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City Boy & Country Girl

I thought I’d add a new section to my blog to give you all something to make you giggle.

I know I’m not exactly a country girl, was more a town-girl although did I spend much of my time growing up in the countryside. I do now class myself as a city girl but I sometimes do come out with something silly – a case of speaking before thinking!

Alex on the other hand, is definitely a city boy – born and raised! Being in the countryside with him is hilarious.

This new section is to share some of the funniest and perhaps embarrassing things which are said between us in our daily lives. For your amusement, and for me to be able to look back and laugh so much my tummy hurts!

Here’s a quick peek into one moment – perhaps a little more funny for Londoners however:

This was a while ago – before I’d properly moved to London. We were getting ready to leave Alex’s – I was down visiting. 

Me: Babe, You got everything?

Alex: Yes.

Me: Keys? Wallet? Phone? Lobster? (Said pretty quick – quite confident, and wanting to go)

Alex: What?

Me: Lobster… (said nice and confidently)

Alex: (Laughing)… it’s not called a Lobster (more laughing, and me realising)… its an Oyster.


Keep an eye out for the next instalment (Got plenty more! They will keep getting better…)…


Sweet New Discovery – Mike and Ike

Here comes a confession – I think I’m a bit of a sweet-a-holic!

I gave them up for lent but they’re definitely my fave treat, way better than chocolate – they come in so many more different varieties! Chewy, hard-boiled, sour, fizzy, sponges, juice-filled…and so much more satisfying!

So I thought I’d start sharing my new sweet-treat discoveries. They may not be necessarily new to the sweet world, but they’re new to my taste buds, and I’ll only be telling you about the ones worth raving about.

So here’s my newest sugary, juicy finding…

Mike and Ikes.



I bought mine from cyber candy in Angel, but you can get them from the super market too! Mine were £1.55.

They’re not as cheap as one of my normal selections, Rowntrees Randoms yummmmm, but they were taste-bud tingling, chewy and very juicy – I loved the different flavours.

Will be sure to share more finds of the candy variety in future posts.


Moving to London – Top Tip: Housemates are Extremely Important!

If you’re moving anywhere new, not just to London, one thing you must consider is housemates.

When I first went to move down to London, I looked for people who seemed nice and easy to get on with – but price and location came pretty high on my list, as well as liking the house.

Looking for a new place can get so tiring, a little depressing with the number of places you go to see, and very stressful. But make the most of it! Make sure you like the location, the room and the house but most importantly the people you live with.

If your moving to somewhere new there’s nothing like going home to a friendly house after a long day at work and chilling with the housies. You don’t want to be one of those people who walk down your street, fingers crossed, looking out for the lights to your house, hoping that no-one is in.

It makes a huge difference having people you like to relax with, rant to perhaps and generally make you feel like you belong after a long day/week. Friends and having people there is important! I found it hard being somewhere new to start with – it’s natural! Making friends in a big city is not as easy as at university. But it’s getting easier, and having found one housemate through work and another on spareroom, I feel so lucky to love coming home and planning evenings and weekends with my housemates.

So that’s one of my top tips for moving! You can find some great people on Spareroom and can actually chat with them first before viewing places with them. So if you don’t know anyone looking to move get on SpareRoom, and start conversations with lots of other people looking for a new home – you might just find some new friends for life – I know mine will be!


Easter Weekend – Countryside Walks, Family Time & Food!

Fab Weekend.

It all started with drinks and watching the juniors at Emirates – perfect start to long weekend!

Friday I went for a run, and then travelled home with Alex. We were met at the station by my sister (is still a little weird, her picking me up in her car!), and we had a great catch-up on the drive home. We arrived home safely (yes, her driving is pretty good), and walked the dogs – Alex loves this part of going back to mine, I do sometimes think it’s the only reason he comes, haha puppy love eh?. We didn’t go too far, and that evening had a lovely meal for Easter with my family. Even my brother and his girlfriend were there. I loved it! Love having everyone together sometimes. And mum did very well with the meal! Sorry no photos, was all eaten up too quickly – proof of how good it was!

Saturday we all got wrapped up, trainers and wind-proof macs, and went walking up Bredon Hill with the dogs. I don’t think Alex liked this walk as much, as the dogs didn’t want much to do with him; the countrysidey goings on, scents and smells are way more interesting!

We were pretty lucky with the weather – nice and dry, only a little chilly on top. We sat up by the stone elephant, had a little rest and a creme egg – It was for easter after all.




I only just realised my photo of the elephant isn’t here 🙁 

We walked back down, stopping at the pub on the way home for a cheeky pepsi sat outside soaking up the few rays which were breaking through the clouds!

Me and Alex then cooked dinner that evening for us all – Fajitas yummm – Again, it did all disappear all too quickly! My auntie and uncle and cousins came down in the evening and we all sat about having a laugh and a natter over a couple drinks.

We travelled back yesterday and have spent most of the rest of the weekend chilling and relaxing – Just what I needed! Today we did pop out for a stroll to Angel and had some frozen yoghurt from Samba Swirl – My fave frozen yoghurt shop! Will tell you more soon!


Yummm… Just looking at it is making me want more now!

I felt nice and rested to start this week – AND it’s only three days until the weekend now!

Hope you all had a fab Easter too!


Evening at the Emirates

Last night I had my first Emirates experience. It was pretty awesome.


couldn’t believe when I looked back at my photos I missed the ‘E’ off – obviously too much in a rush!

After finishing work, and quickly grabbing some food (obv high on my list after a long day at work!), me and Alex met his friend and girlfriend. Starting our short walk to Emirates (so lucky to be so close – love London life), we had a nice little catch up and stopped at a pub for a cheeky pre-match bevvy.

I really did need that glass of rosé after stressing myself out this week!

Emirates is huge! Walking up to it, you can only imagine the atmosphere on a big game night! Even going to watch the juniors was fab.

The first half we sat close to the away fans. Although this was quite funny – people getting so rowdy over a juniors game; one man was actually trying to be calmed down by his what looked like 10year old son! Ha it did get a little annoying though. I was getting a little irritated with the Chelsea chants!

At half time we moved to the other goal end, submerged by arsenal fans and we were getting quite in to it.



It was nice to see kids going along – obviously as it was Easter and a juniors match this must have made a difference but some of them looked like they were really enjoying it!

Although we didn’t win, it was such a fun night!

We stopped off at the same bar on the way back for one more and headed home.

A fab night for the start of my 4day weekend. I loved it and would definitely be up for going to watch a big game! Fingers crossed Alex decides to take me some time.