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ZICO Pop-up Smoothie Bar – Brick Lane

Me being a smoothie fanatic, would not turn down a trip to a pop-up smoothie bar. So when I heard about ZICO’s I just had to make time to go along.

This week from Wednesday ZICO coconut water have been hosting a pop-up smoothie bar in Elys Yard on Brick Lane.

ZICO coconut water is 100% natural,  low in calories, has no added sugar and is a rich source of potassium.

The smoothie bar is pretty easy to find, walking up brick lane towards The Old Truman Brewery it’s in the market looking yard on the left.

When I got to the pop-up I could see it was pretty popular with the number of people buzzing around, snapping photos, tweeting and grabbing their lunch time fruit and healthiness fix.


IMG_3030The Shop window…

I went inside and was greeted by a lovely guy who explained what was happening, about ZICO and also how you got your free smoothie. So my tweet went up (you can like their Facebook page or post to Instagram instead!) and I got my card to select the ingredients I wanted in my smoothie. You can pick 4 from the card and it all gets blended with coconut water right in front of you – all the ingredients fresh from behind the bar which is great to see. Nothing like a fresh, superfood smoothie!





The fresh ingredients around the store…IMG_3028

Here’s what I picked:


Random huh? What would you have picked?

IMG_3025 IMG_3026 IMG_3027 IMG_3032

It tasted absolutely delicious and super healthy. A great lunchtime treat for a Friday!

The guy from the beginning returned to see how my smoothie turned out and I took a few more photos before heading back to work with my goody bag (I missed the opening event Wednesday and they still kept me one behind!). It may have been a relatively quick visit but it made an awesome impression.


I think this bar is a fab idea, great location being in shoreditch and a lovely team running it. If you haven’t been along you definitely should, I highly recommend it – you only have to tweet or Instagram for your free weekend health kick. But they’re only there until Sunday so hurry!

I left with a recipe leaflet so I’m sure you’ll get to hear about the smoothies I make at home too 🙂 some yummy sounding ideas for inspiration in this booklet!

Would love to hear about your smoothie selections if you go along!

Chloe xx

p.s. for all those wondering what was in my fab goody bag – here’s a few quick snaps:

IMG_3036Cute little bag I’ll definitely be using again. Love a little sturdy bag!

IMG_3037Doesn’t it look exciting?

IMG_3040A bottle of  ZICO coconut water – yumm!

Pop Bands – soft, stretchy ‘no dent’ hair ties – awesome. My new gym neccessities!

A mutli-colour headband – funky!

eQua – Yoga Hand Towel with sweat activated grip, super absorbent. WOW! Love it already, going to try it out tomorrows gym session!

Joe’s Tea Co. Queen of Green Tea – healthy! Two tea bags.

And….A nakd. bar – but this didn’t last long enough for my group photo (sorry guys!) it was too yummy! Couldn’t resist the temptation.

IMG_3038Some fab new things to try – yayyy! And definitely want to buy some more of those nakd. bars – delicious!



Heart Uk and Betavivo Roadshow – National Cholesterol Month

Have you ever had your cholesterol tested? I had mine done today…well you never know. Having no symptoms and the potential to be hereditary, it’s always best to check!

For all of you out there who aren’t quite sure what cholesterol is (yes, I’ll admit I was one of you a short while ago!), it’s a white waxy substance which is needed for good health…BUT too much can be bad. Cholesterol does help form cell membranes, various hormones, bile salts and vitamin D but on the other hand too much increases your risk of heart disease – and high cholesterol has no side effects so you might not see it coming (SORRY I don’t mean to scare you! Just showing it’s worth checking and getting tested!)

There are two types of cholesterol, HDL and LDL, which I won’t go into too much but in very basic terms LDL is bad if there’s too much, and HDL is good.

Your overall cholesterol level should be under 5. However in the UK 6 out of 10 adults have raised cholesterol!

This week and next week, Heart UK and Betavivo (a swedish cholesterol lowering cereal) are touring Britain to offer free cholesterol tests and advice, as part of National Cholesterol Month.

I went along today, a little nervous – I know it’s only a finger prick, silly me! – and they gave me my results straight away. My total cholesterol was a good level at 4.4, they gave me my HDL cholesterol level and TC:HDL (total cholesterol: “good cholesterol”) ratio which were also good. They explained everything to me, what it all meant, and I went away feeling great. There were people being told they had a raised cholesterol and these were getting to talk to the Heart UK experts on ways to improve. It was a really friendly team all round from greeting to farewell who all seemed really helpful.

The stand at a quite moment first thing in the morning

The testing team from BHR Pharmaceuticals hard at work

They had Goody bags too which you could take away with you if you donated to Heart UK. They had two weeks supply of Betavivo in and a voucher for your next purchase, plus other info and goodies.

