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Last weekend was the last bank holiday before Christmas – scary stuff! I booked two days off this week so I could have a lovely long 5days off to cram some of my summer wish list in. Amazing few days …

Saturday I went to dance at Pineapple Dance Studio. The 11am beg hip hop class is fun and gets you moving, brings your confidence back whilst also helping you keep fit and do exercise. Love it!

I then got ready and headed to Alex’s for the evening. We watched the Arsenal match at Josh’s before having a few drinks and heading on a night out. We went to Cargo in shoreditch – the first time Lucy and I had been there – was so much fun! The layout is awesome, its not as expensive as other clubs, and really easy to get to from Alex’s so nice and easy to get home!



Sunday we woke up after a long lie in and headed to mine to get ready for CARNIVAL! We met some of his friends slightly more north than Nottinghill and walked in from that end. It was awesome, had such a fab time, great tunes, moves, jerk chicken…mmmmm. We only got to be there for 3hours ish before the music stopped but I really enjoyed myself!



We were going to go out in clapham after with my housemates and a few others including Alex’s friends, but when we got there one of us couldn’t get in so Alex and I didn’t mind not staying out – I just can’t manage two days drinking 😛 not in uni anymore, definitely feeling older! so we headed home, stayed up for a little bit and slept…

Monday we had a huge lie in and such an awesome chilled day. We popped to the supermarket to get food and nibbles and had such a funny afternoon watching films and chatting. Just what we needed! I then headed to Bath late on the train for my reunion with my bestie!

Tuesday – lovely day! Huge catchup with Char in the morning, made a delicious salad before heading to bath city to do a little shopping, came back and popped to her mums to pick up a few bits before a night playing poker (yes I got taught…no I didn’t win, not even close!) , chilling in the hot tub and finally playing game for life. Fun day, loved being with char!



I came back Wednesday morning for my last day off… I had tickets to see the Got To Dance semi finals!!! But will tell you about that later..keep an eye out!

Overall a fab long weekend, so varied but so amazing for my last bank holiday weekend before Christmas, really enjoyed it and feel like I definitely made the most of it!


My instinct is telling me that people will be reading the title of this post and about half will think I’m nuts!

But honestly, salad can be delicious, healthy and variety can be interesting and sometimes exciting – ok maybe I went a little far with the exciting!

One evening last week, after a hard gym sesh with one of the bestests, we popped to the supermarket and decided we’d be a little more adventurous with a salad option. Considering how things could work together but hoping for the best we came up with this concoction…

A peach and feta salad:


It was delicious! It was sweet and juicy from the peach, mixed with the crumbly creamy texture from the feta – everything went to so well together. You didn’t even need a dressing due to the combinations going on in the dish.

We both really enjoyed this, so I thought I’d share 🙂

Ingredients (serves 2):
A small bag of salad leaves
Half a cucumber
Half a small tin on sweetcorn
One peach
Half a block of Apetina, cut into cubes

Presentation – well as you can see we piled ours in and it still looked fab. Just chop up the ingredients and put together any way you like!

A quick to make, healthy meal which tastes utterly scrumptious!

I wonder what salad selection we’ll make next time…hmmmm…I’ll be sure to share if it’s another salad that rocks my world 😛

Chloe xx


I refuse to believe summer is over yet!

Yes I know it’s a bit colder and a little wetter sometimes, and yes it is being pretty unpredictable BUT we do live in England! We have to remember this, and make the most of the weather being a reasonable temperature to do all the summery things we haven’t done yet. Come on, let’s all think positive! And who knows what September might bring – I’ve got my fingers crossed for a spontaneous heat wave!

There’s still a few weeks left yet (at least!) and lots I want to do. So I thought I’d share with you the extras on my to do list before summer really is out.

– Carnival – this is obviously a must! I mean come on, I live in London and I’m being offered two free days of partying, dancing to some great tunes and having a fab time with friends. Who could say no? Last year was so much fun with two of my girl mates and this year there’s hopefully more going to throw shapes all day long 🙂



– Visit Char (my best friend from uni) for a reunion before she’s super busy with PGCE stuff – this is happening next week. Very excited!

– Barclays Bikes around Hyde Park. I will settle for another bike ride, not too fussy!

– Camden Market. Love it! I haven’t been all summer and it’s meant to be fab in the summer evenings. Need to fit this into my diary before it gets cold! Although it is great all year round.

– Outdoor Cinema – This has been on my wish list for some time! The idea of a pop up screen in one of the London Parks, watching a classic whilst enjoying the great outdoors with lots of others who enjoy the same film – AMAZING! They have bars and pop up food stands too! I was recommended who have been showing classics all summer and have some fab films still lined up in different parks over london – I found it so hard to decide! I thought I’d share the films with you, perhaps I can tempt you too!

