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The Little Things in Life


“Happiness depends upon ourselves” – Aristotle

Happiness plays such an important part in everyones life. It interacts with so many other things in an individual – a positive/negative outlook, self-confidence and self-esteem, your ideal, achievement… and sometimes it can be really hard to keep happy!

BUT, everyone is in charge of their own happiness! Only you can turn things around, get that positive outlook on life and manage to enjoy everything to the fullest.

Sometimes you have to concentrate on those little things in life, you know the small moments of a day which really make you smile. Some days these may be more difficult to spot, but there must be some there. Even when work is hard, you’re shattered and may just want to be by yourself, there has to be at least one moment that day which made you the tiniest bit happy…and when you start to think about it, these moments will get easier to uncover and more regular.

Concentrating on these happy thoughts (the little things in life) will bring a more positive feeling overall, and will help you to look at the other little things which have been great in that day too.

Here’s my ‘Little Things in Life’ for the beginning of this week:

  • Having a very productive first couple hours to the day
  • I treated myself to a lunch from Purely Fresh on monday – a jacket potato with tuna, just what I fancied.
  • Alex saying he was”SO happy I went to watch him play football” – it was his last match of the season and I’d been promising all summer
  • A nice walk after the football match
  • A quick call with Dad, followed by a text from Mum – pretend jealousy! 😛 Makes me chuckle!
  • Actually managing to get up and not die (ok, a little bit of an overstatement!) at Tabata at 6.15am this morning.
  • A client of ours I don’t normally work with, being SUPER nice to me in a meeting this morning

I probably could squeeze another from today so far, but thinking at this time when my head is so much still in work is hard 😛

But I will leave you with another quote I love, which just shows how you shouldn’t take what you have for granted, and to hopefully motivate you to think of your “little things in life” too…

“Be happy with what you have and are, be generous with both, and you won’t have to hunt for happiness” – William E. Gladstone


Happy thinking…

Chloe xx



The Color Run Brighton

This weekend, armed in our white color run t-shirts, headbands (ok, me on my own!) and sunglasses, looking a tad like 118, Jen and I took part in the Color Run in Brighton.

jen and i

Saturday morning we graced the earth with our presence, had a nice healthy breakfast and got ready to be coloured!

Jen’s mum kindly took us into Brighton centre, to Madeira Drive, which is along the sea front where the race was being held. Jen and I made our way to the start, excitement bubbling, limbering up and watching a crowd doing the warm up (we were a little late to join in but also it was pretty hot and we didn’t want to get too sweaty before our run :P). The warm-up was being held by a Virgin Active instructor and looked real fun!

Everyone then started moving into the start chute. They let waves of people go as to not be too crowded around the course and avoid overcrowding at the colour sections. We made our way into the start area waiting for our turn to be ‘go, go, go’! We were all bopping to the beats, chanting when instructed and the volunteers or colour run marshals were throwing freebies to some of us waiting – tutus, wristbands, sunglasses.

We joined the countdown and off we were. It wasn’t a race and everyone was going their own pace, some walking, some jogging, and there were people of all ages, even little children taking part with their parents. It was so nice to see everyone coming together.

Jen and I took a steady jog, slowing down slightly at the coloured sections where they had volunteers loaded with powder paint in squeezy bottles briefed to cover you in colour! It was so much fun – pink, blue, yellow and orange. Towards the end people were even rolling on the floor to be brighter! So funny. You did have to alter your breathing slightly, a little shallower with all the dust and powder, but the sections werent too long for it to be a problem!

The course even had a water stop half way round, which was great in the heat – it was so sunny saturday morning.

The view was fab, running along the seafront and it was so well organised!

When we got to the finish line we were given a packet of powder paint and made our way in to the finish area where people were colour throwing and dancing to the music. There were timed colour throws too which looked awesome from the outside (our other housemate was watching from the hill). Jen and I opened our sachets and attacked each other with pink!

A couple pics after our pink powder sesh in the finish area:



We went to meet back up with Jen’s mum and Meg, and we all headed off for a refreshing drink before going back to clean off.

An amazing morning, SO much fun – they really do mean it when they say #colourmehappy !!



Jen and I in our Rain Ponchos in the car on the way home – Got to protect the mini! Still smiling from our morning running.


I’m definitely getting signed up for it again next year!

Chloe xx


P.s I know I spelt it Color – It’s a trend which has come over from America! I know it’s monday but I am still on the ball. 


Saturday Girls Night in

Get off those smartphones and tablets and get out to spend time with friends – obviously unless you’re contacting friends who live far away!

Spending time with friends has so many benefits, including stress relief and living longer – yes you read that right.

But even if you partner is your best friend, did you know we’re apparently spending more time on smartphones than with them? CRAZY!

