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Are you a World Cup fanatic or a World Cup Widow?

32 days is how long the World Cup runs for. Just over a month.

During the last World Cup over half the population of many countries tuned in. So how many of us will be glued to our screens in the comfort of our own home or using the excuse for a trip down the pub this year?

I have seen many statuses and tweets with people claiming they are ‘World Cup Widows’ – as if that is a widely used term now! I understand some people don’t like football, and trust me I do get it. Football in this next month will take over in a number of situations which probably can get annoying!

I used to work in a pub and I quite liked the atmosphere on football nights, especially during the World Cup or Euros, but I can’t say I properly kept up. And I definitely wasn’t a football fan!

Ok so I went to the Arsenal juniors game more recently, and if I am ever asked if I support a team I’m going to say Arsenal due to Alex. But I only started following Arsenal news because of him.

I am currently sitting in my living room writing my blog post with the football on in the background, and I am already considering my plans for Thursdays England game. And why not?

Ok, so I haven’t changed completely. I can’t say I watch it religiously. I can’t say I know what happened in the Portugal game, or that I can judge when a ball is offside – Although I do pride myself in knowing the offisde rule. I know, get me eh? 

But what I think is why not make the most of these few weeks where everyone gets together for one reason. Why not use the excuse to get everyone round for the game or meet up with friends in the pub. Football is ok and as I’m giving it a chance I am actually starting to enjoy it. Weird I know! 

But come on, Let’s not be World Cup Widows. Let’s join in, you don’t need a huge football knowledge (trust me on this!) and you never know you might just have a ball! I know I will!


I DID IT!! – My First Half Marathon

I DID IT!!!!

Saturday 14th June 2014 will be known as the first time I completed a half marathon.

How do I feel? – AMAZING!


I’m not going to say it was easy because it wasn’t. I have to say the summer breeze half marathon is possibly not the best one for a first half, but it was so much fun!

I started my day with a walk to loosen up and relaxed before heading off early afternoon for my run. Making sure I ate enough for the energy I would need.

We turned up at Roehampton Vale Campus and headed for the cluster of tents. I collected my race number to be attached to my t-shirt with safety pins – which I gave to Alex to look after and he managed to lose one. Standard :P. I also collected my chip for timing which had to be tied to my shoe and spent some time chilling and stretching.

All the 10km runners went off at 3pm and the half marathon runners were called up at 3.30pm to begin. Nervous and excited both at the same time I joined the queue, phone music at the ready and raring to go. And we were off! Alex and Ally waved me off and off I went.



I started pretty well I thought, keeping to my pace and not being tempted to try and keep up with the others. I knew that was my best chance at being able to complete it. The track did a loop around the field before heading off into the woods.

They said to wear trail shoes, but I wasn’t quite expecting squishy slippy mud which made it a bit harder, always having to think where to put your feet. They also said there was about 50-60 metres of uphill climb every lap, so I should have been hill training. Having lived and ran in muswell hill before I thought I’d be fine as this used to be ok. But the hills in this half marathon were pretty steep, I remember getting to the bottom of one and thinking “are you serious?”. But it kind of made me laugh! I did have to walk the steep hills on the second time round but the track, although difficult, was so much fun! Living where I do, I don’t get much chance to go running in the forest/woods. It felt like an adventure as well as a challenge.

I kept thinking to myself that this run, raising so much money for The Haemophilia Society, would be the key way I can really help that person close to me with this condition. Nothing else I could do for them personally would ever be as good, and this kept me motivated and wanting to keep going!

Alex even sent me a recorded message via whatsapp! Although as I was running I didn’t actually listen to it until after I had finished haha. He also ran up to a part close to the end and told me to keep going and that I could do it!

Not the fastest, but not last, I completed my first half! Alex and Ally both at the end cheering me through the finish line. It felt amazing! I’d just ran the longest distance I ever had, raising money for The Haemophilia Society and completing a big personal goal!


I collected my medal and summer breeze t-shirt and sat on the grass, not feeling too bad at all! I made sure I stretched out and did a little walking.


I wouldn’t take my medal off, feeling so pleased with myself!


Overall, this huge achievement was so much fun! I really enjoyed it, whilst also completing a personal goal. I may not have been quite as quick as I wanted, but there’s always next time. I will be doing another half at some point, on a flatter course – after all, now I have one medal it looks a bit lonely! haha. I have the running bug! 



Re-united after 9 Years!

A few months back now I got a message from a school friend who I used to be really good friends with saying she was coming back to England in June to visit (She now lives in Australia). Super excited I told her I definitely wanted to meet her and we would have to arrange something closer to the time.

Last night, after finally finishing my, what seemed to be a super long, day at work I headed to St Pancras to meet her and her boyfriend, well I should say fiancé. Wow that sounds strange, don’t know why. 

