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Eating Out || Weekend Feast @ Camino, Bankside

We all know, and I’ve probably said it a hundred times, but weekends are for treating. And occasionally … feasting. You know what I mean. Big breakfasts. Almost banquet style dinner parties. Huge sharing platters. The latter, is what piqued our interest recently at Camino.

Camino is a Spanish tapas bar, with a handful of locations across London. The Bankside branch has got that sophisticated, classy feeling as you enter, with touches of Spanish influence in the colour scheme and tiled walls. It’s certainly a cute spot.

Camino Bankside Weekend Feast

The mix of wooden and marble effect tables aren’t crammed in either. With a table for four next to the floor to ceiling windows which run along the front, we felt pretty content, and not too close to any other parties.

Camino Bankside Weekend Feast

The weekend feast menu, which we were all sucked in by, operates just on a Sunday at Bankside (Shoreditch has it on a Saturday too). It features BBQ short ribs with wine & mushroom sauce, Beef hanger steak, Ibérico pork secreto, Chicken skewers with mojo picón and Chorizo riojano. You also get to pick one tapas side dish each, from a choice of six including tomato bread, Padron peppers and croquetas.

It’s literally quite the feast.

Tapas did arrive first, rather than alongside the meat which would have been better. But we just picked slowly and the meat soon joined the entourage of dishes.

Camino Bankside Weekend FeastCamino Bankside Weekend Feast

The plate of meat was huge. There was so much of it. The chicken had that fab grilled/barbecued feel, and was delicious in flavour. The red pepper sauce (mojo picon), adding an extra depth, and freshness along with the chopped coriander, onions and peppers. The chorizo was another fave. Fantastic and rich, it went so well with the chicken! The beef short rib, with wine and mushroom sauce, was deep in flavour and very tasty, although a little tough. The hanger steak was a little fatty for me, but the pork was pretty tasty too.

The tapas dishes all more than satisfied. The Padron peppers were perfectly cooked and deliciously salty. The patatas bravas was a good portion, with plenty of sauce, and the croquetas were really creamy inside, with a fab crispy coating. Altogether one very tasty spread! It’s great to go with people who have similar tastes so you can all share on the tapas side rather than be stuck to one. 

Camino Bankside Weekend Feast

But what’s a girls feast and catch-up without cocktails?

The drinks menu led with sherry, vermouth and cava, as expected from a Spanish establishment. However, the cocktails always catch my eye. There was a good variety, many with a Spanish twist, from the Spanish Affair (Spanish fling with the Italian Negroni) to the Pepe’s Margarita (Tequila classic with a Spanish twist).

Camino Bankside Weekend Feast

The Spiced White Sangria, a mix of white wine, Amontillado, Beefeater gin and seasonal spices, was a fantastic alternative to a traditional recipe. It was refreshing and easy drinking. A fab accompaniment to such a heavy feast. The Lola’s passion also went down a treat – MM Blanc De Blancs Reserva cava, Absolut Vanilia vodka, fresh passionfruit and lemon.

Camino Bankside Weekend Feast

I was more than tempted by the array of white wine on offer too, however, I thought as it was a Sunday I best be a little reserved. Perhaps I need to go to the Shoreditch branch on a Saturday next time 😉


  • Price: £20 each for the weekend feast, which includes all the meat and a tapas dish each (min. for the feast is two people). Really good considering the portions. Cocktails range from £7.50 to £9.50, which is pretty reasonable too.
  • Food: The meat was pretty good, but the tapas were amazing! I’m definitely going back for more of those Padron Peppers.
  • Drinks: Plenty of classic options, as well as the cocktails with a Spanish twist. I loved the Spiced White Sangria as an alternative to a traditional recipe.
  • Atmosphere: Sophisticated and classy, yet relaxed.
  • Wait: It didn’t look overly busy on the Sunday we visited, so I wouldn’t expect a wait.

How do you like to treat yourself at the weekend? Would you go for a meaty feast?

