also been held up until I’ve been on my first big adventure, my trip to New York with Katy. I want to really think about the best photos to have in my frames to represent my life and loves now. My family and friends, the things which make me happy.

Making moving stress-free Making moving stress-free

I’ve still a little way to go, even though I moved mid-september, but that’s fine. I’m just taking it slowly, avoiding as much as stress as possible.

There you have it. My tips for making moving as stress-free as possible. I hope these help. Trust me, it can be a little bit more a chilled process 🙂 Have you moved recently? What did you find helped you to keep a level head?

Chloe xx

*This post is in collaboration with Fantastic Services. All views my own.