I would highly recommend popping along, even just to be sure. The Betavivo and Heart UK roadshow carries on through to the end of next week. Here are the dates and locations – how helpful am I? :
Thursday 2nd October: Derby Intu shopping centre
Monday 6th October: Norwich Chapelfield shopping centre
Tuesday 7th October: Birmingham Touchwood shopping centre, Solihull
Wednesday 8th October: Milton Keynes Intu shopping centre
Thursday 9th October: Watford Intu shopping centre

They will be there from when shops open until roughly 4pm.

Hope you can make it to one too!

Chloe xx


Romeos gluten free bakery/cafe

On Saturday this weekend, I had a lovely girls day with my housemate Jen. I may have been a little hungover but this didn’t affect or stop our little wander around angel or our gym sesh in the afternoon followed by a film night. Perfect girls day!

Whilst walking towards Angel from Highbury & Islington station we had our eyes out for a nice little coffee shop or cafe to start our day. Upper street has so many lovely little places for lunch, coffee or dinner that it’s always hard to pick. However when we spotted this little place there was no doubt this was it.

Romeo's Cafe/Bakery, Upper Street

Romeos is a gluten free cafe/bakery. With Jen being on a gluten and wheat free diet due to allergies this place was perfect!

As we walked in we were greeted by a lovely young woman who showed us the selection of gluten free cakes, breads, etc and told us to sit wherever we fancied. We chose a little table towards the back and settled in. It had quite a cosy, family feeling to it, but still a little contemporary – perhaps from being gluten free, something which has become more widely available only more recently.

The young woman came over with a couple of menus and asked if we’d like tea or coffee. Both opting for tea, she went off and left us to look at the menu. There were quite a few options for breakfast or lunch, all sounding absolutely delicious! Jen and I sat chatting through the options before settling for scones – I don’t think my stomach could handle much more at the time, but we said we’d have to go back sometime for breakfast or lunch!

We were delivered our pot of tea for two, milk in a jug and a bottle of tap water with two glasses. Sugar cubes were already in a little pot on the table.

Tea - Romeo's Gluten Free Bakery



Not long after, the woman came back with our scones with butter and jam. Making sure we had everything we needed we were left to enjoy, and that we did.

We sliced our scones, spread the butter and masses of jam – they really do give you plenty! – and indulged. They tasted fantastic. We were a little shocked as gluten free doesn’t always taste as good as cakes made with gluten, but these scones were mouthwateringly delicious. Just thinking about them now is making my tummy rumble!

Gluten Free Scone

We sat eating, trying not to rush as to really enjoy! We drank our tea and sat catching up and talking about our Friday nights. Our plates were cleared and we asked for our bill.

The whole bill came to just over £12, which we thought was great!

On our way out we even got to taste a cheese and onion loaf they sell. I highly recommend any gluten free dieters to go there for bread if you don’t fancy a coffee or tea break whilst out, and are going home for lunch. It was so yummy, and you could really taste the flavours. It didn’t feel crumbly like other gluten free bread I’d had, it was actually really moist! I’m thinking of going back to get some for Jen and I to have one night with dippy Camembert!

If you’re looking for a gluten free option whilst out for the day in London, I would definitely recommend this beauty of a find and I’m sure Jen would too! Overall this was a lovely place to go, great friendly service and fab prices.

Enjoy! If you have any other gluten free recommendations I’d love to hear about them (then I can share them with Jen too 🙂 )!

Chloe xx


Date Night – Las Iguanas & A Wiggle

Date Nights are super important. Especially when you’re in London, everyone’s always so busy and you can get caught up in making so many plans you almost won’t have time for each other when those plans start to clash!

Alex and I always try to set aside a day in the week and one at the weekend. Last friday was our set date night and we decided we needed a night of food, drink and dance – We both love a wiggle (Well more hip hop/street but hey let’s not get hung up on terms eh…)

I booked a table at Las Iguanas, Spitalfields Market for 6.30pm – I know, a little early but we thought we’d get there, have a couple drinks in happy hour and then get to eat early too so when out and about in Shoreditch later that evening our food wouldn’t be jiggling inside.

We were told we could choose where we’d like to sit and we chose a table outside on the balcony, lovely little spot – we even felt like we had our own privacy which is nice. We were given menus and left to decide.

We ordered a couple cocktails each (It was happy hour after all which meant 241 cocktails so we might as well make the most of it!) and our mains. Alex the Tortas with shredded steak (no tomato or onion – haha ohhh the fussiness :P) and me the Hot Guyanese Pepperpot.

The mains came out pretty quickly, they actually came out before our drinks. But the waitress went off to find out where our beverages were after noticing straight away when she delivered our mains.

