Yeah you got it. Last week I was off ill… and it really sucked!

Ok so sunday evening I got a headache and thought oh well it’s just a random headache, it’ll be gone by morning.Β But monday it still wasn’t gone and yet I managed a whole day at work. By tuesday morning I was squinting at my computer, making silly mistakes and suffering from lack of concentration so the only thing that would make things better – to go home. Eughhh.

Tuesday afternoon I slept – hmmm it was so nice, even though I was adamant I didn’t need extra rest. But wednesday morningΒ my head felt like all I wanted to do was dissolve into my bed and for it to take the pain away!

So another day off was on the cards – great!

I mean, a day off sick basically entails being stuck to your bed due to pain or aching, drifting in and out of sleep, watching the odd tv show if you can really focus on the screen and if your eyes don’t ache so much it’s just too much effort. The only time you leave your cosy covers is to get more water, food or to use the bathroom and you hardly have any human contact it’s depressing.

Now do you see why being off sick sucks?

So Thursday, even though I was not 100%, still feeling a little dreamy but thank god my headache had gone, I was back to it. Not pushing myself but I did make it the office.

This week I’m so much better, feeling more myself too! Back to being positive and happy, and making the most if everything.

Just need to make sure I don’t over do it. Do NOT want another week like last week.

I hope you all had a great week and weekend!

Chloe xx