Chloe xx

*I was invited along to review Camino. As always, all views hoenst and my own. 


Travel|| St. Lucia – The food & drink edit

St. Lucian food is hugely under-represented in the Caribbean cuisine we get here in the UK. We get plenty of Jamaican restaurants feat. things like jerk chicken, curry goat and ackee & saltfish. We do even see foods which are synonymous among other islands like Barbados, such as rice’n’peas, fishcakes and sweet bread. But have you heard of, or seen, Creole on any menus?

In fact, there’s a total of 10 restaurants listed on TripAdvisor stating they offer creole cuisine. However only the odd one has just one solo item on the menu, such as The Blue Kitchen Creole Bean Burger. And that’s it. Proof. We don’t see enough of it over here.

I fell in love with the food in St Lucia. Well and truly head over heels. So if you’re planning a trip soon (…well this might make you want to), here are THE foods you have to try out there.

Creole Chicken

This well and truly tops rotisserie chicken, which is my fave thing over here in the UK. The chicken is super succulent from slow cooking with a slightly crisp skin. The rich, seriously delicious flavour made from paprika, cayenne pepper, herbs and more, can be tasted even in the middle of each chicken piece, due to the time it’s spent marinating. It’s one dreamy centre piece to a meal. Finished with rice and veg/salad, it’s pretty healthy too. I could definitely live on this! Febo’s in Soufrière, which was a recommendation by our Real St Lucia Tours guide Isaac, served an amazing Creole chicken dish for about £5! A fab little hidden spot.

St Lucia Food and Drink

Creole-style Fish

This has a lighter taste, as not to overpower the delicate fish flavour. The one-pot fish dish I had at Zeebee’s sports bar in Rodney Bay (the spot which quickly became our go-to cocktail stop), was lightly grilled to keep the fish soft and tender, with a slightly smokier top coat. It was topped with a herby drizzle, a bit like a light pesto, and fresh peppers and onion. It was one beautiful dish (although there were many bones to navigate through), with just the right bursts of flavour. Fantastic with rice and plantain. The fish of the day, Dorado, was meatier and served with the same fresh drizzle and veg atop.

St Lucia Food and Drink St Lucia Food and Drink

Our meal at Keebee’s cost equivalent of £37.31 for two mains, two cocktails and two beers, which is much cheaper than here in the UK.

Roti – These I miss the most.

A roti is a typical West Indian flat bread filled with curried, spiced ingredients, from chicken to shrimp or vegetables. The flat bread is super thin, and the fillings are packed with flavour. We had three whilst away for 12 days…and I could have had many more! Both the veggie and the chicken I had hit the spot. The shrimp one Chris had was awesome too! At between $15 and $20EC (approx. £4.30 – £5.70), they’re not too bad for the price, but also how bludy good they are!

St Lucia Food and Drink

Tip: Go to Liz Roti. Hers are the best – they’re bigger too.

St Lucia Food and Drink

Chris said it’s the one thing he misses too and they really don’t do right over here, which I’m very sad about. Not sure I can wait that long before having another!


Breadfruit is a strange one at first. It’s almost like a creamier, fluffier potato. It’s pretty mild in flavour, but adds a lighter starch to the meal. Great with the Creole style chicken!

St Lucia Food and Drink


This is a must with everything. I absolutely love plantain. And the only reason I don’t miss it, is because I cook it myself here too. Grilled or fried, it’s absolutely delicious. Some restaurants will serve it sweeter than others (and personally I sometimes cook mine with a little cinnamon), but either way it’s really tasty. I much prefer this over the harder, almost fluffy texture of boiled green banana. You know like when an apple is a little cotton-y?! Although Chris actually prefers green banana, saying it finishes a meal – so do try if you get the chance!

