Guys, I have to tell you about my breakfast at Jackson & Rye. Now be warned, you might get food envy…

A couple of weeks ago, just before my holiday, I had a breakfast meeting at Jackson & Rye in Soho. It was a recommendation from one of my colleagues, but had also been on my own list to try out for a little while.

I turned up early so managed to get a quick snap of the inside – it’s pretty cool, with an old-school, yet sophisticated, American diner feel.

It wasn’t too busy on the Tuesday morning either, so perfect for a catch-up. Some of these places get super busy and pretty noisy, especially being so centrally located. But this was perfect.

I sat pondering the menu whilst I waited for my meeting buddy, getting stuck between so many options. They have some fab choices including pancakes, salt beef hash and all the normal egg choices (benedict, royale, florentine) but with Avocado instead of a muffin, and toasted seeded bloomer on the side.

Once we were both ready, we ordered a couple of drinks, I went for the coconut water – lovely and refreshing to start the day – and our breakfasts, both going for the Avocado Royale.

This is how it was served…

How good does it look, right?

It was such a nice change to have the eggs and salmon served on top of two Avocado halves, instead of muffins. I love an eggs Royale, but can never choose between that and any dish with Avocado – yes, I’m a sucker for that trend! Sorry if I disappoint you conforming to the majority of those who dine out for brekkie, it just tastes so good! – so it was great to have a combination of both dishes.

The eggs were runny (perfect!), the Avocado nice and fresh, and a great texture (nice and ripe) and the salmon was succulent and flavoursome. The dish was drizzled in hollandaise sauce, but there wasn’t too much so it didn’t overpower everything, making it just right.

The toasted seeded bloomer was pretty tasty too, crunchy and bronzed. It was nice to get this as a sort of side to the Avocado Royale.

I might have left a little toast, solely from being so full, but we were soon done and more than satisfied.

I’m definitely going back. It was a fab place to go for breakfast, with seruously yummy food and friendly service. There’s so many other options I want to try too – particularly their pancakes which are meant to be amazing.

Have you been yet? Where do you recommend for breakfast?

Chloe xx