I’ve fallen in love all over again.

This time with a latte.

No I’m not turning into a Tracey eminent wannabe. I won’t be marrying myself off to a latte mug or coffee machine. But the coffee at my new fave spot almost has no words to describe it.

The place being … Covent Garden Grind.

 It’s not been open long, nestled in the back street of Covent Garden along Maiden Lane. It’s beautiful from the outside on a chilly sunny morning. I love the cobbled paths which pave the way along some of Londons hidden routes.

I popped along recently when they were offering a free coffee on a Friday morning – a treat to draw you in. After all, Everyone could do with a free coffee on a Friday to help get through the last day of the week.

The interior was really fresh, contemporary and inviting too.

 I love the sign on the back wall – how cool? 

Tempted by the breakfast and treats too, leaving with just my trusty skinny latte was a mission. Self control well tested.

  The grind team were super friendly and cheerful – a lovely change to some places I’ve been during rush hour. Who needs a moody, stressy barista when they’re trying to go into a day in the most upbeat way.

My latte was incredible. I think it could quite possibly be the best coffee I’ve ever had! Creamy, yet potent, it was well balanced I almost didn’t need sugar – a shock revelation as I’ve never found that with plain lattes.  Popping a sugar in my takeaway cup and helping myself to a lid off the side, I was soon on my way. In and out in less than 5mins – perfect for a pre-work stop off.

I’ve since been back for another and I’m planning a pre-work brekkie there soon. I just can’t get enough!

And now you understand why I just had to share my new fave spot with you.

Have you been yet? … What about now?

Chloe xx