St Lucia Food and Drink

Cassava bread

Cassava bread is made from ground cassava, which is starchy root vegetable or tuber with a nutty taste. The bread itself is very dense, but relatively moist. It’s like a more dense version of banana cake. The texture is a little more chewy too, it actually reminded me of that of coconuts at times. The flavour of the cinnamon one however was super tasty, mild yet delicious. It makes a great breakfast or part of lunch – but be warned it’s super filling. I only had half each time, but this always makes them pretty cheap. I got mine for about $8EC in the supermarket, which is roughly £2.30.

St Lucia Food and Drink


I had never heard of these before. They’re a pear shaped vegetable which can come spiky. They have a tough skin, but the dewy flesh inside is the stuff you eat. When boiled up it doesn’t have loads of flavour, but it’s a really juicy vegetable so makes a great addition to any meal!

Prices vary, but you can get most, if not all, vegetables at the market in Castries too where they might be a little cheaper.

Guava juice

We actually had a small bottle of this from Liz, to enjoy alongside her rotis. It was almost like a slush consistency, nice and cold. Perfect for a hot day on the beach. As for the flavour, it’s very sweet tropical juice and absolutely delicious. Definitely worth the $10EC (about £3).

St Lucia Food and Drink

Bounty Rum

Bounty is a lucian, almost dark, rum. It’s super smooth, delicious. Beautiful with a chilled tropical juice. But great with coca cola too. We drank quite a bit of Bounty on holiday, and love it so much we brought a bottle back too – for the odd occasion where we want to go back to the day we drank and laughed the afternoon away on the beach. The ultimate afternoon. It’s super cheap too from the supermarket – our 700ml bottle cost $25.99EC which is about £7.40!

St Lucia Food and Drink

Piton beer

Piton is the local brew. It’s light, almost like a sol or corona but without the citrus edge. It’s not overly hoppy, and it’s super tasty and refreshing. I definitely could have drank more of these too! Prices varied dependent on bar or supermarket, but pretty cheap as it’s a local product.

St Lucia Food and Drink

Fresh coconut water

This is nothing like the coconut water you get here in the UK. It’s smooth (not bitty), it’s refreshing and delicious! Plus it feels cool drinking from the actually coconut 😉 At only $2EC from the market in Castries (roughly 57p), it’s a bargain! Definitely a must-try!

St Lucia Food and Drink

I’m hoping we’ll get to go back soon – but I’m already craving half of this to be back in my diet. I’ve requested we try make more at home. I just need to learn/practice a few bits, but keep your eyes peeled on my Instagram for more on this..

Which of your holidays or trips has been the BEST for food? Ever considered St. Lucia before?

Chloe xx


Eating Out|| Bowls Restaurant, Soho

The best food is made to be served in bowls. Am I right, or am I right? The tastiest rice dishes, noodles, pho, curry…even cereal… all best served in a bowl of kinds.

My favourite rice dishes are always jollof rice or rice’n’peas. So I was super excited when I found a new spot had opened in Soho serving these, alongside many other dishes and foods inspired by South Africa, the Caribbean and South-East Asia. What’s more, the pride themselves on offering great quality food which is affordable.

Bowls Restaurant Soho

Bowls restaurant is a bright, colourful and arty restaurant, filled with greens, a wall of foliage and even a wall filled with colourful bowls. It is pretty small, and tables do feel a little squeezed in, but it’s not too squashed. We noticed immediately that the service is pretty bubbly and chatty, across the restaurant, and the team seemed keen to make everyone’s evening. 

Bowls Restaurant Soho

Back to the menu…

The seasonal menu features starters (or small bowls) and greedy bowls (ie. mains), of which all options differ greatly from each other. Think butternut squash croquettes, bao and a seared tuna salad, to Coconut rundown curry, Tuna poke and BBQ jackfruit with jollof rice.

Bowls Restaurant Soho

The Prawn Tostada is a fab cold option for picking at and super easy to share! A small bowl of crunchy nachos, it arrived topped with creamy guacamole, juicy mango and prawn. A delicious mix of fresh flavours and textures.

