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Water – Why so important? My mission to drink more…

A few weeks ago now, I fainted on the tube.

Yes you heard me right – How embarrassing!

I had to tap the guy in front of me, a complete stranger, and say very calmly “Excuse me, I’m really sorry but I think I’m going to faint”. The next thing I remember is the lovely man asking someone to give me their seat….and then I don’t remember anything until I was almost at the bench on a tube station platform.

Was it scary?! Not really. I mean due to there being lots of people around as it was rush hour I thought someone was bound to help. I had also previously fainted due to heat and pain, so it’s not necessarily unusual, and it was just after I’d been off work ill so I think my body just gave up with standing, the heat and my stomach pain. Silly me! And I wasn’t carrying water with me – Uh Oh!

But it got me thinking about how important water is. I know this sounds silly – but really. How many of us listen to the TFL posters and tube announcements about carrying water with us? How many of us really drink the 2 litres of water recommended a day (1.6l for us lucky women)?


I didn’t know that water actually makes up two thirds of the weight of a healthy body, and we obviously have to replenish the water lost through all our daily bodily activities, including breathing (I didn’t even think of this being a way we lost water!). If you’re more active you need to drink more too which is well known – I drink a lot more on gym and dance days so I am already doing this.

Good news for us tea drinkers too, hot drinks do actually count towards the water consumption! wahooo!

Dehydration can lead to headaches, lack of energy and feeling weak (which I regularly get in the afternoon!). Drinking enough not only makes these less likely, it also helps keep your skin healthy and helps with the function of your digestive system. SO many positives to keeping hydrated!

So I am on a mission. To drink atleast 2 litres of water a day! (This is going to be a tricky one, I’m not a fan of plain water!) I want to feel empowered, full of energy, hopefully a little less bloated and way more motivated for doing things after work!