In Morden Hall Park in Morden they’re showing Rocky Horror Picture Show (22nd Aug), Romeo & Juliet (23rd Aug), Mamma Mia (24th Aug) and the Hangover (25th Aug) – Awesome pick for bank holiday monday after many will be partying Sunday.

In Bishop’s Park in Fulham they’re showing Blade (29th Aug), The Notebook (30th Aug) and Back to the Future (31st Aug).

In Manor House Gardens Lewisham they’re showing Fight Club (5th Sep), Moulin Rouge (6th Sep) and Top Gun (7th Sep). In Ravenscourt Park, Hammersmith they’re showing Heathers (12th Sep), Pulp Fiction (13th Sep) and Devil Wears Prada – to coninside with London Fashion Week! how cool? (24th Sep). Finally to end the summer in East Greenwich Pleasaunce they’re showing the Gonnies (26th Sep) and Forrest Gump (27th Sep).

Now can you see how I found it so hard to decide? I’ve chosen The Notebook to start, and who knows I might go to another! I’d get to see another part of London too 🙂

– Ping pong & Football in Highbury park – At the beginning of Summer Alex and I decided we would spend one day in the park having games of ping pong and playing football (mainly so I can learn 😛 I used to hate sport at school). This has not happened yet, but I am hoping it still will!

– Outdoor Bootcamp! I would love to try an outdoor Bootcamp class, being pushed to my limits out in the fresh air! It’d also be a nice change to the gym, and I’d leave feeling accomplished and amazing!

– Visit the wonderground and summer goings on at Southbank – Ally’s been and says its awesome! I must fit a day in my diary to go. I don’t want to miss out!

So there you have it. My key list of things to do still. I best get going or I’ll never fit all these in 😛

I hope you all have fab bank holiday weekends!

Love Chloe xx


Yes I’m back in the fitness phase! Truly motivated to get fit and toned!

Sunday Alex and I went to the gym – one day together spending time alone and yes we went to the gym. But was a great session! We were both motivated, got through our own sessions and then Alex helped me with what I should work on to tone my upper body – mainly arms, shoulders and back.

It was great to have a personal trainer! I’ve always considered getting one, but I never have whether it be because money or not wanting to end up with some strange person haha – yeah I’m probably being silly, but would prefer someone I know and even better for it to be my boyfriend! He knows just how hard to push me but not overdo it 🙂

I really enjoyed myself! – I know what you’re thinking, AT THE GYM?!. But yes! This is where I must say thanks Pure Gym for offering a day pass making it so much easier to do this!

I set a goal to be able to do 5pull ups by the end of the year – god help me! And I truly ache today, my shoulders, bingo wings and all! So my workout obviously worked, well fingers crossed it’s starting to!

Alex and I have said we’ll have one gym sesh together a month, wahooo! So now to remember everything he told me to do so I can be better and stronger before next months sesh.

Wish me luck guys!

Chloe xx


A few weeks ago now, I fainted on the tube.

Yes you heard me right – How embarrassing!

I had to tap the guy in front of me, a complete stranger, and say very calmly “Excuse me, I’m really sorry but I think I’m going to faint”. The next thing I remember is the lovely man asking someone to give me their seat….and then I don’t remember anything until I was almost at the bench on a tube station platform.

Was it scary?! Not really. I mean due to there being lots of people around as it was rush hour I thought someone was bound to help. I had also previously fainted due to heat and pain, so it’s not necessarily unusual, and it was just after I’d been off work ill so I think my body just gave up with standing, the heat and my stomach pain. Silly me! And I wasn’t carrying water with me – Uh Oh!

But it got me thinking about how important water is. I know this sounds silly – but really. How many of us listen to the TFL posters and tube announcements about carrying water with us? How many of us really drink the 2 litres of water recommended a day (1.6l for us lucky women)?


I didn’t know that water actually makes up two thirds of the weight of a healthy body, and we obviously have to replenish the water lost through all our daily bodily activities, including breathing (I didn’t even think of this being a way we lost water!). If you’re more active you need to drink more too which is well known – I drink a lot more on gym and dance days so I am already doing this.

Good news for us tea drinkers too, hot drinks do actually count towards the water consumption! wahooo!

Dehydration can lead to headaches, lack of energy and feeling weak (which I regularly get in the afternoon!). Drinking enough not only makes these less likely, it also helps keep your skin healthy and helps with the function of your digestive system. SO many positives to keeping hydrated!

So I am on a mission. To drink atleast 2 litres of water a day! (This is going to be a tricky one, I’m not a fan of plain water!) I want to feel empowered, full of energy, hopefully a little less bloated and way more motivated for doing things after work!

I’ll let you all know how it goes…

Chloe xx