Bowls Restaurant Soho

The Seared Tuna Salad is another cold, yet tasty and light starter. The tender, super tasty tuna pieces were served with winter leaves, chickpea, sesame & soya dressing, and it was one absolutely delicious Asian-inspired starter. 

Bowls Restaurant Soho

We can’t resist the truffle, and so the Truffled Courgette Fries were a must, and should be for any truffle fans. With a crispy coating and soft courgette centre, they were tasty alone and even better with the light yet tangy romanesco sauce they come with.

Bowls Restaurant Soho

Light starters was a great choice as the portions for the mains is generous.

The Jamaican Curry Goat with rice ‘n’ peas was a fantastic dish of deep and fragrant flavours. The rice was a lot fluffier than any I’d had before. The goat was super soft, with not much fat or many bones (something common with goat).  It was rich and packed with flavour. It wasn’t as saucy as a lot of the curry goat I’d had before, but it didn’t need it. 

Bowls Restaurant Soho

Our favourite of the night however was the BOWLS. BBQ, jerk chicken, rice ‘n’ peas and fried plantain. The chicken was really juicy, with the jerk flavour running throughout (not just on the skin). The plantain was soft and sweet, and cooked really well – I stole a bit to go with the Jamaican curry goat too. Next time I’ll definitely be ordering a side of this to go with whatever dish I choose. We added an egg on top which was different but a great choice. Altogether one fab jerk chicken dish (and we’ve had plenty of these in our time!).

Bowls Restaurant Soho

As for the drinks, they appear to fall inline with the influences too.

There are plenty of wine and spirits to choose from, as well as a handful of soft drinks and a beer option. Alongside this, there’s a cocktail menu consisting of eight drinks, all of which had fab names and sounded delicious. 

Bowls Restaurant Soho

I loved the name of the Mai-tai of mine (I do love a good pun!). A mix of Wray & Nephew rum, Appleton Signature rum, Aperol, frangelico, lime, pineapple it wasn’t quite as tropical, yet it was juicy and very tasty.

The Painkiller Slush, a mix of Gosling’s rum, Koko Kanu Original Jamaica rum, orange, pineapple and coconut, arrives inside a coconut shell! It’s a juicy, thick slushie drink, and tastes super tropical and delightful. 

Bowls Restaurant Soho

The aromatic Sauvignon Blanc, which is the cheapest on the menu, was a good, slightly crisp white. It was a lovely wine to sip away the rest of the evening as we took it slow before heading off. 

Service is super friendly and chatty, which makes all the difference – and this wasn’t just for us! You could see the team going the extra mile and having a bit of a joke with other tables around us too.


  • Price: Starters for £4.50 – £8, mains from £8.50 – £14.50. Really good portions, meaning it’s such a good price. Cocktails are between £7.50 and £9.50 which is fab for Soho.
  • Food: Fresh, great quality, fantastic flavours.
  • Drinks: plenty of options, the cocktails are the ones to go for!! Go for the Painkiller Slush!
  • Atmosphere: cool, relaxed, friendly. Such chatty service, which really adds to the experience.
  • Wait: There wasn’t any wait on the Thursday we visited. But we could imagine it getting really busy as it’s such a fab spot. Definitely worth waiting for a table though if you had to.

I think this is a fab new addition to Soho. I’ll definitely be returning for the jollof rice and more plantain!

Have you been anywhere new recently?

Chloe xx

*I was invited along to review Bowls as part of the East London Girl team. 


Lifestyle || Getting that work life balance

I don’t think I ever stop talking to people about a work life balance. I mean, it’s so important. For helping to switch off. For rest an relaxation so you can come back refreshed and ready to smash it again (productivity). But most importantly, for you doing you.

I know that everyone is individual, and some love and live their career. Working makes them happy. But you need a healthy balance otherwise you can burn out. You need to keep the energy, productivity and motivation flowing too.

