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A good night sleep!

How important is a good night sleep, eh?

Have you ever been away for a holiday, short break or business and stayed in a hotel where you’ve lay awake due to noises, thinking someone’s going to walk in, an uncomfortable bed, it being way too hot in the room…the list goes on right…I’m sure I’m not the only one. Although I’m probably one of only a few who thinks too much of work before bed, therefore not sleeping due to anxiety and probably dreaming of work things – I’m so silly!

Last week and the week prior I stayed away on business for a total of four days, as many of you might know, due to being on event. One of the four nights I stayed in a fantastic cosy B&B run by an absolutely lovely couple in Solihull. They made me feel so at home that I had no problem sleeping. The other three nights we stayed in Premier Inns.

The first night of the three in total (during the first week of event), I must say I didn’t get the greatest night’s sleep, but I think I was a little nervous of making a fab impression whilst away. However, the other two nights in a Premier Inn were fantastic!

The rooms are kept the same, whichever Premier Inn you stay in, so if on business and travelling from place to place this works so well as they start to feel homely and normal.

Some of them have just been refurbished and others are going through refurbishment. I stayed in a refurbished room in Watford North and look at how gorgeous it is…

IMG_3067Big flat screen TV..not that I had much time to myself to watch it, and really needed my sleep by the time I got in! 

IMG_3066Built in hairdryer definitely came in handy! (The straighteners are mine though :P)IMG_3065

The bed was SUPER comfortable!IMG_3064

We had some great restaurants on site too, with the Beefeater being next to our Premier Inn in Milton Keynes and a TGI’s in Watford – so lucky! We had some delicious meals to fill us up after a hard day on our feet before walking the short distance back to our rooms and clambering into bed. We even managed a cheeky cocktail at TGI 😛

We had breakfast one morning too, the only morning we didn’t have to be at the shopping centre extremely early – an all you can eat continental for about £6.50! Bargain. It was delicious, we had yoghurt with fresh fruit and granola and finished off our banquet with crumpets! The full english, again all you can eat, is only roughly £8.50 and both of the options came with unlimited juice, tea or coffee! We definitely started our day well.

If I need to stay away again I will definitely be looking into staying in a Premier Inn. For all you leisure travellers and business bodies, I highly recommend this homely, gorgeous, comfy hotel!

What do you think?

Chloe xx


Those Summer Days….

I feel like I really want some Sun – I know right. How much do I need? We are getting sunnier days, I get that, but if you were stuck in a basement office like mine, you’d understand.

I want to get away..far away…hmmm dreaming of winter sun right now! I know I’ve got my winter city break planned (this post to come!), but it’ll be a chilly one, and I’m really regretting not being able to have a sunny beach holiday this year. I think my body is now craving sun,sea and sand!

This got me thinking of all the things I missed out on this year, the bikinis, kimonos for the beach, getting my tattoo out…Yes I have a lovely blossom one down my side which only comes out on holiday, or a sneaky bit the occasional night out when I dare to bare a little of my middle.

I didn’t even buy a new decent pair of sunglasses this year!! Can you believe it? Then I thought to myself, with this little bit of sun, is it really too late to indulge? So I started browsing, you know, just window shopping. And I found this awesome company…

Sunnies of London


Have you heard of them? They are a luxury brand who create hand-crafted sunglasses with “traditional british style and quality”. They are said to be designed using the latest fashion trends and handmade from the highest quality bamboo. They have double-spring hinges and sturdy frames to ensure that Sunnies keep their shape and they say they inspire confidence too – Now I always rave about anything which helps confidence 🙂

I mean look at them…

Sunnies of London - The Belgrave Collection

The Belgrave CollectionSunnies of London: The Mayfair Collection

The Mayfair Collection 

At first, when I thought about wooden sunglasses frames, I wasn’t too sure. But now…

They’re even unisex and look great on both male and females.

Sunnies of London - Female modelSunnies of London - Male Model

Have I made you tempted too? Selling for £69.00 via their website, their not badly priced either for a hand-made collection! I have to admit, I may just give in…These sunglasses would definitely get the wear, I’d make sure of it 🙂

What do you all think?

Chloe xx


This week – out on event & meeting new people

I’ve been out on event most of this week and have absolutely loved it!

From Monday evening until Thursday evening I was travelling, working and networking all day. I was helping out with a roadshow which we were doing around the country, and visited the last 3 cities with my client. I hardly had 30mins to myself each day, but didn’t mind one bit – this week really has been fantastic.

I met some amazing people who I’ll never forget and enjoyed getting to work with a client I didn’t normally have much contact with.

It also allowed me to show everyone how motivated I am which you can’t always achieve from being in office.

I loved it so much that yesterday, back in the office, I even had withdrawal symptoms. The last three days had been so energetic and bubbly, and sitting down in office is completely different. I was trying to dance sat down in my office chair to add a bit of movement to my morning! Haha can you imagine how silly I probably looked?