I’ll let you all know how it goes…

Chloe xx


The Liebster Award

Hi All,
I hope you all had a fab weekend! What mid-week plans do we all have this week? Some fantatsic ones I’m hoping, not long of the summer left 🙁
I had some lovely news at the end of last week – Amy, who writes at Amy’s Corner has nominated me for the Liebster Award!
 The Liebster Blog Award is an internet-based award that’s handed out from blogger to blogger and is designed to help people find new blogs to read and follow, as well as being a fun way to get to know the blogger behind the blog. It’s so nice to be picked for something like this, and I think this award is a great idea.
I think it’s a fantastic way to get to speak to other bloggers too and really nice to show appreciation and acknowledge those whose blogs you enjoy reading! We should all share the things we love – that’s why we have blogs after all, isn’t it?!
So here’s the rules for the Liebster Award:
  • Link back to the person who nominated you
  • Answer all the questions that you are given
  • Choose 11 bloggers with less than 200 followers on Bloglovin’ to nominate
  • Pick 11 questions for them to answer and let them know
Here’s my answers to the questions posed by Amy. A little about me, Chloe (The lashes behind the blog):
1. What’s your favourite place to eat and drink?
Hmm…now this is a tricky one! Can I really pick one? Well as it’s to eat and to drink I’m going to have to pick 2, (sorry Amy, slightly bending your question here!). TGI Fridays is such a fab place for a meal – I mean those cocktails, wow! Love a cocktail meal there. Then there’s the Big Easy – The Crabshack. My Lobster at the Covent Garden restaurant launch was amazing, and I’ve also been for an all you can eat Fajita night – just wow! Steak and prawn fajitas are the best!
2. What’s the best beauty and/or life hack you know? 
Life Hack – freezing grapes to use in wine so you don’t water your wine down when you chill it! Perfect! Who wants watery wine?!:/
3. If you were stranded on a deserted island, what three items would you like to have with you? 
My Zippy Hoodie – I always get cold. Could you imagine having a chilly night and being stranded. Not fun!
Sudocrem – Could use it for everything! Magic Cream!
Something to protect me – a weapon of some sort (no, not a nerf gun dad – that just wouldn’t cut it! sorry)
4. What’s a random fact about yourself that not many people know? 
 I have a big blossom tattoo running from my bra line down to the top of my thigh on my left side. Love it! Not many people know the meaning behind it – It represents how people all blossom in their own time. I blossomed more once moving to university. That’s when I grew in confidence and became more myself. I’m much happier now 🙂
5. Money is no issue and you get to visit anywhere in the world, where would you go? 
 I really want to travel the World so picking one place is so hard! I do really want to see India. I’ve heard it’s a huge culture shock and I really want to experience it. But I would also love to go to Australia – One of my best friends from high school is getting married out there next year and I would love to be there for that!
6. What is your most prized possession?
 This is such a hard one! My half marathon medal would definitely be up there, it took so much training, determination and will to book it, get there and raise money for such a worthwhile cause. Receiving the medal at the end to prove I’d done it and achieved that life goal was such a fab feeling and I will treasure the medal for my first half marathon for a long time!
7. Name the last film or TV program you watched that you can’t stop telling people about it.
The Blacklist – An American Crime drama, but way more cool than that sounds. It’s about ‘Red’, a former government agent who has avoided capture for decades and suddenly comes back on the radar. He’s helping the FBI capture people who appear to be on some sort of list, but he’ll only speak with one FBI agent. The relationship between them and why he will only want her – no-one knows. The story goes deeper and deeper – amazing series!
8. If you could be any animal, what would you be and why?
 A dog. Most dogs (maybe it’s just I like to think most…hmmm) are in loving homes. I think dogs are the most-loved animal, not cats bleurggghhhh. To be in a loving family, be looked after and be able to show love back. Not all animals get the laid back lifestyle, many being hunted and tortured, which is horrible to think about!
9. What’s your biggest achievement to date?
Moving to London. Some people might think this is strange – what about uni? your half marathon? But no moving to London was a huge step for me.
I moved down by myself, over 3 months before my boyfriend moved back to London and made a life for myself. I supported myself, got settled in my job (although I didn’t like it for that long!), made friends through attending dance classes – and look at me now. Loving life, could never move back! Confidence, or putting a confident front on gets you so far!
10. If you could create a TV show, what would you call it and what would it be about? 
It would be called Close. It would be a thriller – something causing havoc in a hometown and every episode getting closer to an answer to what the cause is. People going missing, cars being found in other locations…
Main characters are a male and female – not in the police. They are trying to solve on their own, you know how it usually goes, the police only slow them down. The Female is a computer geek – extremely good at tech and using it for her benefit!
Each episode they get into some sort of sticky situation…how will they escape it?
11. What’s one beauty-related item that you cannot live without? 
 My Eye-Lash Curlers!! Even when I don’t wear make-up for the day, I can’t go out without curling my eye lashes! I am very lucky with naturally long, dark eye lashes, and most people do spot them, or ask if they’re real – hence the title of the blog – but they have to be curled 🙂
 Ok so that’s about me…although if you do have any other questions please do feel free to drop me a message 🙂
Now for my nominations. These are all fab blogs, a great read, lovely images and deserving of being shared:
 And for all you AWESOME Bloggers, here are the questions I pose for you – let your creativity run wild! :
  1. What is the most daring thing you’ve ever done?
  2. What’s your best Life hack?
  3. Where in the world do you most want to visit?
  4. What’s your most embarrassing moment to date?
  5.  If you were to be a sweet, what would you be and why?
  6. If everyone had one night to live, what meal would you pick for your last meal?
  7. What is your biggest achievement?
  8. If you could meet anyone in the World, who would you most like to meet?
  9. Which do you prefer: Summer or Winter?
  10. If you could learn one new talent instantly, what would it be?
  11. What’s the one beauty item you couldn’t live without?

I hope you all have as much fun as I did with this 🙂



Chloe xx


Arsenal – Community Shield @ Wembley Stadium

Sunday 10th August 2014 – Community Shield match between Arsenal and Man City. 3pm at Wembley Stadium.

This was my first proper Arsenal match….and it was AMAZING!

We met everyone in Baker Street before the match to have lunch and a drink before heading on to Wembley (it’s really easy from Baker Street, so great meeting place!). There were 7 of us, a great little group getting ready for a big afternoon!

Walking from Wembley Park tube station, listening to all the chanting and experiencing the atmosphere was getting me excited. The first proper match I’d been to. I loved it.


We had some great seats (Thanks boys for sorting these :D), not too far up, on the back left behind the goal (Man City’s goal in the first half, ours the second half).


The opening.