I see so many work long days, as I used to. I used to feel a bit guilty leaving ‘on time’, or even just 10 minutes after. But you really do have to look after yourself, because who else is going to. Staying to finish work doesn’t show senior team members if you’re struggling with work load. It can reflect badly on your time management skills and in some places can then become expected. In fact, it’s so easy to make this a habit once you start.

It also might not surprise you that it’s not just the things inside the office which can impact how you feel about your current role. Therefore getting that balance, and allowing more time to ‘do you’, can really benefit overall happiness and fulfillment.

So if your struggling to get that balance back in your life, here are a few tips or insights from myself, my colleagues and some of my closest human beings – because everyone is different, and hopefully one or two of these might help you.

Katy McPhedran (Little Winter) on tackling it when freelance:

“Working in freelance, and in particular, social media, makes it pretty hard to just switch off. When I first became a freelancer, I found that I was working way more hours than if I was in an office, thinking I needed to be available around the clock, however five months in, and I’m slowly learning the importance of the work/life balance. I won’t feel as guilty if I head out to meet a friend at 4pm, because there are other days when I’ll be at my desk 8am-8pm but I make sure I keep my weekends to myself. Oh and I don’t take my laptop anywhere with me! That helps too.”

Erica Vonderwall ( on how she keeps the balance and what she does to help her mental health:

“Here’s the thing: as much as I love the people I work with, and (mostly) the work that I do: I’d still rather *not* have to work. I’d rather be travelling, eating my way around the world, or at the very least: petting other people’s dogs all day. So, for me, having a balance between my work day and my non-work day is super important, and actually, keeps *me* balanced – mentally. We need time to switch off from pressure and stress, and recuperate in a way that works for us, and for me, that is genuinely petting other people’s dogs. Last year I joined Borrow My Doggy, and my mental health has never been better. I am lucky too, to work for a company that believes that mental health is something to be nurtured; because of that, I am able to work from home one day a week so I can mind my little doggy pal, Monty. By being in the office only four days a week I am able to switch off better and longer, making my office days more productive and positive, and my out-of-office days more filled with dogs.”

Soph Rosie, who’s juggling multiple projects alongside a full time career:

“For me, having a hobby and something completely separate to my ‘day job’ really helps. It ensures that I switch off from ‘work-work’, and my blog gives me that creative outlet that I don’t necessarily have with my job. Exercise also massively helps. I couldn’t recommend signing yourself up to an exercise class or the gym (but make sure it’s something you enjoy and want to do)! And finally, I always have to be strict with myself! I find myself at work thinking ‘I can take my laptop home and finish this after dinner’. At that point I know I’ve gone to far and instead make sure I go home, light a candle and read and wind down.”

Helen (The Hels Project), mum and full-time web editor:

“I work full-time as an editor for a property website, mainly from home. My husband and I also have a toddler who is at nursery part time. So I have to manage my time very carefully and find a balance between life, parenting and work. I don’t want to spend the time with my son worrying about work. Even though this often means I end up working into the evenings once he’s in bed, so work time creeps into “me time” more than I like. Forest is an app I started using which stops me from getting distracted by my phone while I’m working, and I use it when I’m with Dougie too so I don’t spend my time with him checking my phone. I make sure I take some time for myself in the evenings, even if it’s just 20 minutes reading in bed, or taking a bath so I can switch off from work – and parenting!”

And from me:

“For me it’s all about filling my diary around work with all the things I love. Whether it’s a dinner out, drinks with one of the girls at mine, or a cosy night in with my boyfriend. It all goes in so I can see what I have coming up and have stuff to look forward to. It also makes sure I’m not tempted to stay in the office when it gets busy. I make sure I take my lunch breaks, and have even started running 2-3 lunchtimes a week. Having this goal helps me to get away from my desk!

I make sure I get away from it all too with breaks home to see the family. As well as scheduling evenings of ‘me time’ to just look after myself. Or to spend the evening binge-watching something trashy and doing my blog or nails. It all helps me in balancing work and social life, and being happy overall.”

