This cute little french brasserie isn’t far from my office. I’ve been along once before with one of the girls I used to work with for a catch-up, and the food was delicious, so when my bestie from Leicester, Heather, let me know she was in London and would love to catch-up, I knew just the spot.

It was actually Bastille Day when we went. The sun was shining and it was nice and warm so we took the table outside, a great little spot. Perfect for basking in the sunshine, sitting in the slight breeze and watching the world go by, we had a great chat about what we’d both been up to since the last time we’d seen each other.

Boulevard Brasserie had several specials on the menu for celebrating Bastille Day, which looked seriously yummy, but both craving fish we went for one of the regular dishes.

Boulevard Brasserie. Covent Garden

I was determined to have something different to last time, even though the tuna steak was SO good,  so I chose the Rainbow Trout. I asked whether I’d need a side with rainbow trout, and although the waitress said it’d be quite light she did say she thought it’d be ok, so I ordered it by itself, whilst Heather opted for the seafood linguine, with extra mussels instead of clams. Also deciding not to drink anything alcoholic, we both went for the sparkling elderflower – you can never go wrong with that choice. I LOVE elderflower!

Food wasn’t too long, but long enough to know it was freshly cooked, and also giving plenty of time for catching up and gossiping, whilst sipping our drinks. The sparkling elderflower drinks were fresh, crisp and really refreshing, something I would definitely go for again next time.

Food arrived, and the waitress brought out a large pepper grinder too, offering to add some to our dishes for us. Our dishes looked beautiful!

Boulevard Brasserie. Covent Garden

My rainbow trout came with prawns, wilted spinach and onions. It was absolutely delicious. The trout crispy on the top, tender underneath, with a meat which almost melted in your mouth. Paired with the small flavoursome prawns, wilted greens and onions, the dish came together so well. I do think that normally a side dish as well would be a good idea, but in this instance I didn’t mind a lighter meal.

Boulevard Brasserie. Covent Garden

However, I did have serious food envy of Heather’s choice! With the king prawns and mussels piled high on a bed of linguine in a chilli and tomato sauce, with cherry tomatoes and spinach, it looked incredible, and she said it tasted absolutely delicious too! I might have to choose this next time.

Boulevard Brasserie. Covent Garden

We decided to leave dessert this time, so paid up and headed off.

This is a fab spot in Covent Garden, which I highly recommend. What makes it even better is that it’s also on Tastecard, so it makes a great choice for a mid-week catch-up with friends, pit stop before the theatre or date night!

Where’s your favourite Covent garden spot for food?

Chloe xx