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It’s the end of Monday already! I can’t believe it – currently curled up in the living room in my comfies, cup of tea in hand, thinking about getting an early night for the first day back to work AND I definitely need my beauty sleep!

So here’s what I’ve was up to over the last week.

My fave breakfast at the moment (Ermm and lunch at work..well it does save money!)


Date Night – Night in watching ‘Blacklist’, and was cooked dinner (chicken marinated in chilli flavoured sauce and with crispy top with veggies and a taster of his mums lasagne…YUMM!) :


This week everyone was doing their part for cancer research, raising awareness with the #nomakeupselfie and donating by sending a text to 70099. Thought this was amazing, had to get involved! They’ve raised 2million already!


Spent most of the weekend chilling, have film afternoons with the housie and a friend, and Sunday with Alex. Nibbles, cider and laughs. Watched some fab films including Rio which was channel 4. Even tempted to go see the second in the cinema in April!


Went on a lovely wander to go find lidl, on a mission to cook dinner on a budget and lidl is great for meat. It was nice not to just jump on a tube.


And I finally got my trainers back on, moved by bum and got running again! Loved it! Went twice last week and now on a mission to get back on track.


And that was my week. This weeks already started well – and got so much to look forward to with it being my birthday week. Very excited! Hopefully have lots to tell.

Hope you all have a great week!


Don’t you just love it when you wake up on a Friday morning and think “YES..Just one more day!”

It’s not that I don’t love my job – I really do … but everyone needs a weekend! Some time to live their lives, chill, do what they want and not have to get up to commute to the office, or wherever they work.

But Friday mornings definitely bring about happiness and motivation. And in my flat it’s no different – We even have a friday morning dance HAHA – Get the last day going with a jump and a wiggle!

No unfortunately I have not video’d this for everyone else’s amusement – sorry readers!

I am however going to recommend some songs I’m feeling are great tunes today to help with your friday feeling:

  • Pharell – Happy (This is a given!)
  • Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – Can’t Hold Us
  • Sam Smith – Money on my Mind
  • Flo Rida – How I feel
  • Jason Derulo – Trumpets
  • And an oldie I really do like … Here comes the sun – The beatles (Quite relevant with the weather – fingers crossed! Best not have jinxed it now…)

Happy Friday People – Hope you have an awesome one! Countdown begins now.


SO it’s only a week until my birthday! 7 days and counting!

I don’t know why I’m so excited this year. Perhaps it’s because I know have my flat finally sorted, live with awesome housemates and am finally becoming less stressed – means I can just enjoy myself … Payday next week too means I can definitely enjoy my birthday!

When I was little I used to cry on my birthday – I know, what a loser, right?! I didn’t want to grow up. I wanted to live forever as a little kid with mum and dad.




I think I had an obsession with poking my tongue out!



Me and Pop (My Great Grandfather)

Now… Yeah I don’t really want to grow up, every year seems to go by so quickly now, but I don’t necessarily want to be a little kid again, obviously I’d love to get somethings back  – I just need to make the most of everything!

There’s no birthday lists – Don’t worry guys. No pictures of the things I want. Because to be honest, I know I’m going to be happy now everything is getting sorted and I’m loving being in London. All I really want is an amazing time with my friends and boyfriend, and a fab weekend home with the family for a joint Birthday/Mothers Day celebration! Bring on the Birthday week (YES, females do get a Birthday Week :P)



Monday the new Big Easy opened in Covent Garden – Fab location for the sister restaurant to the one on Kings Road, Chelsea. TGI’s better watch out!

Big Easy is an American Diner/Crab Shack with a fantastic atmosphere and service!

We were lucky enough to bag a table for two at the soft launch last weekend, arriving for lunch on Saturday.

It’s not too difficult to find, not far from TGI’s in Covent Garden. You enter through the doorway and walk up a ramp towards a reception desk, where one of their hosts greets you and gets someone to take you to your table.

