Whether you’re a ballet buff, west end enthusiast or even considering an evening out to the theatre for the first time, Billy Elliot will not disappoint. It’s currently showing in Victoria Palace Theatre, but not for much longer so I thought I’d tell you all about it and tempt you to go before you miss out!

Billy Elliot Victoria Palace Theatre

I’d always wanted to see Billy Elliot. When I was little I used to do ballet, and since growing up I started to wonder why I stopped. I know, we all do it – think back to why we were such stubborn little children thinking we were right about giving something up. Although it did take up a lot of time, not just for me but for my parents who had to take me there (Thanks so much by the way).

For some reason I’d never watched the film entirely, perhaps it’s because of the language your parents try to get you to avoid when you’re young and so easily moulded, but even when I grew up it seemed to slip through the list. I think this just made me want to see it more, believing the plot would make an even better musical than a film.

My boyfriend, Alex, knew that Billy Elliot was on my top theatre picks and that I desperately wanted to see it, so he surprised me with tickets for our anniversary – I know, how lucky am I?  He wasn’t too sure on whether it was going to be his thing, he’s more of a hip hop guy, but decided he’d put himself through the few hours for me and thought at least it might be an ok night out. How wrong was he? 

Just for those of you who aren’t familiar with the storyline:

Billy Elliot is the story of a young boy struggling to make his dreams come true. Set in a northern mining town in 1984, when strikes were amidst, Billy gives up boxing and falls into a ballet class where he discovers a passion for dance. From his first ballet steps to convincing his family that boys should be able to dance too, through to trying to make it in the dance world, you watch Billy’s story unfold.


A spectacular performance from start to end, Billy Elliot was one of those musicals which brought a smile to your face and a little jealousy to your heart – how can a boy that old dance like that? 

Even Alex was absorbed. From the acting to the dancing, everything was just incredible. The whole cast played their roles extremely well, the plot flowed with every scene, and the dancing, just wow!

One of my favourite scenes had to be the dance where Billy and an older guy danced an astounding full ballet routine. A routine which was crisp, beautiful and enticing. I think at the time, words couldn’t even describe the section. Mind blowing.

We did have some fab seats, in the stalls but towards the back of the middle section, and I really do recommend getting seats that little bit closer as you get to see more, and experience everything to the full.

I honestly can’t use enough words to describe just how amazing I thought it was. I’m not surprised how many shining reviews the musical has had, and how many fans it has gathered over the time it has been showing. I was awe-struck. This is definitely in top spot on theatre faves.

If you can, go see it before it ends on 9th April, I would definitely take the opportunity. You won’t regret it!

Chloe xx