Lucy and I getting ready for the match to start


The opening of the Community Shield

The first half, everyone stood throughout. The chanting was fun, even the little kids were getting involved! There was a little boy in front, can’t have been older than 9 years old, and he was even trying to start the chants – too cute!


The atmosphere was amazing, everyone hyped, and there was reason to be…we were 2 up by half time. (Cazorla,22 and then Ramsey, 43)


At half time we stood inside and most got a beer. Half time passed very quickly and we were soon back out in the stand chanting and clapping, cheering and shouting, although the arsenal fans didn’t seem quite as energetic the second half – to start with anyway.

Man City did start stepping up, obviously seeing they were far behind! But it didn’t work, Giroud scored making it 3-0. WE WON!




20140811-131723-47843908.jpgSorry for the blurriness – had to take this pic of the screen behind us20140811-131838-47918361.jpg

The Arsenal boys walked around the side of the pitch the fans were at the end, to thank us all for supporting too.

Fantastic score, great game, and such an amazing experience. I really do hope I get to go again!

I’m even considering getting my own arsenal shirt 😛

Chloe xx


There’s no place like home (No I’m not talking about dorothy…)

…and there’s no yellow brick road – I know, what a shame!

My blog posts have been a bit here and there, but I have been super busy. With holiday days falling over a few weeks making it feel like I’ve been away more than I have, and Alex’s birthday I have just had so many plans…and obviously with being busy comes the need for beauty sleep too!

Recently was another part of my holiday for the year. We were meant to be going camping – yes camping, not glamping…I was going to go the whole hog, no hairdryer, straighteners, just us and our tent and gas stove – Could have been interesting! But due to the weather being so unpredictable, yellow rain warnings in place for where we were planning on going, and how far it is to just go for a night if the weather was bad, it wasn’t worth it. So I spent my lovely long weekend at home with my parents at home in the Midlands.

I feel like I managed to fit in so much, but still had a nice relaxing time chilling and catching up with everyone. I managed to see my friend from home, caught up with my brother and sister, I saw more of my family -my grandparents from both sides, we went for a HUGE carvery at a Crown Carveries, watched We’re the Millers one evening, went on a long dog walk in the woods, I cooked for everyone another evening and I helped do some gardening – novelty thing, I haven’t had a garden in the different places I’ve lived for 4 years!

Some sneaky shots of our long walk through the woods – love these pics…



I even got to try my Grampy’s homemade Jam – I’ve never had rhubarb Jam before, or one with vanilla.


My weekend was just truly great! I really enjoyed myself, and loved being able to just spend time with mum and dad and not having to worry about anything, or having to cram things in to one day! I still wasn’t quite ready to come back 😛

I’m back and I’m already looking in my diary and thinking what else I can fit in to my summer, so much I want to do. Last weekend was the first weekend of making the most of the rest of summer (will be posting very soon about my Wembley visit!) and the plans are going to keep coming, so I should have lots to tell you all about!


I hope you’re all making the most of your summers too!

Chloe xx


The Poppies – WW1 Commemorations

Monday evening I sat with the lights off and a single candle – Yes I did do it! Thinking about the times of war. But really it is hard to think about how our ancestors lived, worked and generally survived during these times. We can read books and gain knowledge but it’s not the same and I’m very happy we don’t have to go through that ourselves. They had hard lives and fought for us, for which I am truly grateful! My great-great grandfather was one of these who fought as I am sure many of you will have relatives from back then who joined the cause.

This week on a lunch break I went to see the poppies at the Tower of London which are to commemorate WW1.


20140808-091405-33245804.jpgThe Perimeter of the Tower of London, and empty space which will be filled.20140808-091407-33247336.jpg

20140808-091409-33249011.jpgYou can see the volunteers working on planting the poppies20140808-091715-33435135.jpg



The exhibition is titled “The Blood Swept Lands And Seas of Red” and is by artist Paul Cummins. It involves 888,246 ceramic poppies planted in the dry moat at the Tower – One poppy made for each British and Colonial death during the conflict.

They are continuing to plant the poppies until November when the installation will be complete. All the poppies are on sale and more than 100,000 people have already purchased one – amazing!

It was truly outstanding. Beautiful. There are not enough words to describe the views, you have to go. I feel very lucky to live in london and work so close to such an incredible piece of art and commemoration to all of those who died fighting for us. I will definitely be returning later on to see the completed art work!