Hopefully this might have given you some extra inspiration to help you manage that work-life balance a little better. Remember, you need to lookout for you. And work life balance is so important! Make it a top priority this year and I’m sure you’ll see the benefits shining through!

What else do you do to help keep a good work life balance?

Chloe xx


Travel|| St. Lucia – A tour of the island

I am writing this literally 8 hours after landing back in the UK from the absolutely incredible island that is St. Lucia. A full post on everything you should do is on its way, but first…I have to tell you all about the most amazing day of our holiday. Our tour of St. Lucia, feat. the “world’s only drive in volcano”, those sulphur springs and the mud baths, the waterfall which made us feel like we the the only ones there, and the views which were endless.

Real St Lucia Tours

We booked our tour with Real St Lucia Tours after seeing it was endorsed by Condenast Traveller and Lonely Planet, and had been given the Tripadvisor Certificate of Excellence in 2018. When you’re in a country you don’t really know, I really rely on reviews and customer feedback. We soon found out these were well and truly deserved.

Real St Lucia Tours offer a variety of excursions. The one we were most interested in however was the island expo. We were keen to see as much as possible within the day’s outing. Even though Chris has a family home out there, he hadn’t ever done a tour of the island himself either!

The private tours are completely flexible, which we took advantage of, and are led by locals who are all expert tour guides.

Isaac, who was assigned our tour, was fab – super bubbly, enthusiastic, knowledgeable and we can’t thank him enough for the photos he took of us at some of the stop offs. The kind of thing you can’t get if you’re out just the two of you in a rental car.

Real St Lucia Tours

Tour highlights can include; Morne Fortune, Governor’s House, Marigot Bay, The Banana Plantation, Canaries, Anse La Ray and the Majestic Piton Mountains. There’s also more hands-on or active stops like the Volcano and mud baths, Tet Paul Nature Trail, Snorkeling & Beach, Piton Falls, Diamond Waterfall and Botanical Gardens. You get the opportunity to stop for lunch at one of Soufriere’s best local restaurants along the way too. With tours lasting about 5-6 hours you do get to cover the above highlights. But it’s not really possible to fit in all of the more active stops, such as the mud baths, waterfall, nature trail, gardens or snorkeling. So you will get asked at the beginning of the day what you’re keen to do. It just means there’s more to do next time too!

The views throughout the morning were truly breath-taking.

The little fishing villages of Canaries and Anse La Ray were really cute. Marigot Bay is stunning. Those views of the Pitons are something else. With the island consisting of 50% rain-forest, it’s very luscious with green everywhere too, which I think adds to the pure beauty. Isaac made plenty of stops for photo opportunities and time to absorb the landscape. I was truly in awe.

Real St Lucia Tours The fishing village of Anse La Raye (above) and the street art in Anse La Raye (below)Real St Lucia Tours The views of the pitons was INSANE! I think the below is my favourite photo!Real St Lucia Tours Real St Lucia ToursThis was a location where they filmed part of Pirates of the Caribbean! So cool!

We also learnt lots along the way too!

St. Lucia is home to two Nobel prize winners, of which they are very proud! We learnt about the war in the 1800’s and how it was won in Marigot Bay – they still have some of the canons on the island.

Real St Lucia ToursThe stunning Marigot Bay (above)

Although the main source of income for the island is now tourism, they’re also the biggest distributor f bananas in the Caribbean. And talking of bananas, did you know there are over 200 species? St. Lucia grows just 13 of these! THIRTEEN. I also didn’t know that a banana tree can only bear fruit once before having to be cut down and replaced by another.

Real St Lucia Tours

We also learnt a little about the traditional language of patoi, which is a mix of french, Spanish and English influences. However, Isaac said the easiest way to learn the language is from your grandparents’ stories so I don’t think I have much chance with that one.

