This morning I went to my first ever spin class at Pure Gym – I was a little scared and with exercising early in the morning still being a little harder for me, I didn’t think i’d be ready for it. But I wanted to know what it was like, and there’s only one way you can find out.

Whilst Ally was over at mine for a catch up last night we were discussing Gym classes and ones we wanted to try but had never done before.

Spin was one of those classes I’d always wanted to try but never had the courage to just go. Cycling is not my forté, I can tell you now, and as much as I like a leisurely bike ride in the summer months, serious up hill riding would almost have me in tears! – Haha oh the images! It’s not that I was unfit – I used to run – but cycling to me was on another level!

Ally had never been either and both intrigued, we decided to face our nervous-complex and book in, going together to give each other support – aren’t we nice?


This morning I was at the gym at 6.05am ish..the class started at 6.15 but we wanted to be there early to sort ourselves out, adjust bikes, etc. The instructor was a new PT to the gym, but was really nice and advised us on everything to do with the Livestrong bikes, how to adjust, where the seat/handles should be positioned and the emergency brake – just incase!

The class was just over half an hour today, and we absolutely loved it!

It was a varied class, you adjusted the resistance on your bike so if it really was too hard for you you could turn it down (I was so proud as I didn’t have to do this! But it doesn’t matter if you do, you should only work to your maximum and do your best!), and the music and instructor really kept you motivated. It was so much fun!

We definitely started the week as we mean to go on, exercising and trying something new, I’m so proud of us! We’re both so pleased we did it we’ve signed up for another spin class another morning this week!

If there’s something you’re not sure of, but really want to try it, then do it! You never know you could find a new forté, something you love to do, and you will never know until you try!


Chloe xx