I could still pick her out from the people walking towards me, 9 years really hadn’t changed us all that much! Obviously she had the Australian accent, which I love, and we did look a little different. And we’re now grown up :/

Alex was with me too and we all wandered out of the station to explore the surrounding area for a bar to drink in. Yes, I’m not drinking because of my half marathon – I had a lovely refreshing J20 and soda 🙂 I know, good girl, me. 

The four of us sat around a little table in O’Neills and caught up for quite a while – Australia, our hometown, singapore, holidays, memories. The conversation even went on to snakes and spiders – yes thanks Alex! haha. 

It was an absolutely lovely evening! I am so pleased I got to see Josie on her visit back to England, that she made time for me and that I got to meet her lovely fiancé! I always remember her leaving when I was in year 9, and thinking how hard it must have been to leave friends and family behind, but it’s amazing to see how happy she is over there and how much she has grown as a person.

I am gutted I didn’t get a photo, but i did get this:


so perhaps this is the perfect excuse for a trip to Australia. Who knows where next year will take me! Already looking at flight prices…


The Daunting First Event… Dum dum duummmmmm

Recently I had my first event. The first I had been involved in since being in PR. The first event I had played a huge part in organising (my Account Manager had been away which gave me more opportunities to pick up extra responsibility). daunting, nerve-wracking, stressful? Yes. Worth it? …

How did it go? I actually think it went pretty well, and my Director seemed happy too! Great turn out, everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves and have a good time, and the presentation got just the reaction I’d hoped for from the room.

What did I learn?

– Be prepared – make a list of everything you need to do. Prepare goody bags in advance in case people don’t send the right number of samples (you’ll be surprised how many people don’t count correctly!). Get name badges printed and made as early as possible the day before (too early and you will only have to go and ask for changes and additions) and pack spares for any straggling attendees who forgot to RSVP.

– Invites Galore – invite more people than your limit. Not everyone will turn up on the day, many pull out due to unforeseen circumstances which come along the day before, etc. Journalists can be busy, we all know this, so be prepared for dropouts.

– send a reminder the day before – just a little email with the time, location, and to let them know you’re looking forward to seeing them. Perhaps add a screenshot of a map too, to add a visual element. Just text can get a little boring…

– Always ask your team if they think you might have missed something. They might see something from a different angle. Especially if it’s your first event and others have done them before. Learn from people who have been there and done that!

– Attendee lists – print and take several. You never know who else might need one other than the person on the door. Security, an attendee, your client (they’re not always prepared with things like this, they have so many other things to think about, so help them out)

– A Photographer – Always a good shout! Photos help a story sell. You might also need them for brands who might have sampled for goody bags, clients, your own portfolio, etc.

– Have a run-through, perhaps the day before. Run through timings and the general order of the event with the client so everyone is clear on the day.

– Team Briefs – team briefs before the event to refresh everyone’s mind, and distribute responsibilities is a great idea. That way everything gets covered and people aren’t trying to do the same thing.

– Be Confident – On the day, be confident in what you’ve organised or helped to organise. If you have time then mingle, network, work your stuff! It’s a great opportunity to build relationships and meet new people. Enjoy!

So was it worth it? HELL YESSS! Fab day. Great experience. Loved it!


Specialised Running Socks?!

I never knew you could get specialised running socks. But today whilst out trainer shopping for new running trainers, the sales assistant  introduced me to these Karrimor beauties. I know what you’re thinking, pushy sales people just wanting more sales. But read here what I thought about this new purchase after my first run in them. 



These Karrimor running socks are made to provide comfort with padded toe and heel and an ergonomic fit (yes I did google this – the socks are designed to fit the foot and the job well). 

They were so comfortable! They really did fit well, and nicely cushioned my feet in my trainers. They even have a bit which is raised at the back to cover the back of your heel where your trainers stop, great for protecting this part from being rubbed. Good start…

They are designed with a moisture wicking fabric for added comfort and anti-odour treatment (Moisture wicking being cloth that draws sweat off the skin to the outside of the fabric), so taking the sweat from your feet.

I’m not sure this is exactly what happened – but who knows what the socks are really doing. My feet did feel really hot though whilst running, and they did feel a little sweaty, but I had no horrible blisters. They didn’t feel like they rubbed, and I can’t say my feet really smelt when I took my trainers off. But perhaps we should ask my housemate….

…she said no, not that she noticed. SO unless she’s just being nice, that’s sure a positive!

They are also machine washable meaning you don’t have to spend extra time hand-washing – yes this does make a difference when choosing new clothes and accessories! Why have a washing machine if you have to hand wash everything? 

Perfect.  So now I’ve been for a long run in the heat, feet feeling normal, no blisters or sore parts (score!) I can now throw them in the washing machine ready for my next run.

Overall, these may make my feet hot whilst running (I don’t like being too hot! That’s why I don’t wear jogging bottoms, only 3/4 lengths), but they are definitely better for my feet than normal trainer socks! For anyone long distance running or walking, I would recommend these highly! Come on guys, look after your feet, especially with summer pretty much being here and sandal season well under way!