Last saturday evening, following a fab Pure Combat class at Pure Gym, I freshened up and had a girls night in with Ally. We cooked – well Ally cooked for me, yes I do let others cook for me (those of you who know me well know I’m a control freak in the kitchen :P). We had chilli con carne with sour cream and guacamole dips, with butternut squash rice (a Tilda special unfortunately not home made) and a few nachos, of which I tried not to feel guilty for having after our fitness class!

Chilli Con Carne

We sat chatting over dinner at her dining room table, and carried on nattering for quite a while.

We broke out the sparkling wine. A cheap one, but really nice, very sweet. Perhaps too good as was so easy to drink!

We even treated ourselves to a champagne truffle we had bought earlier in the day at Planet Organic.

Sparkling Wine & Chocolate Truffle

A dairy free, gluten free organic truffle. It was delicious – we had one each (we shared a box which came with two) – it was enough as they were quite rich but scrumptious!

Champagne Truffle

We moved to the sofa and put a horror film on from Netflix. I hadn’t watched a horror in a long time so was excited for the adrenaline rush. We watched Haunting in Connecticut 2 – It was pretty good.It made me jump a few times, and was really engaging. I was surprised as it’s hard to find a really good horror nowadays!

I went home after, and snuggled up into bed to rest after my long day!

It made me think. I really appreciate the fact that I have friends in London, ones I can spend the day/evening with and let all frustrations, stress and negative thoughts disappear. Friends are so important and I feel so lucky to have great friends like I do!


Protein – learn from Popeye!

As you will know if you have been reading recently I have been a bit of a fitness fanatic. I’m loving the adrenaline, energy and way it makes me feel.

However I know muscles need to repair too, and one key nutrient to help build muscle is protein – yes the old cartoon skinny guy did know a thing or two about muscles! – the amino acids in protein work as the building blocks to build muscle tissue and repair damaged tissues.

So I’ve been trying to make sure I eat protein after a good gym session, whether I’ve been doing endurance cardio or weight work – I found out you should eat carbs before the gym for energy and protein after (preferably within 30mins) for repair and build.

I thought I’d share my fave protein snacks/meals at present to give any other fitness-goers some inspiration:

Total 0% fat Greek yoghurt – sometimes I have it with a drop of honey, perhaps a banana sliced on top too, if it’s late when I get back I’ll just have it by itself.


Upbeat protein drink. It’s low fat too! Tastes delicious, a bit like a yoghurt, not too thick and comes in different flavours. I really enjoyed this after the gym, nice and refreshing too being chilled!


Spinach salad – lots of spinach with some exotic flavours on top. This one has peach, feta, green beans, cucumber and pepper. Yummy!


So there’s my three fave protein rich snacks/meals for after gym. I am looking into other wonderful nutrient rich products, off to try chia seed this week in my smoothies of which I’m sure to share which flavours I throw together! But I’m positive the top two will always stay in my list of favourites!

Chloe xx


The Frying Dutchmen – Lunch Recommendation!

I’ve been to this pop-up food stand twice now, both of these times indulging in some delicious food for lunch so I thought it was about time I shared this fab finding.

I love dutch snacks, but previous to my visits to the frying dutchmen I had mainly tried the fried traditional ones – Bitterballen, Kroket, Cheesesouffle, etc. My Account Manager at work is dutch and recommended we all pop along to The Frying Dutchmen one lunch time as it is currently located behind Aldgate underground station on Middlesex street, which isn’t too far for us to venture. I was very much up for it , it doesn’t take a lot to tempt me to try something new!

The Frying Dutchmen PopUp

Frying Dutchmen menu

With my Account Manager there too, she recommended us the Filet Americain – Raw meat, with egg and onion – on our first visit, and Tom had a chocomel too – a chocolate drink you can have warm or cold.

Filet Americain

The Frying Dutchmen - chocomel

The sandwich was amazing – I always like my meat rarer, it’s so much tastier, and this sandwich was incredible! So tasty, not too chewy, and also reasonably healthy. Plus I was so full after – helped me through the rest of my day! Tom thoroughly enjoyed his too, and the Chocomel was delicious too, a chocolate milk that isn’t too thick. Great first time at The Frying Dutchmen!

A couple weeks ago on a friday, debating lunch options, we decided to revisit the Frying Dutchmen. Wanting to treat my tastebuds to something new yet again I went for the Ox Sausage or Ottenwurst, which is also served in a roll, this time a crusty one. I asked for egg to go with it and when it came out I knew I was in for a treat, just look at it…


Thicker meat than the Filet Americain, but still raw/rare, it was so tasty I think it beats many other sandwiches! Why go to the supermarket when you can spend the same on one of these yummy lunches?

We also shared some fries, with truffle oil and parmesan – I know a naughtier treat 😛 It was a friday! Again delicious, and I don’t normally like fries!

I had a Cassis to go with it, which is like a berry flavoured sparkling drink. Pretty tasty, a bit like Vimto.

This really is a fab pop-up food truck, love the food and if I ate sandwiches everyday it would be very tempting! If you’re close by, you should definitely check it out!

Chloe xx