Ok, so this has been a long time coming, and I’m sure you will have all noticed that I changed my blog design a short while ago – back in October to be exact, but it’s been so busy and I wanted to see how I got on with being self-hosted before telling you all about it! I now have a new swanky logo at the top, and the design is so much more fresh, and clean – I love it!


The decision came about when I decided that I wanted to go self-hosted. I’d debated it for a while, and decided that I finally needed the freedom that self-hosted would give me with design and feel – as much as WordPress.com is great at making sure everything is running smoothly, there’s no worries about updates, and they protect from hackers, it’s pretty restrictive with plugins and design unless you go with WordPress.com PRO – and with the cost being pretty similar I decided it was time to just go all the way and go on my own, with the help of others of course.
I couldn’t have done it without Pipdig. They were awesome. As I bought my hosting from their recommended supplier, Pipdig installed my template and transferred everything from WordPress.com to my new WordPress.org site for me! So stress free for me, I literally only had to reply  to a couple of emails – perfect, as I’m not super techy!
Pipdig templates are so easy to customise too, and I was soon getting stuck into the different options, changing the layout and look and feel to the way I wanted my blog to be.
Another HUGE part of my new look, if not the most important part of my re-design, was the banner. I knew what I wanted it to look like, well I had ideas, but there was no way I’d have been able to create it. So that’s where my uncle came in – I know, how lucky am I right?
My uncle, Will Hutchinson, does design, photography and film (he’s also creator of the Micromuff!), and in my opinion is pretty awesome at it! So I asked if there was any chance he would help me out – I told him I wanted eyes to fit with the lashes bit (Lashes of Lifestyle comes from being a lifestyle blog, but also because when people look at me, one of the first things they notice is my super long eyelashes), and I wanted the London skyline in the eyes, as my blog is about London, be it food, drink or experiences, through my eyes.
Two drafts later, and I was in love with what he had created! It was just how I imagined it.
I love my new design, it feels way more me, and being self hosted, although it obviously costs more, is totally worth it – just think, if you had any other hobby you’d probably pay for that too!
Have you recently moved self-hosted? How do you find it?
Chloe xx