As for the more active stops, we prioritised the volcano, mud baths, waterfall and food. Because well, you know me 😉

The volcano is Sufriere is the only drive in volcano in the world, and it last erupted in 1766.

Little pools on the volcano started bubbling again 300 years ago. The volcano lets off a lot of sulphur, which is the reason for the name of the location (“sulphur in the air”), and the pretty bad smell, a lot like rotten eggs. It was so cool to be so up close to an actual volcano though and learn about what makes it bubble and steam.

Real St Lucia Tours

The mud baths are a must.

The sulphur springs are so hot – especially in the middle of the day. But a dip in them is meant to be so good for you. The way the sulphur springs works is you go for a dip in the hot pool, pop out, coat yourself in light mud, add a pattern with some dark mud, and head back in to wash off. We had a lot of fun getting each other muddy – the one time you can get super messy and that’s the point. Isaac added our patterns (apart from the hand prints near my bum of course) – we looked awesome. It’s not just a great photo opportunity though (this is why you need an awesome guide who will take the shots for you as you don’t want to drop your phone in those springs), it’s such an experience. Your skin feels amazing after! It’s roughly $32EC, or £9, each for both the tour and the baths and well it!

Real St Lucia Tours Real St Lucia Tours Real St Lucia Tours

We left our faces covered, and headed to the Toraille waterfall to finish cleaning up.

This was THE experience I’ll never forget.

There are no words to describe how beautiful this waterfall is. Add to this, our timing which allowed us to basically get the waterfall to ourselves and you have one INSANE experience. We felt like we were the only ones there..even with Isaac snapping shots. The water was super fresh and chilly, especially compared to the sulphur springs, and standing underneath the natural fall was incredible. I’ve never done anything like that before and I felt truly lucky I had the opportunity to do so! At about $8EC, or just over £2 each, it’s a bargain for the experience!

Real St Lucia Tours

The lunch stop was obviously another highlight of the tour for me.

Isaac took us to a little spot he recommends to everyone he takes on the tour. It’s called Fedo’s, and it’s in Soufriere, so the perfect stop off after the volcano. It’s a proper little local hidden gem. The creole chicken with green banana, breadfruit, christophene, carrot, salad and rice was amazing. The chicken so tasty and tender! It’s the first time I tried a lot of the vegetables, all of which really made the meal. Portions were big and price was very low at $36EC for our two lunches – that’s just over £10!!

Real St Lucia Tours

Not only did we do all of this, but we toured more than comfortably in an air conditioned car. Although the windows were often rolled down for snaps of course. Real St. Lucia Tours also packs their cars with refreshments, so had water and beer en route too! Piton beer of course, which if you’ve been keeping up with my Instagram you’ll know quickly became a favourite! At about $406EC for a tour for two people it equates to approximately £115, without the costs above for the more active stops, which I think is super reasonable for the quality of service and experience. I truly had the BEST day!

Real St Lucia Tours


  • Price: approximately £115 for two people for a private tour, excluding additional entry costs. Totally worth it for the experience!
  • Quality/atmosphere: Real St. Lucia Tours were efficient in getting back to you via e-mail and getting you booked in. Our tour guide Isaac was super bubbly, friendly and knowledgeable which made him a fantastic tour guide.
  • Service: Top level. Isaac added an extra level to the experiences. Through the facts and insights he added, to the constant photo taking so we could keep the memories, and recommendations. He was going above and beyond at all opportunities and we couldn’t thank him enough for it!
  • Would we recommend?: 100% YES. If you only do one thing, this is it!

The same company also operates St Lucia Airport Shuttle, with fantastic transfer service. The company also has villas, with one being built as you read this, with views of the Pitons. It’s set to be incredible so definitely look into this if you’re heading out!

Keep your eyes peeled for my full round-up of things to do, and my post eats and drinks. Do you go away in January? What have you got planned for the year ahead?

Chloe xx

*We were given a discount on the tour in exchange for a review. All views my own.