The inside of the restaurant looks amazing. Huge bar and there’s bar seats so you can have a drink, lots of tables (some perhaps a little too close together, like where we were sat – but no biggie!), its all got a wooden effect inside, and there’s a downstairs with more seating and the kitchen which open so you can see the chefs cooking the food (always nice to know it’s fresh!).

We were sat at our table and given our menus. Our waiter was extremely friendly and helpful and gave us a few minutes to take a look.


There was so much to choose from! They have deals on the lobster every day where you get a free slushie cocktail or beer with lobster and side, and they have a BBQ section, seafood section, burgers, and more!

We went for mussels to start – we decided to share as not to ruin our appetite, and then both went for the lobster with a cocktail (nothing like a cheeky afternoon beverage!) – pina coladas!  We were offered still water and had this too – Note: they do charge for this.

We were delivered bibs/aprons for eating lobster ( Yes you initially think you’ll look silly but it doesn’t matter) and weapons as our waiter called them. I don’t actually know what they’re called but they’re what you eat lobster with.

Starters didn’t take long at all! Our mussels were delivered in a hot dish  in the chilli sauce we had asked for – the portion was massive!


I was pleased we had decided to share. They were delicious though, and came off the shells easily. It was also served with some nice crusty bread so you can mop the sauce up after – Yummm.

Our pina coladas were really nice too! I had to stop myself from drinking it all too quickly.

Our dishes were cleared away shortly after finishing and mains were served. I thought they looked amazing – although I had never had lobster before so this was my first lobster experience!




haha Alex loving the lobster experience!

We quickly figured out how to eat our lobster – I know must be geniuses right? ha. Although it can be awkward. It was hilarious when Alex was trying to crack open a piece of his lobster, I think it must have been the claw, and half of it went flying into his glass of water! That’s definitely a memory I won’t forget about my first lobster experience!

It was delicious! I had mine with baby potatoes and salad. There isn’t lots of meat, so if you want a bigger meal look at their boards on the walls as they do offer bigger lobster deals. But this size was perfect for me, especially after a starter too.

I was full! We did have a sneaky peek at the desserts though, but decided we couldn’t manage it and asked for the drinks menu instead – obviously need something to wash the lovely food down with.

With so many options it was just as hard a decision as choosing our food, but settled on sharing a Colonel Parker which was an x-rated shake.


I can’t remember everything which was in it but it had banana liquor and peanut butter ice-cream – It was AMAZING! And it comes out in a very tall glass, so made a perfect dessert for two!

After chilling for a short while – we weren’t rushed to leave- we asked for our bill, paid up and left to head back.

It was such a great afternoon. And even though it was a soft launch, everything seemed to be running pretty well! We only had to remind them for our slushie cocktails. I give them a big thumbs up. Fab experience and I will definitely be going back – perhaps for their all-you-can-eat BBQ night…YUMMMM!


A call for all AMAZING Student Nurses out there…Listen Up!

Are you or do you know a Student Nurse who goes above and beyond? Are you/they the most innovative and patient-foccused you know?

The 2014 Welch Allyn Pioneers of Care Awards, will celebrate nurses whose ideas are transforming patient care. There are three categories:

  • Pioneering Emergency Nurse
  • Pioneering Practice Nurse
  • Inspirational Student Nurse

This year, you could be one of the finalists attending the awards lunch at the Wellcome Foundation, London, on the 4th of July, and receiving a bursary for your work.

Previous winners and finalists have also been featured on TV and radio and seen their ideas go national, adopted by other NHS Trusts. Ideas can be big or small. What matters is the difference they have made to patients.

Nurses can be nominated by anyone – peers, teachers, patients, staff etc.

What have you got to lose? Nominate today – It doesn’t take long. But make sure you do so before 1st May!

For more information please visit

You can also follow Pioneers of Care twitter feed: @pioneersofcare_

I wish you all Good Luck!

And just so you know, I think that all nurses who go the extra mile and are patient-focussed are outstanding! Fantastic role models for the younger generation.