I’m definitely going to try keep in contact with them, everyone in the team was so lovely and almost like an event family 🙂 missing it already!

I hope you’ve all had a great week too!

Chloe xx


Be Confident..If you fancy trying something – Just do it!

This morning I went to my first ever spin class at Pure Gym – I was a little scared and with exercising early in the morning still being a little harder for me, I didn’t think i’d be ready for it. But I wanted to know what it was like, and there’s only one way you can find out.

Whilst Ally was over at mine for a catch up last night we were discussing Gym classes and ones we wanted to try but had never done before.

Spin was one of those classes I’d always wanted to try but never had the courage to just go. Cycling is not my forté, I can tell you now, and as much as I like a leisurely bike ride in the summer months, serious up hill riding would almost have me in tears! – Haha oh the images! It’s not that I was unfit – I used to run – but cycling to me was on another level!

Ally had never been either and both intrigued, we decided to face our nervous-complex and book in, going together to give each other support – aren’t we nice?


This morning I was at the gym at 6.05am ish..the class started at 6.15 but we wanted to be there early to sort ourselves out, adjust bikes, etc. The instructor was a new PT to the gym, but was really nice and advised us on everything to do with the Livestrong bikes, how to adjust, where the seat/handles should be positioned and the emergency brake – just incase!

The class was just over half an hour today, and we absolutely loved it!

It was a varied class, you adjusted the resistance on your bike so if it really was too hard for you you could turn it down (I was so proud as I didn’t have to do this! But it doesn’t matter if you do, you should only work to your maximum and do your best!), and the music and instructor really kept you motivated. It was so much fun!

We definitely started the week as we mean to go on, exercising and trying something new, I’m so proud of us! We’re both so pleased we did it we’ve signed up for another spin class another morning this week!

If there’s something you’re not sure of, but really want to try it, then do it! You never know you could find a new forté, something you love to do, and you will never know until you try!


Chloe xx



ZICO Pop-up Smoothie Bar – Brick Lane

Me being a smoothie fanatic, would not turn down a trip to a pop-up smoothie bar. So when I heard about ZICO’s I just had to make time to go along.

This week from Wednesday ZICO coconut water have been hosting a pop-up smoothie bar in Elys Yard on Brick Lane.

ZICO coconut water is 100% natural,  low in calories, has no added sugar and is a rich source of potassium.

The smoothie bar is pretty easy to find, walking up brick lane towards The Old Truman Brewery it’s in the market looking yard on the left.

When I got to the pop-up I could see it was pretty popular with the number of people buzzing around, snapping photos, tweeting and grabbing their lunch time fruit and healthiness fix.


IMG_3030The Shop window…

I went inside and was greeted by a lovely guy who explained what was happening, about ZICO and also how you got your free smoothie. So my tweet went up (you can like their Facebook page or post to Instagram instead!) and I got my card to select the ingredients I wanted in my smoothie. You can pick 4 from the card and it all gets blended with coconut water right in front of you – all the ingredients fresh from behind the bar which is great to see. Nothing like a fresh, superfood smoothie!





The fresh ingredients around the store…IMG_3028

Here’s what I picked:


Random huh? What would you have picked?

IMG_3025 IMG_3026 IMG_3027 IMG_3032

It tasted absolutely delicious and super healthy. A great lunchtime treat for a Friday!

The guy from the beginning returned to see how my smoothie turned out and I took a few more photos before heading back to work with my goody bag (I missed the opening event Wednesday and they still kept me one behind!). It may have been a relatively quick visit but it made an awesome impression.


I think this bar is a fab idea, great location being in shoreditch and a lovely team running it. If you haven’t been along you definitely should, I highly recommend it – you only have to tweet or Instagram for your free weekend health kick. But they’re only there until Sunday so hurry!

I left with a recipe leaflet so I’m sure you’ll get to hear about the smoothies I make at home too 🙂 some yummy sounding ideas for inspiration in this booklet!

Would love to hear about your smoothie selections if you go along!

Chloe xx

p.s. for all those wondering what was in my fab goody bag – here’s a few quick snaps:

IMG_3036Cute little bag I’ll definitely be using again. Love a little sturdy bag!

IMG_3037Doesn’t it look exciting?

IMG_3040A bottle of  ZICO coconut water – yumm!

Pop Bands – soft, stretchy ‘no dent’ hair ties – awesome. My new gym neccessities!

A mutli-colour headband – funky!

eQua – Yoga Hand Towel with sweat activated grip, super absorbent. WOW! Love it already, going to try it out tomorrows gym session!

Joe’s Tea Co. Queen of Green Tea – healthy! Two tea bags.

And….A nakd. bar – but this didn’t last long enough for my group photo (sorry guys!) it was too yummy! Couldn’t resist the temptation.

IMG_3038Some fab new things to try – yayyy! And definitely want to buy some more of those nakd. bars – delicious!