 Alex’s Tortas with shredded steak, jalapeno and cheese:

Las Iguanas TostasIMG_2988

The steak was nice and tender, and as the sandwich was on brioche it was nice a soft, almost melt in your mouth!


The BBQ dip had a slight spiciness to it which we liked of course, being chilli and heat lovers!

My Hot Guyanese PepperPot:IMG_2991

Hot Pepperpot tasted really good! The mutton wasn’t tough and it was served in a decent quantity of sauce. It wasn’t that spicy, but that could be my taste buds as I now eat extra hot dishes!IMG_2993

The orange completed the mutton very well! I just used the one squeezed over the dish.IMG_2992

I loved the plantain – cooked perfectly! Not too much and full of flavour. 

Our first drinks were the Mango Collins (Absolut Mango vodka, triple sec, orange & mango juices, topped with lemonade) and The Chivalrous Hombre (Chivas Regal & ginger syrup stirred with pineapple juice & drops of chocolate bitters). They were both really nice. The gingery one perhaps more awkward to drink with all the crushed ice, but Alex loves them that way!

We finished our mains, and the waitress came over to clear our table. We asked to see the dessert menu and also ordered another couple drinks whilst still in happy hour. By this time it had started getting busier!

We did have to wait a while for drinks, but with happy hour coming to a close this was understandable. We ordered our desserts and these came out before the cocktails – We had one dish of 3 churros with salted caramel dip and one Affogato Cubano – An ice cream scoop in an espresso, with a dipping churro on the side. I say we shared but I had one churro and a tiny bit 😛



The salted caramel dip was very sweet but utterly delicious!

IMG_2996The icecream in the espresso was delicious – I did manage to get a little taste 🙂

Our second set of cocktails, the Iguana Cosmo (Absolut Berri Açaí vodka, triple sec & pomegranate juice with a squeeze of lime & a dash of grenadine) and Crema Chido (a blend of Mexican liqueurs. Xta, with honey & aniseed flavours, shaken with Kahlua, cream & almond syrup):

IMG_2998 The Crema Chido was definitely my favourite out of the two, creamy but not too thick. Great for after dinner!

We then asked for the bill and a couple shots of rum for before we left.

From Las Iguanas we headed towards shoreditch high street and went exploring. We found a lovely brazilian bar called Floripa where we had a delicious ginger cocktail sat outside before going off to explore again. We eneded up at B@1 drinking and dancing until 1am – I have to say due to B@1 being very reasonably priced for London, the tequila did make an appearance 🙂

We do love a good dance and it’s so fun being out with Alex, we have such a laugh but had never been out just the two of us before – definitely the first of many now 🙂

It was a fab end to the week and start to the weekend, I loved my friday night. What an amazing date night!

I hope you all started your weekends well too!

Chloe xx


Getting up for fitness classes…The habit?

I wrote quite a while ago about getting up in the morning to start my day the right way – with exercise!

Exercise in the morning gets your metabolism going, it wakes your body up and gets the circulation flowing, in a natural way rather than the dreaded stressed waking up to check your phone – not a great to the day! The way you start your day is said to set the way for the rest of your waking hours – so guys don’t stress yourselves out first thing!

Well summer came and went and I did get up a few times for a run, but it was pretty hard to keep at it. I started getting up early to do situps and stretching instead but found I really needed my sleep (or I just couldn’t get myself to wake up – no motivation!).

Thames in the morning

Some of you might remember this little snap of my view when I went running in the morning – BEAUTIFUL! Thought it would keep me motivated but not to go 3 times a week unfortunately. 

Now I’ve found the best thing for mornings – Pure Gym fitness classes! I book in anywhere up to a week before so it’s a set date, they’re so enjoyable that I want to get up, and because I’ve booked I feel like I have to go! The best bit = they’re included in my gym membership too! With the mornings getting super chilly these days, this also gives me no excuse with the cold as it’s inside. All I have to do is walk 5mins down the road – PERFECT!

I now do this twice/three times a week depending on which classes have spaces when I book, and if I’m staying at home the night before. It’s becoming a much loved habit of mine.

But classes aren’t just great in the mornings – there are some fab evening classes and weekend classes too!

My favourites so far are Legs, Bums and Tums, Pure Core, Tabata and Pure POWER Step. I haven’t tried all the classes though (Obviously…as they run all through the weekdays too), and others do look pretty awesome too!

If your part of a PureGym or have one near you you should definitely check their classes out. 45 mins in the morning is a fab start to the day, and it sure does beat those evenings sat with no plans (ha that makes me sound lonely, but I’m sure we all have a couple!)

Chloe xx

p.s. Sorry for the lack of photos…it’s still dark before my class starts 😛 And I’m sure I don’t look photo-worthy that early!